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A graphic with a photo of Yascha Mounk and his new book The Identity Trap. The text reads, "The Key to a Truly Diverse and Equal Democracy? Acknowledging That What We Have in Common Is Greater Than What Divides Us."
In the pursuit of equality, a growing number of people have begun to define themselves in terms of their group identities, like race or gender. But Lavin’s Yascha Mounk says that’s actually counterproductive to our goal. In his new book, The Identity Trap, he shows us how to escape the trap and find solidarity.
If you feel like everything that used to be familiar is now slightly wrong, you’re not alone. Naomi Klein, internationally bestselling author of No Logo and The Shock Doctrine, tackles this “Mirror World” in her new book. Doppelganger is a blend of personal memoir and social analysis that Publishers Weekly calls “a definitive signpost of the times.”
Generative AI isn’t just changing the tech and business landscapes. It’s revolutionizing how we view possibility itself. Your most ambitious moonshots—projects that used to take decades and billions of dollars to accomplish—are now within reach, says Radhika Dirks. As CEO of the world’s first AI moonshot factory and one of Forbes’s 30 Women in AI to Watch, Radhika knows how…
October 10 is World Mental Health Day—and if you’re looking for last-minute speaker ideas for your event, we can help. Our speakers offer so many perspectives to explore: from succeeding at work, to finding purpose, to navigating (or maybe even leveraging) your anxiety.
Curiosity is a “muscle” that you can exercise to tap into greater fulfillment and wellbeing, healthier workplaces, and better teamwork. Lavin’s proud to welcome our new exclusive speaker Scott Shigeoka, author of the highly anticipated Seek, who offers tried-and-true strategies (like his pioneering DIVE model) for using the whole spectrum of curiosity—from shallow to deep—today.
How does your brain affect the choices you make? How “intelligent” will Artificial Intelligence get? Inner Cosmos, the incredible podcast by Lavin speaker David Eagleman, dives into these questions, revealing how your brain steers your actions and perceptions. It is now among the Top 10 podcasts in the country, joining mainstays like The Daily by The New York Times.
At TED this year, Lavin speakers Nita Farahany and Sal Khan made waves and spurred endless conversation. Unsurprisingly, their talks centered on the fast-changing conversation around Artificial Intelligence. Both talks are now available to watch!
Lavin is proud to welcome new exclusive speaker Clint Smith, author of the #1 New York Times bestseller How the Word Is Passed. In talks, he offers a compelling exploration of how the legacy of slavery continues to shape our cities, our policies, and the stories we tell—and how we can work towards a more equitable story for everyone.
Building diverse teams is the key to breakthrough innovation. But teams can’t benefit from their diversity until everyone feels safe to bring their best to work—and inclusive teams require inclusive leaders. The good news? Inclusive leadership is a practice that anyone can learn—and in The Boldly Inclusive Leader, Minette shows you how.
We’re often taught that trying hard is the key to success, but sheer effort isn’t always enough. So how do you make your hard work actually work? Laura says it’s edge: a blend of “hard work, plus” that’s unique to you.

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