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That “Flaw” Holding You Back? It’s the Key to Your Competitive Edge. “40 Under 40” Business Prof Laura Huang

You don’t need to change yourself in order to succeed, says Laura Huang. You can use everything about yourself (even the things you think are flaws!) to get a competitive advantage. A star business professor at Northeastern (previously at Harvard and Wharton), Laura has developed a unique four-step process to make your hard work work harder for you:

  1. Enrich: Providing value to others—and communicating that value to them too;
  2. Delight: Convincing others to take a step back and actually listen to you;
  3. Guide: Understanding and redirecting the perceptions that others have of you;
  4. Effort: Working hard—and putting that hard work into the right things.

In talks, she uses real-life examples from her own research to show you how you can flip negative perceptions and other obstacles on their head. For instance, she teaches you how to map your own “trajectory” instead of letting others assume your future potential, using examples like the non-native speaker who rose from receptionist to analyst at Goldman Sachs and the entrepreneur whose time spent in prison became the heart behind his business’s story.

“Guide the perceptions that others have of you. Make your own privilege,” Laura says. “That is ultimately how you get more out of your hard work.”

Fashion, Beer, and Lab-Grown Bones: Three Women Doing Business on Their Own Terms

Looking to learn from some of the top women in business today? Beyond leaning in, these dynamic, innovative leaders offer brilliant business strategies on growing and sustaining organizations using their own unique skill sets—whether that’s in luxury fashion (Maureen Chiquet), beer production (Manjit Minhas), or the lab (Nina Tandon).

Maureen Chiquet – Empathy is a Necessity, Not a Luxury


Courageous conversations are the conversations “we are not having,” those we're afraid to have. In this poignant video, Chanel’s former CEO Maureen Chiquet honestly shares her experience in opening up this sort of dialogue with her colleagues. And as a result, how her team was able to move forward together.     


Maureen Chiquet: How to Have



Manjit Minhas –  Getting a Head in Negotiation 


Sometimes it seems like costs might eat your business alive. Manjit Minhas, founder of the 10th largest brewery in the world, offers advice for figuring out what you need through the consistent practice of negotiation.


Business Speaker Manjit Minhas: You Get What You Negotiate



Nina Tandon – The Future of Healthcare


In this thrilling and eye-opening talk, scientist and CEO of EpiBone Nina Tandon explains the process of growing tissue and transplants, and the future of medical science. With the help of manufacturing and information technology, we are on the verge of being able to grow human tissue—and Tandon is here to walk us through this unbelievably exciting era in biology and business. 


TEDxBerlin - Nina Tandon -


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