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Douglas Rushkoff’s Rousing “Team Human” TED Talk is Now Live

Douglas Rushkoff is a world-renowned philosopher whose bestselling books, documentaries and articles help communities, companies, and governments navigate our digital future. In his newly released TED talk, Rushkoff passionately argues for a more human future: “we have to stop using tech to optimize human beings for the market, and start optimizing tech for the human future.” 

The talk is based on his forthcoming book (and popular podcastTeam Human, a provocative and important call-to-action; a rally to reassert our humanity. “The future changed from this thing we create together in the present to something we bet on in some kind of zero-sum, winner-takes-all competition. When things get that competitive about the future, humans are no longer valued for our creativity, now we’re just valued for our data. Because they can use the data to make predictions. Creativity if anything just makes noise; makes us harder to predict. So we ended up with a digital landscape that repressed creativity, that repressed what makes us most human.” 



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