change management | April 06, 2021

How to Change by Katy Milkman Is Set to Be One of the Most Revolutionary Reads of 2021

The Lavin Agency is giving you the opportunity to incite actionable change with behavioral scientist and Wharton professor Katy Milkman. You’ll receive FREE copies of her eagerly anticipated book How to Change, as well as special speaker pricing, when you book her for your next event. 

If you’ve ever tried to change something in your life, then you know there are thousands of books, apps, and YouTube videos promising to make it happen. However, these solutions tend to rely on common-sense wisdom and universal platitudes—that is not the case with Katy Milkman’s trailblazing book How to Change. Whether you’re a manager, coach, or teacher encouraging change in others, or aiming to change yourself, Milkman’s science-based blueprint offers concrete solutions to help you achieve your goals, once and for all. Eric Schmidt, the former CEO of Google, says, “If you want to master tailored, science-based strategies for overcoming obstacles, read this engaging book.”


How to Change features a foreword by pioneering grit researcher Angela Duckworth and is available for purchase everywhere you buy books on May 4th.


On May 5th, Katy will join The Lavin Agency for a live Q&A. Register for free today.


To take advantage of this exclusive offer and receive special speaker pricing for Katy Milkman, contact The Lavin Agency, her exclusive speakers’ bureau. 

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