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Lavin’s Top CEO Speakers Reveal the Secrets of Inspiring Leadership

Being a CEO means more than having a fancy title and corner office. It means being able to lead under pressure, and in times of crisis; being able to inspire and mobilize a team; and lastly, being able to execute strategy with vision. Lavin’s Top CEO Speakers have walked the walk, and now they’re sharing their unique insights and lessons with the next generation of business leaders. 

Adam Bryant: How do America’s most innovative CEOs lead? Adam Bryant has interviewed more than 500 of them in his landmark column for The New York Times. Today, Bryant—a bestselling author of two books—is the Managing Director at Merryck & Co., where he translates his insights into transformative leadership tactics for C-Suite executives and teams.


Quick and Nimble — Creating a Culture of Innovation

Maureen Chiquet: As the Global CEO of Chanel and Banana Republic, Maureen Chiquet forged a new leadership style—one grounded in the traditionally feminine values of empathy, communication, collaboration. Today, she empowers business leaders and top CEOs to embrace the so-called “soft skills” and revolutionize the way they do business.


Leadership Speaker Maureen Chiquet: What Happens When We Value Feminine Leadership Qualities?

Jeremy Gutsche: Smart teams consistently kill great ideas, says innovation expert Jeremy Gutsche. But it doesn’t have to be this way. As founder and CEO of Trend Hunter—the world’s #1 largest trend-spotting platform—Gutsche shows CEOs how to implement the type of disruptive thinking that leads to break-through change.


HOW TO MAKE INNOVATION & CHANGE HAPPEN: Innovation Keynote Speaker Jeremy Gutsche on How to Innovate


Manjit Minhas: Dragons’ Den celebrity judge Minjat Minhas is the founder, owner, and CEO of the world’s 10th largest brewery. On the show, as well as in her sought-after talks, she reveals how she succeeded as a female CEO in a male-dominated industry, and how audiences can defy expectations themselves.


Dragons' Den: Meet New Dragon Manjit Minhas


Ajay Agrawal: Economist, AI expert, and all-around business visionary, Ajay Agrawal created a billion-dollar pipeline for high-tech superstars with the Creative Destruction Lab. With rigorous methodology and shrewd mentorship, he helps transform tech break-throughs into viable commercial successes.  


How Can Your Company Develop an AI Strategy? | Ajay Agrawal


Nina Tandon: One of Fast Company’s Most Creative People in Business, Nina Tandon is the founder and CEO of EpiBone: a revolutionary biotech company that grows artificial hearts and bones. In her talks, she shares what it’s like to start—and grow—a business in the notoriously competitive technology sector.  


TEDxBerlin - Nina Tandon -


Michael Katchen: “The financial services industry has historically made [investing] seem complicated for its own benefit,” explains Michael Katchen. As the founder and CEO of Wealthsimple, Michael Katchen not only redefined (and simplified) investing for the next generation—he disrupted a seemingly unshakeable industry in the process. In talks, he shares how CEOs can weave innovation into the very fabric of their organization’s DNA.  


JEDx 2015


Joe Jackman: Joe Jackman is founder and CEO of the world’s first reinvention company, Jackman Reinvents. As the name would suggest, Jackman boldly and whole-heartedly believes in the power of change. Through his work, as well as in his upcoming book The Reinventionist Mindset, Jackman reveals the vanguard approach that makes him a “CEO’s secret weapon.”


How to Create The Reinventionist Mindset™️ | Joe Jackman


Anthony Tjan: Anthony Tjan turned the venture capitalism space on its head with his company Cue Ball, a people-first investment firm operating out of a permanent pool of evergreen capital. As a founder and CEO, he lives by the adage that good people are the most competitive advantage a business can have. In talks, as well as his bestselling book, he shows what progressive leadership really looks like.  


Good People - Leadership In The Digital Age (Tony Tjan, The Cue Ball Group) | DLD New York


Bonnie Brooks: As the first female CEO of The Hudson’s Bay Company, Bonnie Brooks took legacy retailer on the brink of disaster, and pulled off one of the biggest turnarounds in the industry. Naysayers said the company couldn’t be saved, but Brooks powerfully demonstrated what can be accomplished under visionary leadership. 


2012 Canada's Most Powerful Women: Top 100 Gala Keynote by Bonnie Brooks


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