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International Women’s Day


Lavin’s powerful, engaging, unforgettable women speakers want us to imagine a gender equal world. They’ll inspire you with their bravery, determination, and innovative spirit. When you hear these women speak, your world—and the way you understand equity and inclusion—will change forever.


International Women's Day
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Margaret Atwood

Two-time Booker Prize-Winning Author of over 50 Books, Including The Handmaid's Tale, and its Recordbreaking Sequel, The Testaments

A master of the written word, with a mind and wit so bright they’ll light even the darkest future.
Isabel Allende

Author of The House of the Spirits and The Soul of a Woman

Literary legend and feminist icon whose iconic books have liberated our minds and spirits.
Jessica Nordell

Author of The End of Bias | Science and Culture Journalist

She’s the expert we need to start the necessary work of confronting bias in our lives and at the office.
Stephanie Mehta

Former editor-in-chief of Fast Company | Former Deputy Editor at Vanity Fair

Her razor-sharp insights into tech, design, and leadership are jam-packed with the secrets she learned from the most creative people in business.
Maureen Chiquet

Former Global CEO of Chanel | Former President of Banana Republic

She’s sharing her hard-won lessons about how to smash outdated, sexist leadership styles—let’s find a new approach guided by empathy and collaboration.
Deepa Purushothaman

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Leader | Former Senior Partner at Deloitte | Author of The First, the Few, the Only (forthcoming)

The first Indian-American woman to make partner at Deloitte—teaching us the powerful, vibrant, and vital role of women of color in the workplace.
Sukhinder Singh Cassidy

Founder of theBoardlist | Former President of StubHub | Author of Choose Possibility

Join one of the most respected female executives in Silicon Valley on her lifelong journey of taking risks and debunking myths.
Angela Duckworth

Author of Grit, the #1 New York Times Bestseller | Pioneering Researcher on Grit, Perseverance, and the Science of Success

You’re going to recognize your fortitude, build your potential, and flourish in your personal life: Angela shows it’s all about the surprising—and inspiring—science of success.
Sarah Kaplan

Director, Institute for Gender and the Economy at Rotman School of Management | Author of The 360° Corporation

If companies want to survive, they need to meet the new era’s demands for diversity and sustainability. She’s here to show us how it’s done.
Bonnie Brooks

CEO of Chico's FAS | Former CEO of Hudson’s Bay Company

The first female leader of a retail giant, she brought North America’s oldest company back from the brink of failure with her trademark visionary insight.
Soraya Chemaly

Journalist & Author of Rage Becomes Her | Co-Founder and Director of the Women’s Media Center Speech Project

We shouldn’t hide from our emotions—let’s embrace them so we can tear down toxic work cultures and revolutionize the way we think and feel.
Yaël Eisenstat

Former National Security Official | Former Facebook Elections Integrity Head | Future of Democracy Fellow at Berggruen Institute

From the CIA to Facebook: a tireless trailblazer in the fight for accountability, transparency, and protecting our democratic future.
Tarah Wheeler

Digital Security Veteran | White Hat Hacker | Author of Women in Tech

She dominates in a male-monopolized hacker world, unmasking her opponents to defend our privacy and liberty.
Dr. Lisa D. Cook

MSU Professor of Economics and International Relations

Her original and defiant research shows us that everyone will benefit from building a richer, more inclusive society.
Margot Lee Shetterly

Author of Hidden Figures: the #1 New York Times bestseller, and inspiration for the #1 movie.

She tells the true story of NASA’s unsung heroes—the Black women who used their math talents to fuel America’s greatest achievements in space.  
Susan Hockfield

President Emerita of MIT | Author of The Age of Living Machines

MIT’s first female president, she brought in record-breaking numbers of women and minorities to the school, giving us a tantalizing glimpse of an equitable tomorrow.
Ellen Ochoa

The first Latina in Space | Dir. of NASA Johnson Space Center (2013-2018)

The first Latina in space teaches us how to innovate by bringing more women and minorities into the STEM world.
Danielle Wood

Director of MIT’s Space Enabled Research Lab | Assistant Prof. of Media Arts and Sciences

Preventing the next famine, getting water to African youth, and helping people around the world—she uses space technology as a tool for justice on Earth.
Radhika Dirks

CEO & Co-Founder of XLabs | Physicist & Entrepreneur

She's a leader in the cutting-edge world of AI, shining a spotlight on the brilliant women the tech industry ignores.


Nina Tandon

CEO and Co-Founder of EpiBone | TED Senior Fellow

She’s exploring new biological frontiers while smashing through inequality in health care and changing medical science as we know it.
Heather McGhee

Author of New York Times Bestseller The Sum of Us

One of our most brilliant thinkers about inequality, she gives us the tools to deal with the true cost of racism. It doesn't only affect people of color—it affects everyone.
Nikole Hannah-Jones

Pulitzer Prize-Winning Creator of The 1619 Project | New York Times Magazine Staff Writer | MacArthur Genius | Winner of the National Magazine Award

Her vital, revolutionary work reveals the American Black experience of injustice and tells the truth about how we live—and where we need to go next. 
Anna Gifty Opoku-Agyeman

Editor of The Black Agenda | Co-Founder of The Sadie Collective | Speaker on Diversity and the Future of Work

Her bold and urgent insight: jumpstart an anti-racist future by including Black women’s perspectives in everything to do with building our post-pandemic society.
Minette Norman

Transformative Leadership Consultant | Former VP of Engineering Practice, Autodesk

Leading with radical empathy and sharing the powerful strategies she learned as a female executive surrounded by typical tech industry machismo.
Negin Farsad

Social Justice Comedian, Director of The Muslims Are Coming!

Challenging hatred with comedy, she’s conquering cultural divides with heart, humor, and a sharp eye for pointing out the truth.
Waneek Horn-Miller

Olympian, Activist, and Speaker on Indigenous Health and Reconciliation

An electrifying symbol of the Indigenous struggle: from trauma to triumph as the first Canadian Mohawk woman to compete in the Olympics.
Major MJ Hegar

Author of Shoot Like a Girl | Leadership Speaker | Foreign Policy 100 Leading Global Thinker

Be it a daring rescue under fire in Afghanistan or toppling sexist policies at home—her heroic stories inspire us to take action and conquer any obstacle ahead.
Gabby Rivera

Author of Juliet Takes a Breath and the Marvel Comic Series America

Witty, authentic, and humming with joy, she uses her creativity to lift up marginalized communities—teaching us to seize our potential and imagine a better world.
Ellen Bennett

Founder and CEO of Hedley & Bennett | Author of Dream First, Details Later

It’s time to hush your inner worrier, unleash your inner warrior, and leap into action with the young and gutsy entrepreneur who built a multi-million dollar brand.