innovation | September 25, 2020

Decoding the Future of Events: A Message From Our Founder

What will become of in-person events, now that the business world is acclimating to the affordability and accessibility of virtual events? The Lavin Agency’s Founder and CEO David Lavin considers the future of the industry he’s so passionate about. 

There’s an interesting parallel between what’s happening in the events industry today, and the digital disruption the music industry faced in the early 2000s. “Back then, Napster was the early adopter. It may not be in business today, but it certainly changed everything about the industry, from the way music was consumed, to the way it was distributed, marketed, and sold,” writes David Lavin in his latest Linked In article.


Today, Zoom is the early adopter when it comes to event tech. Whether it will be around in another 15 years is hard to say, but what’s truly significant is the way it’s changing the landscape of the global events industry right now. It helps companies offer free or very cheap virtual events; allows for precise online targeting; and cuts down on business travel. Some might argue, because of this, the events industry is toast.


 “The incumbents of an industry historically resist its digital transformation and oftentimes, even go as far as to mock the insurgents. They do this because they hope for a return to normal, or a shift to back to the status quo. But once the genie is out of the bottle, it never goes back in,” David notes. Still, asking whether the events industry is past its peak is the wrong question to be asking. In-person events will always have a place in the industry, because of the social nature of business itself. “The right question is how can we adapt and innovate to include this new knowledge of what’s possible into our current offerings? How can we, as event professionals, imagine a hybrid future?”


No matter what side of the events industry you’re in, constant reinvention will be key for survival. Check out David’s full Linked In article for some questions to ask yourself — guaranteed to kickstart creativity and innovation for navigating the transition ahead.


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