technology | June 18, 2019

Lavin Speaker John Maeda Appointed Chief Experience Officer at Leading Digital Transformation Company

A leader in the world of design, technology, education, and computer science, John Maeda is one of Silicon Valley’s most revered names. Now, he’s spearheading design at Publicis Sapienta digital consultancy firmto guide legacy companies through the peaks and valleys of the digital revolution.

As the Global Head of Computational Design at Automatticthe parent company of WordPressJohn Maeda spent three years overseeing design and user experience. In his new role as Chief Experience Officer at Publicis Sapient, the digital transformation branch of advertising group Publicis, Maeda will help established brands reimagine themselves in a hyper-digital world.


The move may seem unusual for Maeda, who formerly taught at MIT and has worked for several startups  leading the charge in digital innovation. However, Maeda has developed a keen interest in what he refers to as “end-ups”: companies that succeeded early, yet are now struggling to adapt in a tech-driven society. “I want to help end-ups succeed because if you let [...] the tech world happen, we’re going to be controlled by just a few players,” Maeda explained. “Aspiring to empower established businesses at all scales to realize great experiences for their customers [and] push back on Big Tech is in line with where my heart is right now."


Nigel Vaz, CEO of Publicis Sapient, welcomed Maeda to the team with words of praise: “John Maeda is one of the most extraordinary design and technology thinkers of our age, with an exceptional pedigree as a leader helping companies [...] push the boundaries of creativity and innovation to reimagine their business and industry."


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