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Unforgettable Workshops & Interactive Keynotes from Our Leading Workshop Speakers

Does your event call for hands-on audience engagement? Expertly led workshops? An unforgettable interactive keynote experience? These speakers do it all—speak, teach, and get people out of their seats for entertaining and motivating interactive workshops and keynotes, tailored to your audience’s precise needs.  

David Robertson – How Do You Lead Innovation?

David Robertson, MIT professor and author of The Power of Little Ideas leads audiences through a set of tried-and-true tools and techniques for leading innovation, as well as a structured framework for applying those tools, recommendations for changes in roles, processes, structure, and metrics to enable successful innovation. 


Innovation Speaker David Robertson: LEGO’s Innovative Path to Success



Tom Wujec – How to Manage Emerging Technologies

Formerly Autodesk’s “Chief Disruptor,” Tom Wujec’s immersive, high-energy, and visually rich workshops help audiences map the future of their work, turning what can often be complex and overwhelming about new tech into simple, clear and manageable action. Using collaborative brainstorming, value/tech mapping and more, audiences learn how to augment the talents that will matter most to them.


Tom Wujec: The Future of Design (2016 WORLD.MINDS Annual Symposium)



Jeremy Gutsche and Trend Hunter Team – Accelerate Innovation

Jeremy Gutsche is a New York Times bestselling author and the CEO of Trend Hunter—the world’s #1 trend-spotting site. Gutsche and his Trend Hunter team create fully-customized, high-impact, high-intensity keynotes and workshops focused 100% on your industry and your company, proven to dramatically accelerate innovation and extract the best thinking from teams.  


#1 Innovation Keynote Speaker Jeremy Gutsche -- Speech on Innovation & Creativity



Misha Glouberman – Make Your Conference Better

Though they’re supposed to be great opportunities for networking, growth and learning, conferences can often be intimidating, stressful, and isolating. Misha Glouberman is a negotiation and communication expert who helps draw groups together in genuine, human, and non-intimidating ways to meet the maximum learning potential of your conference.  


Misha Glouberman: The Value of Listening—Really Listening



Ritu Bhasin – Unlock the Power of Diversity

Ritu Bhasin is an energetic leadership and inclusion expert whose keynotes and workshops help employees bring their most authentic selves to work. A commitment to authentic leadership unlocks inclusion, empowerment, and innovation, enabling everyone to be maximally engaged and contributing their fullest. 


Ritu Bhasin: The Three Selves


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Does Your Event Need a Workshop? A Moderator? Audience Engagement? These Three Speakers Do It All

Does your event call for a workshop, a moderator, an MC, or some other form of hands-on audience engagement? Tom Wujec, Misha Glouberman, and Ritu Bhasin do it all—speak, teach, and get people out of their seats for entertaining and motivating sessions. Best of all, these presentations are tailored exactly to you and your audience’s needs.

Disruption is the new normal. Every day, new technologies, methods and procedures are changing the way things are done. Companies will need to build flexibility right into the culture. Enter Tom Wujec, ‘Chief Disruptor’ at software leader Autodesk, and author of The Future of Making: a gorgeous, full-color guidebook for imagining, producing and designing in the 21st century.  


Tom Wujec: The Future of Design (2016 WORLD.MINDS Annual Symposium)


Communication expert Misha Glouberman takes the principles of negotiation, and applies them to any imaginable problem. Really. Issues with corporate culture, leadership, management, productivity, there’s no problem that better communication can’t solve. 


Misha Glouberman: The Value of Listening—Really Listening


What happens when employees—who come from increasingly diverse backgrounds—hide their best selves at work? There is a bottom-line consequence: conformity spreads, innovation stagnates, and top talent leaves, says inclusion expert and consultant Ritu Bhasin


Ritu Bhasin: The Three Selves


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