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Camille Stewart Gloster

People are at the heart of all our technology. Recognizing this can help us meet customer needs, find new opportunities, and thrive in the age of AI.

First Deputy National Cyber Director for Technology and Ecosystem Security | Former White House AI Council Member | Former Google Global Head of Product Security Strategy

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Cybersecurity Is a People Issue (2:20)

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For the Cyber Challenges of Tomorrow, We Need Everyone at the Table (3:56)

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“People are at the center of all of our technology,” says Camille Stewart Gloster. People create, operate, and use our digital tools—which is why we need to understand the human side of tech if we want to bolster our cybersecurity and create new opportunities for innovation. With generative AI like ChatGPT revolutionizing our digital lives, Camille is a crucial voice in the fight for democracy, greater security and resilience, economic prosperity, and individual freedom. Camille has led massive initiatives on emerging technologies like AI—first as a leader at giants like Google and Deloitte, then as the White House’s first Deputy National Cyber Director for Technology and Ecosystem Security. She speaks with unparalleled insight on how to lean into our humanity in the age of AI, why diverse voices in cybersecurity are key to innovation and risk reduction, and how individuals and organizations alike can keep ourselves safe and leverage the opportunity in our rapidly changing digital world (hint: it’s easier than you think).

Camille Stewart Gloster is an strategist, attorney, and executive whose crosscutting perspective on complex technology, cyber, and national security, and foreign policy issues has landed her in significant roles at leading government and private sector companies including the White House, Department of Homeland Security, Google, and Deloitte. Camille builds global cybersecurity, privacy, and technology safety programs in complex environments for large companies and government agencies.

As the first Deputy National Cyber Director for Technology & Ecosystem for the White House, Camille advised the President and led national efforts on technology security, supply chain security, data security, emerging technology, and cyber workforce and education. She led the development and implementation of the 2023 National Cyber Workforce and Education Strategy, and played an integral part in the drafting and implementation of the 2023 National Cybersecurity Strategy, the 2023 A.I. Executive Order, the 2024 Data Security Executive Order, and the 2023 U.S. National Standards Strategy for Critical & Emerging Technology. She also sat on the White House AI Council and led the Open Source Software Security Initiative.

Previously, she served as Google’s Global Head of Product Security Strategy, and before that as Head of Security Policy and Election Integrity for Google Play and Android. Prior to working at Google, Camille led cyber diplomacy, technology policy, privacy, and technical policy areas like encryption and PNT as the Senior Policy Advisor for Cyber, Infrastructure & Resilience at the U.S. Department of Homeland Security. She has also held leadership roles focused on cyber and technology on Capitol Hill, at Deloitte, and Cyveillance (now ZeroFOX), an open-source threat intelligence company.

Throughout her career, Camille has held cybersecurity fellowships at the Harvard Belfer Center, New America, Atlantic Council, and the Foundation for Defense of Democracies. Camille also served on the American Bar Association’s Standing Committee on Law and National Security during the 2021-2022 Bar Year and the Criminal Divisions Cybersecurity Committee during the 2020-2021 Bar Year.

Camille co-founded the #ShareTheMicInCyber movement and the #NextGenNatSec initiative (formally Diversity in National Security Network) to support investment in a highly skilled and diverse workforce. Both efforts serve to highlight the need for increased diversity in the cyber and national security fields. These initiatives “really show that the action of an individual can catalyze movements and drive a real change in the industry,” she says.

Camille’s professional achievements have earned her recognition from a multitude of entities throughout her career. Business Insider named her to their AI 100, recognizing the top people in AI. She’s been selected as a SANS Difference Maker, a Root100 Honoree, a Microsoft Security Changemaker of the Year, a CyberScoop50 Cyber Industry Leadership Honoree, and the Cyber Security Woman of the Year in the “Barrier Breaker” category.

Speech Topics

Artificial Intelligence
Human-Centered TechHow Identity Shapes Technology Like AI, and How We Can Make It Safer for Everyone

You can’t have a comprehensive understanding of the challenges and opportunities of AI—or any other technology—until you’ve thought about how people play into it, says Camille Stewart Gloster. We must pay attention to the human element if we want to combat risk and create tools that actually serve us all.

In this thoughtful, eye-opening keynote, Camille reveals how aspects of someone’s identity—like being an immigrant, holding a degree, or growing up in a rural area—can make a huge difference in how they develop and use technology. She shows how our current AI systems are flawed and biased, and what we can actually do to make them more safe, inclusive, and secure. “We can move the needle by having these conversations,” she says. “If you find that your data is limited, how do you get more of the relevant data? And how are you building in processes to test for these things and prevent them up front?” This practical, inspiring talk is vital for technical and non-technical people alike, and for anyone who wants to help build a more equitable AI landscape—and a more equitable world.

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The 80/20 RuleSmall Changes and Their Big Impact on Your Digital Safety

Today, technology is increasingly underpinning everything we do: how we learn, interact with necessary services, and connect with family and friends. But by leveraging the opportunity of technology without understanding the trade-offs we’re making, many of us are putting our digital safety at risk.

Fortunately, Camille Stewart Gloster has good news. “You don’t have to be overwhelmed by the idea of digital safety,” she says. “Some small changes and intentional choices can allow you to feel—and be—empowered.”

In this smart, accessible talk, Camille draws on her experience spearheading massive initiatives at giants like Google and Deloitte, as well as her time leading the national charge as a Deputy National Cyber Director for the White House, to offer individuals and businesses alike surprisingly simple ways to keep ourselves safe in this changing digital landscape. She explains how you can establish healthy digital security practices, mitigate risk, combat misinformation online, build powerful cybersecurity teams, and protect both yourself and the people around you. “My goal is that people will get to a place where they’re thinking about their digital safety like they’re thinking about their physical safety,” she says. Audiences will walk away empowered and equipped with practical steps they can implement today.

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