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Maureen Chiquet | Global CEO, Chanel

Profiles: Maureen Chiquet | Chanel

Chanel’s former CEO Explains How ‘Horse Whispering’ Made Her a Better Boss

Maureen Chiquet Goes Beyond the Business of Chanel in Her New Book

Former Chanel CEO Maureen Chiquet on Running a Fashion Empire

The Luxury Market ‘Bubble’ Hasn’t Popped, but Air Is Leaking


Maureen Chiquet’s Move From Chanel to Self-Empowerment

Fending Off Digital Decay, Bit by Bit

Now He’s Only Hunted by Cameras

New Salman Rushdie novel depicts Obama and Trump’s US

Two Years, Eight Months and Twenty‑Eight Nights by Salman Rushdie review — a modern Arabian Nights

Is Human Morality a Product of Evolution?


In 2017, Pursue Meaning Instead of Happiness

Why the Pursuit of Happiness Should Really Be the Pursuit of Meaning

The Virtue of Hard Things

The two kinds of stories we tell about ourselves

For a Meaningful Life, Take a Page Out of George Eliot’s Book

How to Make Your Life More Meaningful This Year

These New Yorkers Rediscovered Meaning in Life by Serving Their Neighbors

Masters of Love

Seeking a Sense of Belonging in a Divisive Era

What Ben Franklin Got Right About Living—and How You Can Copy It

The Millennial Searchers

The Forgotten Americans

There’s More to Life Than Being Happy

How to Find Meaning in a Job That Isn’t Your “True Calling”

How to Find Meaning in the Face of Death

The incredibly simple action you can take right now to change your life.

You’ll Never Be Famous—And That’s Okay

What Boomer Women Can Learn About Aging From (Gasp) Older Women

We Want to Travel and Party. Hold That Thought.

How the Covid Pandemic Affected Teens’ Mental Health

Your Flaws Are Probably More Attractive Than You Think They Are


The Decline of Trust in Science “Terrifies” former MIT President Susan Hockfield

Susan Hockfield on a New Age of Living Machines

Living Machines: How Biology and Engineering Can Come Together

Machines Built From Living Matter

Living Machines: MIT’s Former President on the Next Technology Revolution

Stories of Hope Amid America’s *Unwinding*

Review: The Unwinding: An Inner History of the New America, by George Packer

Articles by George Packer

The Unwinding: An Inner History of the New America by George Packer

The Agony and the Ecstasy of Richard Holbrooke

The Longest Wars

14 New Books to Watch For in May

The End of the American Century

Richard Holbrooke, the Last Great Freewheeling Diplomat

Unrest documents a little understood disease: Hot Docs

Illuminating an illness without end: Fellows Friday with Jennifer Brea

Jennifer Brea Documented her Chronic Fatigue Syndrome on an iPhone so Doctors Would Believe Other Women

The story and stigma of a baffling illness: Jen Brea speaks at TEDSummit



‘Unrest,’ a Personal Account of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

Edward Burtynsky establishes photography grant with Governor General’s Award prize money

Burtynsky shares the stories behind his giant new photographs of dams, wells and other drippy things

Edward Burtynsky’s bigger picture

‘The film has a reason for being’

This Photographer Captures Striking Photos of Environmental Disasters

The essential elements of Edward Burtynsky – in pictures

A Single, Finite Planet: Sitting Down With Photographer Edward Burtynsky

Edward Burtynsky on his ravaged Earth shots: ‘We’ve reached peak everything’

The unjudging eye of Ed Burtynsky’s camera

Ken Weingart Interviews Edward Burtynsky

The Long View: Edward Burtynsky’s quest to photograph a changing planet.

‘Anthropocene: The Human Epoch’ Review: Global Warnings


Two New Documentaries Survey Ecological Battlegrounds

The Economy Is Still Terrible for Young People

Millennials: Not So Cheap, After All

The Liberal Millennial Revolution

A World Without Work

The Science of Smart Hiring

Making America Great Again Is a Local Job

Donald Trump and the Twilight of White America

The Average 29-Year-Old

The Myth of the Millennial Entrepreneur

Trump vs. Clinton: A Battle Between Two Opposite Americas

Too Many Elite American Men Are Obsessed With Work and Wealth

“Hit Makers” Hits All The Right Notes

Live From the White House, It’s Trump TV

What Makes Things Cool

Going Viral Doesn’t Make You Popular

Why There’s No Such Thing As ‘Going Viral’

Everything You Thought You Knew About Going Viral Is a Lie

The magic of making hits

The Economic Senselessness of President Trump’s Daca Repeal

The 4 Reasons Why 2017 Is a Tipping Point for Retail

Google X and the Science of Radical Creativity

How Air-Conditioning Invented the Modern World

America Is Running on Fumes

Disneyflix Is Coming. And Netflix Should Be Scared.

All Stories by Derek Thompson

Plain English with Derek Thompson


Naomi Natale: Art, Activism, Revolution

The Art of Revolution

En a Luz

One Million Bones

How Investors Use “Gut Feel” To Manage Risk

Male and Female Entrepreneurs Get Asked Different Questions by VCs

Best 40 Under 40 Professors: Laura Huang, The Wharton School

Faculty Profile

Why Female Entrepreneurs Have a Harder Time Raising Venture Capital

Laura Huang

Climate change anxiety is real. Here’s how you can manage those feelings

Got Climate Anxiety? These People Are Doing Something About It

Here’s what you can do to cope with your anxiety about climate change

Coping with COVID and Climate Fatigue


Gen Dread

Patti Smith Talks Fame, Youth, and Her New Memoir, M Train

Requiem Lass

Patti Smith Newsletter

In her memoir ‘M Train,’ Patti Smith opens up about her life and loves

Big Data to the Rescue


Video: A Company’s Algorithms Reveal Hidden Connections Among All That Data

How to augment our intelligence as algorithms take over the world


How humans & machines can team up to solve big problems

Twitter Got A Big Tax Break To Stay In San Francisco. Now Jack Dorsey Says Its Future Is No Longer In The City.


16 New Business Books You Need to Read in 2020

The Man Who Built The Retweet: “We Handed A Loaded Weapon To 4-Year-Olds”

Enabling innovation with automated decision-making

Alex Kantrowitz: The Pandemic Will Make Tech Giants Even More Powerful

Alex Kantrowitz

Big Technology

An Odyssey Through the Brain, Illuminated by a Rainbow

Carl Schoonover: How to Look Inside the Brain


Portraits of the Mind: Visualizing the Brain

Best Weapon Against Honor Killers: Shame

What will future generations condemn us for?

There Is No Such Thing as Western Civilization

The Achievement of Chinua Achebe

What Is the Point of College?

The Reith Lectures: 2016

Interview: In Conversation with Kwame Anthony Appiah

Can We Choose Our Own Identity?

On Race, Nationalism and Identity Politics

Go Ahead, Speak for Yourself

The Power of Seeing Ourselves in Literature


Marvel Is Introducing a Queer Latina Superhero

What It’s Like To Come Out As LGBTQ In The Latino Community

Meet the Queer Latina Behind 2016’s Dopest LGBT YA Book, Juliet Takes a Breath

Why Marvel’s America Is the Superhero People Need Right Now

Gabby Rivera on How Marvel’s America Is Exploring the Complexities of Latinx Identity

Marvel hired Gabby Rivera, a queer Latina writer, for its queer Latina superhero. That matters.

Gabby Rivera Brings Latinx Superheroine America Chavez to Life in New Marvel Series

Adventures in Comics and the Real World

America Creator Gabby Rivera On The Importance Of A Queer Latina Superhero

Brené with Gabby Rivera on Superheroes, Storytelling and Joy as Resistance

Writer Gabby Rivera Is A True Superhero


Joy Revolution Podcast

Are Companies Right to Abandon the Shareholder-First Mantra?

The Business Roundtable has Repudiated Shareholder Primacy; Where do Canada’s CEOs Stand?

The Limits of the Pursuit of Profit

Sarah Kaplan Info

Sarah Kaplan, Director

What it means for businesses to ‘build back better’ after COVID-19

Changing How We Build Satellites Could Do More Than Reduce Space Junk

Danielle Wood Joins Media Lab Faculty

How Can Space Technology Improve the Life of All People?

Satellites With Social Goals: Five Questions for Danielle Wood

Space Situational Awareness: Key Issues in an Evolving Landscape

Danielle Wood–Advancing Earth Justice by Way of Space


Danielle Wood | Space Enabled

The Witch Trials of J.K. Rowling

The New Yorker Piece on Megan Phelps-Roper Is an Amazing, Heartbreaking Portrait of a Human

Granddaughters of an infamous homophobic U.S. pastor find grace in Montreal

How to Talk to People You Hate About Politics

Losing my religion: life after extreme belief

I grew up in the Westboro Baptist Church. Here’s why I left.


4 Tips for Talking to People You Disagree With

If You’re Raised To Hate, Can You Reverse It?

How One Woman Left the Hate Group She Grew Up In

How These Founders Reinvented the Apron and Won Over Celebrity Chefs

How 29-Year-Old Ellen Bennett Became The Culinary World’s Apron Queen

A Scene to Savor

Adventurer Goes From Line Cook To CEO Of A Multi-Million Dollar Opportunity

Entrepreneur Ellen Bennett Pregames the Grammys With Lasagna and Bolognese

Hedley & Bennett’s “Wake Up & Fight” masks become a call to action

Vans and Local Chefwear Label Hedley & Bennett Cook up a Rainbow-Soled Collaboration

By Design | The Kitchen Apron Gets a Stylish Upgrade

Hedley & Bennett

Hedley & Bennett Founder Ellen Bennett Wants You To Dream First & Worry About Details Later

Life’s Work: An Interview with Isabel Allende

Isabel Allende: By the Book

The Big Interview: Isabel Allende

Isabel Allende will receive PEN Center USA’s lifetime achievement award


Best nonfiction of 2021

Eurasia Group

Author Nathan Pyle Reveals Earthlings Through the Eyes of an Alien

‘Imagine Pleasant Nonsense’ with Strange Planet Creator Nathan Pyle

Nathan Pyle’s Strange Planet Holds Up a Mirror to Weird Human Behavior

Nathan Pyle

Nathan Pyle On The Genesis And Ethos Of His Comic, ‘Strange Planet’

I want to be alone

The Disconnect

One’s a Crowd

Will Singles and Singletons Cut the Cord?

Swing-State Singles

Review of Palaces for the People

Little digital snooping is a given in romance

America: Single, and Loving It

To Restore Civil Society, Start With the Library

The Other Side of “Broken Windows”

Is There Really a Loneliness Epidemic?

The Secret Life of Libraries

Global Warming: The Psychology of Ignoring a Superthreat


How Libraries Can Save the 2020 Election

Quirks in Time Perception

Why It’s Dangerous to Label People

Here’s why you won’t really move to Canada if Trump wins in November

The Spiritual Life of the Long-Distance Runner

You’re Not Moving to Canada: The Psychology of Post-Election Melodrama

How technology gets us hooked

Irresistible: Why We Can’t Stop Checking, Scrolling, Clicking and Watching

Technoaddicts: turn on, touch in, swipe out

Why We Can’t Look Away From Our Screens

Subtle and insidious, technology is designed to addict us

Irresistible by Adam Alter review – an entertaining look at technology addiction

‘Irresistible’ By Design: It’s No Accident You Can’t Stop Looking At The Screen

‘Irresistible’ technology is making our kids miss social cues

Is Resistance Futile?

Kids Are Better Friends When They Spend Time Away from Screens


ech Backlash Grows as Investors Press Apple to Act on Children’s Use

An Underwater Art Scene Blossoms in the Ocean

Living sculpture: In a world with dying coral reefs, an artist/metallurgist sets out to create new ones


Underwater Sculptures Help Save the World’s Oceans

Build For Tomorrow



Software Creates New Flavors, Some Not for the Squeamish

Jason Feifer

Humans 3.0

Jonathan Brill, Guest Speaker

In a world of rogue waves, US-China contest is really about survival

‘Global Futurist’ Peers Into Our Uncertain Future

Bridging the Innovation Gap

4 Lessons You Need to Learn Quickly to Unleash Innovation

Rogue Waves, And How They Drive Both Peril And Profit

How to spot tomorrow’s macrotrends before they change everything

How Businesses Turn ‘Rogue Waves’ to Their Advantage

How HP Turns Business Catastrophes to Their Advantage

Strategic Disruption That Works

How CEOs Should Rethink Risk After The Pandemic



Alan Doyle awarded Order of Canada

Alan Doyle on Great Big Sea and being a Newfoundlander in Canada

5,200 Days in Space

Water Is Broken. Data Can Fix It.

The Dear Leader’s Heinous Act

The system of defecting

A really big show

The Big Thirst

Mislabeled as a Memoirist, Author Asks: Whose Work Gets to Be Journalism?

The Reluctant Memoirist

Shared Wounds in Korea

Reporting with a blindfold: What it’s like to be a journalist covering North Korea

What Happened in Brisbane

Public-Radio Icon John Hockenberry Accused of Harassing Female Colleagues

Fear, Loneliness, and Duty—An American Journalist on Daily Life in North Korea

Undercover in North Korea: “All Paths Lead to Catastrophe”


TheBoardlist—a leading advocate for putting more women on corporate boards—opens its platform to men of color

Sukhinder Singh Cassidy: Either You Manage Me or I Manage You

15 Questions with Sukhinder Singh Cassidy

Choose Possibility

A new fund aims to provide diverse investors the opportunity to build wealth

Are You Still Seeing Your Person?

Therapist Lori Gottlieb Talks About the Therapists that Therapists Go To

Lori Gottlieb Wants You to Know Therapists are Humans, Too

All Stories by Lori Gottleib

Why You Should Follow Your Envy

What Your Therapist is Thinking About in That Therapy Session

Lori Gottlieb

Even Therapists Need Therapists: Lori Gottlieb on Being ‘Less Afraid to go and Talk to Somebody’

Maybe You Should Talk to Someone Author Lori Gottlieb

Dear Therapist

A Psychotherapist Goes to Therapy—And Gets a Taste of Her Own Medicine

Psychotherapist Lori Gottlieb on why She Started Going to Therapy Herself

Lori Gottlieb

with Lori Gottlieb and Guy Winch

The Pursuit of Clarity in a Time of Plague

The Charms of Toronto for Prince Harry and Meghan Markle