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Bestselling Author and New Speaker David Wallace-Wells: Climate Change is the Biggest Story of Our Lives—How It Gets Told Matters.

“I don’t think of myself as a climate person, I think of myself as a journalist,” says David Wallace-Wells, on the unique perspective he brings to the subject of climate change. His critically-acclaimed, instant New York Times bestseller The Uninhabitable Earth vividly illustrates the speed, scope, and severity of climate change like never before.  

In talks Wells transforms the climate change story, connecting it to our politics and our culture; our relationship to technology and our sense of history. His talks are insightful meditations on the not-too-distant future, impassioned calls to action, and empowering eye-openers that prove we have it in us to change course. 


We must start engaging with what climate change truly means, he says. And in this way we can take back the reigns and begin to recover. 


Watch him discuss his book below:


David Wallace-Wells,


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Anthropocene, the Latest Project from Renowned Photographer Edward Burtynsky, Opens Tomorrow

The Anthropocene is our current geological age, in which humans are the primary cause of permanent planetary change. It’s also the name of renowned photographer Edward Burtynsky’s latest project, a meditation (via film, exhibit, book and education program) on humanity’s massive, powerful reengineering of the planet. Opening tomorrow (Sept. 28) at the Art Gallery of Ontario and the National Gallery of Canada, it’s already been described by Toronto Life as “urgent, edifying, and technologically dazzling.”

“Burtynsky visited high-security sites usually hidden from the public eye,” continues Toronto Life. “A German mine where massive vehicles move to reach a vein of coal; hectares of evaporation pools in a remote Chilean desert; and the vertiginous pit of a 100-year-old New Mexican copper mine … at the AGO, you’ll be able to stand and gape, with the help of AR, among fields of brining elephant tusks and at the foot of Big Lonely Doug, the ancient Douglas fir that survived a rainforest clear cut on Vancouver Island.”  


Watch the trailer for the film below: 



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