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Breakneck developments in AI have brought us to a new inflection point in technology and society. You can lead your organization through this change.

WIRED Global Editorial Director

Lavin Exclusive Speaker

We’re at a once-in-a-generation turning point with Artificial Intelligence, says Katie Drummond, and the opportunities for business leaders are enormous—and urgent. As the global editorial director of WIRED, the iconic tech magazine, she knows that you don’t need to compete with AI. You just have to collaborate with it. But you have to do it today. “When I think about the moment we’re in now, with the development of generative AI, with the unfathomable wealth and power and scope of major technology companies and the people that lead them, it feels like another inflection moment in technology, in society,” she says. As WIRED‘s top editor, she leads teams on four continents, overseeing some of the world’s most influential journalism on emerging technology and scientific progress. In talks, she combines her experience leading organizations through massive shifts in technology with her understanding of cutting-edge advances in AI, and shows you how to build a company that benefits both from technology and from the creativity and empathy inherent in human colleagues.

“Katie is exactly the right editor to lead WIRED at a time where the worlds of technology and culture are shifting and colliding every single day.” Anna Wintour

Katie Drummond focuses on the future of work and how we can work with technology like AI, not against it. As the global editorial director of WIRED, one of the world’s most influential and iconic technology magazine, she leads the content strategy across all platforms and markets. Every day, she oversees groundbreaking, agenda-setting journalism that spans emerging technology, scientific progress, and the successes and pitfalls of the world’s biggest technology companies. In her talks, she shares insider insights into emerging technology and its potential, ensuring your organization thrives now and well into the future.

She has an extensive background in online media, with a specific focus on driving experimentation and groundbreaking digital innovation: During her five-year tenure as the Senior Vice President of Global News & Entertainment at VICE, Katie’s pioneering approach to platforms like TikTok and Twitch generated massive audience growth and won external plaudits, including an Online Journalism Award for VICE News’ original reporting on TikTok. She also oversaw VICE’s ambitious expansion across Europe, the Middle East, Africa, Asia, and Latin America, and led teams whose work was honored with Emmy, Peabody, and National Press Club awards, among others. Earlier in her career, Drummond held key leadership positions at several high-profile media outlets, including as deputy editor of Bloomberg.com and Editor-in-Chief of Gizmodo.

Speech Topics

Artificial Intelligence
Collaborating with AILeading Your Business to the Opportunities of Artificial Intelligence

It doesn’t matter how nervous, cautious, or contrarian you are about Artificial Intelligence, says Katie Drummond. AI will sweep through every aspect of our lives, including our professional existence, in the coming years. But that’s not a bad thing. In fact, it will spark a period of revolutionary change that will mean immense opportunity for those who take action now.

Katie is the global editorial director of WIRED and has previously held high-profile leadership positions at VICE, Bloomberg, and more. At WIRED, she leads groundbreaking journalism that spans emerging technology, scientific progress, and the successes and pitfalls of the world’s biggest tech companies. She has a wealth of deep experience in changing alongside technological advancement, leading organizations through these changes, and how to leverage AI. She talks audiences through how to embrace artificial intelligence in the workplace—and how to build a company that benefits from AI without replacing the creativity and empathy inherent in human employees and colleagues.

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Artificial Intelligence
Yes, AI Can Make You Healthier and HappierHere's How

The AI-powered person has limitless potential, says WIRED‘s top editor Katie Drummond: AI-powered wearables count our steps and sense our stress levels; chatbots act as beacons of emotional and mental support during our most difficult moments; and preventative medicine becomes supercharged, with AI-driven tests and scans offering personalized healthcare and early detection beyond our wildest dreams.

Of course, it’s not all sunshine. It brings risks of misdiagnosis and security breaches, and an absence of human empathy could harm more than a chatbot helps.

A long-time health reporter with a deep understanding of technological advancements, Katie is uniquely positioned to explain the risks and opportunities of AI as it intersects with our health. She shows audiences not only what to avoid, but how you can already benefit from AI-driven healthcare advances today.

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