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morality | Feb 25th, 2013

Eyal Press: "Distance Enables All Of Us To Violate Our Morals" [VIDEO]

"Distance enables all of us, sadly enough, to violate our morals," Eyal Press says. In an interview at our office in New York, the Beautiful Souls author explains that one of the themes in his book is how our moral convictions can waver when exposed to physical, psychological, or emotional distance.... Continue Reading →
morality | Feb 12th, 2013

Dissent Is Contagious: Eyal Press On Standing Up For Your Beliefs [VIDEO]

Why did Eyal Press think it was important to tell the stories of people who stood up for what they thought was right, even when it meant disobeying authority? As he says in an exclusive interview at Lavin's New York office, he believes these actions are contagious. "I don't think we'll ever live in... Continue Reading →
morality | Jan 31st, 2013

Taking A Moral Stand: Eyal Press On Writing Beautiful Souls

Standing up for what you believe to be morally "right" isn't always easy. According to Eyal Press, writing about the people who take a stand has proven to be equally as challenging. In this exclusive interview with Lavin, the Beautiful Souls author describes what it was like profiling the people in... Continue Reading →
morality | Jan 27th, 2013

Eyal Press: Navigating Today's Moral Dilemmas [VIDEO]

What is it that causes some of us to stick to our conscience, even in the face of punishment? Eyal Press, the author of Beautiful Souls: The Courage and Conscience of Ordinary People discusses how we compartmentalize ethical concerns in a new interview. An exclusive Lavin speaker, Press explains... Continue Reading →