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Luke Burgis’ Wanting Reveals the Power of Mimetic Desire

The billion-dollar question of business, politics, even the foundation of society itself—why do we want the things that we want? It is both shocking and revealing that everything we desire, do, or create is powerfully influenced by those around us. In his new book,Wanting, serial entrepreneur LUKE BURGIS makes a startling case about the hidden forces that shape our desires—mimetic theory: the truth about the human condition, your job, and your life.

Few have yet heard of mimetics—the concept that desire is a social construct—but it is simultaneously a tool to build unity and the fuel for cycles of conflict. The more we want the same things, the more we compete for them. For leadership, the key to overcoming this conflict is developing intentional, rather than blind, desire—understanding hidden rivalries and rethinking motivations to unlock innovation and collaboration.
In Wanting, Burgis also goes beyond theory to offer a valuable toolkit for freeing ourselves from chasing unfulfilling desires. When we realize that desire is contagious and malleable, we gain control over the things we want, finding meaning and independence. Until we gain that insight, we are all vulnerable to mimetic’s destructive power and those who exploit it.
Wanting is available everywhere you buy books on June 1st. 

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