innovation | October 13, 2021

The Lavin Agency Welcomes John List, Chief Economist at Lyft

The ideas that change the world are those that reach the largest number of people, says John List: a leading economist at The University of Chicago, and the Chief Economist at ride-share giant Lyft. But how can we make sure our best ideas reach our desired audiences? Thankfully, there are vital attributes that all “scalable” ideas possess—and List is uniquely equipped to share them, as one of Lavin’s newest speakers.  

In his upcoming book The Voltage Effect (Penguin Random House, 2022), John List distills years of hands-on experience in both behavioral economics and 21st century business to help us understand why some ideas take off while others fall flat. One of the foremost economists working in the world, List has had the opportunity to work with brands like Facebook, Google, and both Uber and Lyft — where he held permanent positions as the companies’ Chief Economist.


Scaling an idea is not just for tech start-ups: it’s essential for every business that wants to make an impact, explains List. The trouble is, most organizations have a vague idea of what it means and how to get there. When is a business ready to expand its geographical footprint? How can you tell whether a new product is the right fit? List answers these questions and many more, offering a unique, science-backed roadmap for how anyone can grow their next idea.

Book leading economist John List to boost innovation at your organization, today. Contact The Lavin Agency, his exclusive speakers bureau, for more information.

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