psychology | December 09, 2020

Mastering Your Self-Talk: Introducing Award-Winning Psychologist Ethan Kross

The most important conversation we have each day is the one we have with ourselves. In his debut book Chatter, acclaimed psychologist Ethan Kross explores how to make our inner voice work in our favor—helping us boost our productivity, make wiser decisions, and generally lead more satisfying lives. 

When it’s at its best, our inner voice can motivate, inspire, and support us through life’s many challenges, whether that be gearing up for an important presentation at work, or having a difficult conversation with someone close to us. But when it’s at its worst, our inner voice can act as a self-saboteur—that nagging voice in the back of our head that says we can’t do it, no matter how hard we try. Pioneering psychologist Ethan Kross refers to this type of negative self-talk as “chatter,” which, if left unchecked, can have very real and damaging effects on our lives. Thankfully, in his debut book of the same name, Kross offers us a science-backed solution. A blend of cutting-edge behavioral research and real-world stories, Chatter is a cogent guide for mastering our runaway self-talk and, in the process, transforming our lives.


Kross’ accompanying talks break down the science in a way that’s both captivating and immediately applicable. The results, for readers and listeners alike, are astonishing: increased productivity, greater self-control, wiser emotional decision-making, and even an improved ability to perform under pressure (to name a few). Chatter is available everywhere you buy books on January 26th, and Kross is available to book for your upcoming virtual presentations.


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