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Meet Lavin’s TED Fellows—A Group of Young Visionaries Working to Make the World a Better Place

The TED Fellows represent the brightest, boldest minds making headlines across all fields; they’re filmmakers, journalists, artists, scientists, entrepreneurs, musicians and designers, working together, and with TED’s support, to create positive change around the world. We represent over 40 TED Fellows. Get to know a few them below: 

“Healthy, productive women are the cornerstone of survival and progress in the developing world. My goal is to make womanhood and motherhood healthier and happier for the world’s most vulnerable women. Each of them has the right to access low-cost, high-quality health products, which can bring empowerment and a greater opportunity to rise out of poverty.” – Zubaida Bai, founder and CEO of ayzh—a social enterprise based in India that designs vital reproductive healthcare products for women around the world.  


A simple birth kit for mothers in the developing world | Zubaida Bai



“We can have the very best data, statistics, or models chronicling glacier change, but if that information is not grounded within the human stories of glaciers, or rivers, forests, and oceans, then that information is powerless. If people don’t see themselves in the story, then they are not a part of that story.” – M Jackson, National Geographic’s Arctic Expert and author of The Secret Lives of Glaciers—about people, glaciers, and climate change.  


Listening to the Stories People Tell About Their Backyards



“A child in Kenya typically walks 3 hours a day, while a kid in the west usually has access to safe, reliable and regular bus service to-and-from school. The key impediment to Africa’s transport system is the vehicles themselves—which is why I started Mobius: Africa’s first mass-market car brand.” – Joel Jackson, founder and CEO of Mobius Motors which builds highly durable, affordable vehicles for Africa’s mass-market. 


Joel Jackson on how Transportation can Improve Economic Productivity | WIRED 2014 | WIRED



“In order to tell the individual human stories, I felt I needed to remove the dramatic visuals that become so familiar and repetitive in the mainstream media. What I was witnessing was not only news, but history.” – Anastasia Taylor-Lind, photojournalist who documented the Ukrainian uprising in Kiev.  


Anastasia Taylor-Lind: Fighters and mourners of the Ukrainian revolution


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