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“I believe we can and should fight for the earth and humanity, side by side.” Watch Wajahat Ali’s Viral TED2019 Talk.

More and more people, globally, are choosing not to have children. And this projected decline in near-future populations has far-reaching consequences. In his just-released 2019 TED Talk—which has amassed nearly half a million views in just 24 hours—Wajahat Ali makes a compelling case for having kids, and the importance of raising them with kindness, generosity, […]

Meet Lavin’s TED Fellows—A Group of Young Visionaries Working to Make the World a Better Place

The TED Fellows represent the brightest, boldest minds making headlines across all fields; they’re filmmakers, journalists, artists, scientists, entrepreneurs, musicians and designers, working together, and with TED’s support, to create positive change around the world. We represent over 40 TED Fellows. Get to know a few them below:  “Healthy, productive women are the cornerstone of […]

Twelve Lavin Speakers are Appearing at SXSW—Where the Boldest Minds With the Biggest Ideas Meet and Reach for the Future

South by Southwest (SXSW) is a conference that has dedicated itself to helping creative people achieve their goals. Since 1987, the festival has attracted the brightest stars on the forefront of their fields to give talks and have candid conversations about the future and their industry. This year twelve Lavin speakers were invited to speak.   […]

Photojournalist and Lavin Speaker Eman Mohammed is Now a TED Senior Fellow

An extremely distinguished position offered to only 10 individuals per year, the TED Senior Fellows program supports visionary artists, scientists, doctors, activists, entrepreneurs and beyond whose work makes the world a better and more equitable place. Eman Mohammed, one of the youngest female photojournalists in Gaza, is now a TED Senior Fellow. Mohammed’s work and […]

In His Brand New TED Talk, Steven Pinker Argues that the World is Getting Better. But, We Must Adjust Our Perception to See It.

“You can always fool yourself into seeing a decline if you compare bleeding headlines of the present with rose-tinted images of the past,” says speaker Steven Pinker in his just-released (and standing o-garnering) TED Talk. But, he goes on to ask, what does the trajectory of the world look like when we measure well-being over time using […]

“It’s time to ditch the Old/Young binary”: Watch Ashton Applewhite’s Acclaimed TED Talk on Moving Past Ageism

“Ageism is the last acceptable prejudice,” says Ashton Applewhite, but it doesn’t have to be. In her just-released, standing ovation-nabbing TED Talk about the misconceptions that surround getting older, Applewhite offers clear ways we can change our minds—and actions—related to aging. Author of This Chair Rocks (as well as several New York Times bestselling books), Applewhite’s funny, galvanizing talk […]

Flint is Family: LaToya Ruby Frazier’s New Project Featured in Elle

Visual artist, TED Fellow, and MacArthur grant recipient LaToya Ruby Frazier has embarked on a new project, Flint is Family, which is the subject of a stellar five-part feature in Elle.com and a 10-page feature in Elle’s September issue. Much like 2014’s groundbreaking The Notion of Family, her new work chronicles three generations of women, […]

A Portrait of Injustice: Introducing New Speaker LaToya Ruby Frazier

For LaToya Ruby Frazier, photography shines a spotlight on injustice in contemporary America. Her photos, often set in stark yet stunning black-and-white, capture three generations of history in her hometown of Braddock, Pennsylvania—an industrial suburb and microcosm of the 20th-century rustbelt, nine miles downriver from Pittsburgh. In her art and stirring keynotes, Frazier reveals Braddock’s shining […]

“Energy Policy Is Social Policy”: Shalini Kantayya’s Catching the Sun

In eco-activist and educator Shalini Kantayya’s new film Catching the Sun, audiences get an inside look at America’s green-energy industry and the people driving it. Focused on workers at a solar power jobs training program in Richmond, California, Catching the Sun poses one of the most important questions of our time: can the United States […]

Lavin Weekly #6: Atwood, Farsad, Ali, Aslan, Gino, & Eagleman

1. Atwood’s The Heart Goes Last Takes a Darkly Comic Look at Modern America Margaret Atwood’s new novel, The Heart Goes Last, has received an enthusiastic early review at The Guardian. Portraying a dystopian near-future with an extra dose of madcap comedy, the new novel investigates “economic and environmental decline, the social and bio-engineering we […]

Driving Progress: Lavin Speakers Chosen for GOOD 100

The GOOD 100 is a compendium of people, ideas, and programs changing our planet for the better. We're so pleased to see Lavin speakers Negin Farsad and Cesar Harada on this year's list, alongside Randi Zuckerberg, Barbara Bush, environmental activist Ma Jun, and Moscow journalist Dmitry Aleshkovsky. Negin Farsad is one of the few Iranian-American […]

Cover Story: (Robert) Vijay Gupta, “The Most Interesting Man in the [Philharmonic]

According to the Los Angeles Downtown News, (Robert) Vijay Gupta is “The Most Interesting Man in the [Philharmonic Orchestra].” And we'll be the first to agree! Not only is he the youngest player in the Los Angeles Philharmonic, but the virtuoso violinist has also become a world renowned advocate for the redemptive and regenerative power of […]

2013 Creativity 50: Cities Speaker Candy Chang Makes The Top 10

Cities speaker Candy Chang proves you don't need expensive, high-tech devices to transform public spaces. That's why she made the 2013 Creativity 50 list this year. Creativity is a website that features the best in design, advertising, and digital creativity. Chang made it into the top ten this year. “Candy Chang's art serves as a wake-up call […]

Public Art Meets Civic Engagement: Candy Chang Makes The Good 100 List

“Candy Chang  is coming to a neighborhood near you,” a recent profile in Good.is begins. Not only that, but the TED Fellow and “Before I Die” creator also landed on the 2013 Good 100 list.  Her simple, but innovative, installations and projects make cities more comfortable for their inhabitants. Even better, her work has been […]

Every College Needs A Before I Die Wall: Candy Chang Profiled In HuffPo

“Every single college campus across the world can benefit from a 'Before I Die' wall.” Candy Chang, the public space artist, college speaker, and TED Fellow, recently received a rave review for her community art project in a new blog entry at The Huffington Post. Since Chang first started the project, the walls have now […]

TED Report: Nina Tandon, David Lavin & Cutting Edge Speakers at TED2013

As David Lavin says in this new interview, the TED Fellows are some of the most interesting and cutting edge thinkers in the world. As the President of The Lavin Agency Speakers Bureau, he's had the chance to rub elbows with some of these bright minds both here at the agency and, recently, at TED2013. […]

Neighborland, a New Digital Tool by Candy Chang, Improves Public Spaces

There are undoubtedly things about your neighborhood that you wish you could change. As public space artist Candy Chang explains in a recent talk at a Creative Sante Fe event, there are people in your community who probably share your vision. The problem is that they don't have the means to team up with you […]

Science Speaker Nina Tandon: The Future Of Tissue Engineering [VIDEO]

Imagine requiring a new heart and receiving a transplant organ, made of living tissue, that was grown by a scientist in a lab. Sounds like science fiction, right? Nina Tandon says the idea isn't as far fetched as we may think. As she explains in an exclusive interview with Lavin, scientists have been able to […]

Manipulating Electricity To Build Human Body Parts: Nina Tandon In Wired

When Nina Tandon was sitting in an evening physiology class, she made a connection between electrical engineering and the human body which sparked her interest in developing a way to grow tissue and bone. In a Wired profile piece on the TED Fellow and Tissue Engineer, she explains that the body is a truly electrical […]

The Massive Lavin Agency TED Fellows Party [PHOTOS]

Last week in New York, we threw a big party for the TED Fellows—an extraordinary group of men and women who are doing incredible work in science, design, technology, the arts, and social justice. One Fellow, Nina Tandon, is growing artificial hearts. Another, Mitchell Joachim, is helping conceptualize the city of the future. And those […]

Before I Die: Candy Chang’s Project Recreated In Denver [VIDEO]

What do you want to do before you die? It's a question that TED Fellow Candy Chang has brilliantly brought to life in her interactive “Before I Die” installation. The project was so popular, in fact, that people across the nation have been recreating it—most recently, in Denver, Colorado. The team who brought the installation […]

TED Fellow Nina Tandon: One of Dove’s Women Who Should Be Famous [VIDEO]

“Not only does Nina Tandon grow living hearts, she makes it sound easy.” That's what Katie Couric and Dove, partners in the Women Who Should Be Famous Initiative, wrote about the TED Fellow and Tissue Engineer; and it is one of the reasons they nominated her to be featured in the campaign. It is also her […]

Nina Tandon: One of Fast Company‘s 100 Most Creative People

Nina Tandon, one of Lavin's newest exclusive speakers, was recently named as one of Fast Company's 100 Most Creative People in Business. The TED Fellow is doing extraordinary things with bodily tissues and has been researching and experimenting with electrical signaling, with the ultimate end goal of creating artificial hearts and bones. One day, she […]

Lavin’s TED Fellows: “Radically Transforming the World Today” [VIDEO]

Lavin is pleased to represent some of the most fascinating TED fellows around—speakers who are, as David Lavin, president of The Lavin Agency, says “radically transforming the world today.” “If you're looking for an inspirational speaker, rather than have someone that says 'Hey, you can do anything you want,' bring in three or four people […]