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Trade affects every company—But few companies understand its full implications for their business.

Expert On International Trade Policy and Law | Renowned International Trade Policy Professor

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The International Landscape of BITs (Bilateral Investment Treaties)

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A New Era of Global Trade

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When companies understand exactly how they are impacted by trade, they are poised to be successful, resilient, and secure in a post-Covid society. International Trade Policy Expert and World Bank consultant MARC L. BUSCH talks trade in a way that’s accessible and relevant to every company, recognizing that ‘new’ trade problems to come out of the pandemic are familiar and solvable. From trade and climate change, to the Biden Administration’s Free Trade deals, to China’s role in global trade, to supply chain shortages, Marc’s talks are always grounded in the urgency of our present moment, and teach us that we all have something to gain from an inside look into the world of trade.

Only a small percentage of companies have a real understanding of how trade will actually affect their bottom line—and fewer still understand the real tools they can use to protect themselves. Marc L. Busch is a multiple award-winning professor at Georgetown University, a scholar, host of the trade-centric podcast Tradecraft, and the authority on today’s global trade. What does international trade mean for your industry, or your business? We’re currently engaged in an “epic battle of free trade,” says Busch, and as volatile as that battle might be, it’s an opportunity for companies to help rewrite the rules of those trade deals.” With wit, lucidity, and customization to your organization, Busch will steer your audience through the volatile changes to come—and leave you prepared to handle them with confidence.

In his talks—packed with real-life stories, and told with humor—Busch puts modern and often confusing trade policy into perspective, distilling exactly what it means for you and your bottom line. His talks are essential to understanding how countries compete and collaborate with one another, and how our government policies shape—and are shaped by—these relationships. From trade wars, to domestic industries, to new technological trends in the global market, Busch offers a clear, up-to-the-minute overview of our current global trade policies.

Busch is currently the Karl F. Landegger Professor of International Business Diplomacy at the Edmund A. Walsh School of Foreign Service; Professor of Government, and Professor of Business Administration at Georgetown University. He has taught at both Harvard and Queen’s University, receiving awards for teaching at all three institutions. Forbes Magazine named his course, “Business, Government and the Global Economy,” one of the Top 10 Most Innovative MBA courses in the United States.

Speech Topics

Free Trade, Today's Politics, and a Way ForwardTrading Places

In our current political landscape, how do we economically move forward when it comes to trade? International Trade Policy Expert and World Bank consultant Marc L. Busch has his finger on the pulse of the modern moment of trade politics, and has dedicated his career to helping us make sense of it all.

In this relevant, electric talk, Marc reveals how President Biden’s trade politics are different from President Trump’s and where the US stands on Free Trade deals in relation to the EU and others. He teaches us about the Green movement in Congress and shows us how China’s unignorable role in World Trade will impact the world’s economy.

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And Why Your Business Should CareThe Future of Trade
The Covid-19 pandemic has had a devastating effect on trade. What will the future look like beyond the pandemic, and how will its long-lasting effects personally impact your business? We’ve been here before, says Marc L. Busch, an expert on international trade and policy—these aren’t new problems, and they don’t need new solutions.
What are the lessons we learned about trade from Covid? What do we need to know to make supply chains secure and resilient? In this talk, Busch grounds abstract concepts in concrete reality, reflecting on the ways in which Covid has transformed the world of trade, and moving us forward into a new frontier.
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Business & Law Through the Prism of TradeMaking Sense of Global Trade

Unfortunately, only a small percentage of companies have a real understanding of how trade will actually affect their bottom line. Those who possess this knowledge hold a huge competitive advantage, says international trade policy expert Marc L. Busch. In this non-partisan talk, Busch provides you with a clear view of what matters, nothing more, nothing less. Customized to your industry, this talk will help companies keep an eye on priorities: what’s actually important in a time that is rife with noise, turbulence, and word of “escalating trade wars.” Here, Busch dismantles the concepts trumpeted in the news—sussing out the actual ramifications they’ll have on the economy, and of course, you.

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How Will AI Change the Way We Trade Goods and Services?AI, Robotics & Trade
The potential of AI has taken politics, economics, and the future of technology by storm. There’s more urgency than ever to discuss how prediction, machine learning, and robotics can and will affect the way we trade goods and services, nationally and abroad. In this dynamic “double-header,” expert on international trade Marc L. Busch and  AI specialist Ajay Agrawal deliver a collaborative keynote on how international trade rules are going to collide with AI when coupled with robotics. How will AI test the contours of existing trade? As they explainso much of the infrastructure supporting our lives is oriented around humans, particularly within the domain of goods and services. But trade is set to shift and become more politically charged when challenged by the possibilities of automation. With clear and fascinating examples, these two experts reveal how AI has the potential to challenge, improve, and complicate trade in the global market—and how we can start addressing these things together. 
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