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Rick Mercer Final Report is a Toronto Star and Globe and Mail #1 Bestseller

Rick Mercer’s new collection of essays, never-before-published rants, and greatest hits—titled Rick Mercer Final Report—is an instant #1 bestseller in the Toronto Star and The Globe and Mail. “I think any political junkie out there will want the book—it’s a record of Canadian history and a great way to remember certain moments in time,” says the icon.   

For fifteen years, Rick Mercer was the beloved host of CBC’s top-rated, award-winning show The Rick Mercer Report. Known as “Canada’s Unofficial Opposition,” Mercer is one of the country’s most popular comics—a political satirist who knows exactly what matters to regular Canadians, and what makes them laugh.  


Rick Mercer Report - Rick's Rant - March 29, 2011


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“Do What You Love. That’s It.”: Spike Lee On Becoming A Filmmaker [VIDEO]

When it comes to making a choice about your future, filmmaker Spike Lee says that “the worst thing to do is to choose your major based solely on how much money you think you'll make when you graduate.” In a recent video interview, the Academy Award-nominated director advises that finding fulfillment in life is about “[finding] something that you love. That's it.”

Though his name is now legendary in the film industry, Lee says that he didn't always envision himself being a director. However, in the summer of 1977, a friend gave him a camera and, having no other job at the time, he dedicated those few months to shooting everything he could—footage he would later turn into his first documentary, Last Hustle In Brooklyn

“Film found me,” says Lee. “Notice what I said. 'Film found me.' I didn't say, 'I found film.'” 

Even before he knew he loved filmmaking, he had an instinctual knack for tracking down interesting events. In 1977, New York City experienced a blackout and mass looting, hosted its first discos, and lived in fear of the infamous serial killer David Berkowitz (or the Son of Sam)—all of which Lee captured on film. Shortly after compiling these events into his documentary, he was given his first major commercial deal with Nike, which helped to cement his status in the industry. His passion and ability to tell compelling stories has contributed to both his critical acclaim and his candid personal presence. Whether it's behind the camera, or in front of an audience, Lee is never at a loss for words; providing us with a behind-the-scenes look at some of the themes and moments in history that have comprised his impressive body of work, and made him one of today's most respected filmmakers.