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At Lavin, we are serious about which keynote speakers we put up on our site. That said, we are always adding select new voices. This next wave of business speakers is tackling tomorrow’s challenges, starting today.


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George M. Johnson

New York Times Bestselling Author Of All Boys Aren’t Blue & We Are Not Broken | LGBTQIA+ Activist

Storytelling isn’t just a form of entertainment—for George M. Johnson, whose body of work on diversity and queer identity inspires millions of readers across the world to “be themselves unapologetically,” writing has the power to change lives. Their New York Times Bestselling memoir All Boys Aren’t Blue, a powerful recounting of George’s adolescence growing up as a young Black Queer boy in New Jersey, was optioned for television by Gabrielle Union and Sony TV, and called “an exuberant, unapologetic memoir infused with a deep but cleareyed love for its subjects” by the New York Times.
Camille Stewart

Cybersecurity & Privacy Attorney | Global Head of Product Security Strategy at Google

Our national security is only as strong as the diversity of the experts who defend us. For attorney and strategist Camille Stewart, this is especially true in cybersecurity. If the wars of tomorrow are fought online, we need innovative people, ready for a fast-changing landscape. She doesn’t just protect huge companies from cyber threats—she teaches them how to protect themselves through diverse hiring, giving opportunities to marginalized communities in STEM, while learning from their fresh perspectives.
Greg Hoffman

Nike's Former Chief Marketing Officer | Author of Emotion by Design

As the former Chief Marketing Officer at Nike, Greg Hoffman stood at the helm of one of the world’s most innovative companies as they redefined the meaning of brand authenticity. Under his creative leadership, Nike drove themes of equality, sustainability, and empowerment through sport—inspired, in part, by Hoffman’s role as a leader of the Nike Black Employee network. In timely and engaging talks, Hoffman reveals how we can cultivate a diverse and creative culture in our organizations; build an enduring brand legacy through the power of storytelling; and leave a positive cultural impact.


Mary Ziegler

Leading Authority On The Legal History Of American Reproductive Rights | Author Of Beyond Abortion And Dollars For Life

This is a crucial moment in our democracy: our courts and politics are divided, and the binding trust that we place in our institutions is fast eroding. But historian Mary Ziegler says that we can move beyond polarization—we can achieve a better dialogue and fairer future for all. Widely hailed as a nonpartisan authority on the Constitution and the legal history of reproductive rights, Mary is a professor at UC Davis School of Law, the author of four acclaimed books, and a frequent contributor to the New York Times and The Atlantic.
Michelle Coles

Civil Rights Attorney | Award-Winning Author of Black Was the Ink | Former attorney at the U.S. Department of Justice

Can the stories of unsung Black heroes inspire the next generation of leaders? Michelle Coles is uniquely suited to answer this question. She bridges our past and our hoped-for future: a civil rights attorney with a focus on social justice, she’s also written an award-winning YA novel that sheds light on the heroic but forgotten contributions of Black Americans who fought alongside White allies to make the promise of American democracy real for all. Michelle “sensitively explores what it means to care about something, fight for something, and effect lasting change (Booklist).” 
Cassie Holmes

Expert in Behavioral Decision-Making | Author of Happier Hour | UCLA Professor

How do we increase our creativity, happiness, and ability to pay attention? We never seem to have enough time to do it all, but Cassie Holmes says that time isn’t only a challenge—it’s the solution. Cassie—professor of Behavioral Decision Making at UCLA and one of the Best 40 Business Professors Under 40—is the author of Happier Hour. This highly-anticipated book, which New York Times bestselling author Angela Duckworth called “terrific advice from one of my favorite scientists”, is a practical and enlightening guide to how we can take control of time and wisely use this precious resource to make our lives brighter and happier. 
Todd Kashdan

Author of The Art of Insubordination | Award-Winning Psychology Professor

If companies want to innovate and get fresh ideas, they need to hear from the rebels who challenge conventional wisdom. But Todd Kashdan says that not any rebellion will do—what really makes a difference is principled dissent, when a rebel speaks up with courage for a greater good. Todd is an award-winning psychology expert, and he shares practical scientific recipes from his book The Art of Insubordination so that you can make principled dissent a vital part of your culture: you’ll learn how to express unpopular—but important—ideas, how to help principled rebels express their contrary opinions, and how to ensure the best ideas win, even if they are unexpected.  


Neil Hoyne

Author of Converted | Chief Measurement Strategist at Google | Senior Fellow at Wharton

Too many companies have a short-term strategy when it comes to data: focusing on the point-of-purchase moment with a customer, rather than building their business around long-term relationships. A Senior Fellow at Wharton and Google’s Chief Measurement Strategist, Neil Hoyne has led over 2,500 engagements with the world’s biggest advertisers—helping them acquire millions of customers, improve conversion rates by over 400 percent, and generate billions in incremental revenue. In his debut book Converted, he shows us how to sharpen our long-term marketing strategy and unleash true value. 
Deepa Purushothaman

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Leader | Former Senior Partner at Deloitte | Author of The First, the Few, the Only

Despite being one of the fastest-growing segments in the corporate workforce, women of color remain underrepresented—often among the first, few, or only ones in a department or The first Indian-American woman to make partner at Deloitte, Deepa Purushothaman knows this first-hand. Today, she uses her experience as a senior executive specializing in diversity, equity, and inclusion, to provide disruptive solutions for businesses that need to evolve. Her empowering talks, as well as her upcoming book, help us redefine power and profitability in corporate America.