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Canada is a nation worth loving—and ranting about.

Host of The Rick Mercer Report for 15 years | Bestselling Author of Talking to Canadians and Rick Mercer Final Report | Winner of the Stephen Leacock Medal for Humour

Rick Mercer | Host of The Rick Mercer Report for 15 years | Author of Talking to Canadians and Rick Mercer Final Report | Winner of the Stephen Leacock Medal for Humour
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Rick Mercer’s Final Rant: On Canada (1:29)

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Rick’s Rant: The Kids Are Still Alright (1:35)

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Rick Mercer chronicles, satirizes, and ultimately celebrates all that is great and irreverent about this country. A national #1 bestselling author and the Governor General’s Award-winner for Lifetime Artistic Achievement, Mercer is our most popular comic: a political satirist who knows exactly what matters to regular Canadians and what makes them laugh. The beloved comic won the Stephen Leacock Medal for Humour for his memoir Talking to Canadians, in which he charts his meteoric rise to TV fame in a series of riveting, hilarious, and unforgettable anecdotes and behind-the-scenes revelations from his decades-long career. In his new memoir, The Road Years, he continues the story and reminds us, with trademark humor and charisma, how much there is to love about Canada.

“Canada’s leading political satirist.”— The New York Times

Rick Mercer’s top-rated, award-winning CBC show, The Rick Mercer Report, routinely trampled even its American competitors in the ratings. The show featured Mercer’s trademark rants, satirical newscasts, commercial parodies, and comic encounters with famous Canadians. Mercer has won over 25 Gemini Awards for The Rick Mercer Report, Made in Canada, and This Hour has 22 Minutes. For his incredible achievements, he received a star on Canada’s Walk of Fame, which honours notable Canadians like James Cameron and Wayne Gretzky. He also starred in Rick Mercer’s Talking to Americans, which attracted attention across North America, was watched by millions, and remains the highest-rated comedy special in Canadian history.

Mercer won the 2022 Stephen Leacock Medal for Humour for his memoir Talking to Canadians, in which he tells his own story for the first time—with the same biting wit that endeared him to the nation. It has been described by legendary author Margaret Atwood as a “funny, pitfall-strewn, no-holds-barred memoir from the ranting TV uproarist, edge-walker, envelope-pusher, and pot-stirrer.” His second memoir, The Road Years, continues the story of The Rick Mercer Report and the success it found by leaning into what there is to love about Canada.

His earlier book, Rick Mercer Final Report, a #1 Toronto Star and Globe and Mail bestseller, brought together never-before-published rants from the last five seasons of his show, plus a selection of the very best rants from earlier years. Throughout the book, in a series of brilliant essays, Mercer shares his hilarious, moving, and at times hair-raising memories from the course of the show. Mercer is also the author of four national bestsellers, Rick Mercer Final Report, StreetersThe Rick Mercer Report: The Book, and A Nation Worth Ranting About.

In 2019, Mercer won the Governor General’s Award for lifetime achievement, which recognizes artists who have made an indelible contribution to Canada and the world’s cultural life. He is an Officer of the Order of Canada.


In short, Rick was AMAZING. The clip was awesome, exactly what we had hoped for, and struck all of the right notes. We’ve received some terrific anecdotal feedback from graduating students, admin, and guests who watched. One of my favorite comments came from a graduating student who didn’t grow up in Canada. She indicated that while she didn’t know Rick, she felt like he was speaking to her, and took something away from his keynote. It was perfect, and thank you for helping us to secure it!

The University of British Columbia

Rick, of course, brought the house down! They were on their feet for him the minute his entrance music started and hung on to every single word he said. And he was an absolute pleasure to work with on-site. Can’t say enough good things about him.

Alberta Urban Municipalities Association

Rick Mercer was a hit with our membership and he put on a great performance for us. I’m not sure I’ve laughed that hard at one of our events before. It was wonderful speaking with Rick after his presentation and having him mingle with our membership for a good hour after the event—that was a nice bonus. Thank you again for your help to secure Rick for our event.

EO Edmonton

Rick Mercer opened the March Classic 2019 and we could not have asked for a better way to begin the day. He brought some fantastic memories, many laughs and a good-sized serving of Canadian pride to our event. Rick was wonderful to work with throughout the entire morning and I would definitely recommend any conference celebrating all that is wonderful about Canada, look to Rick Mercer as a speaker.

Grain Farmers of Ontario

Rick was a big hit with the audience! He was also very gracious during the meet and greet and a real pleasure to work with onsite.

The Independent Power Producers Society of Alberta

In terms of his performance—it was amazing. Our guests absolutely loved it. Everyone came out feeling positive, laughing, and feeling very proud to be Canadian. We were so happy with Rick and would highly recommend him to anyone.

SGI Canada

Rick Mercer, as always, was spectacular. Not only was his show fantastic, more importantly, all acts should take a lead from him on how to be a gracious professional! This is our third or maybe fourth time presenting him-and it is always a pleasure. We have a reception at the end of the show that Rick attends, and once again he was the last one to leave. Always a smile, time for a chat and a pic, relaxed and in no hurry, with everyone who came up to him. A genuine class act, and a great representative of what it means to be Canadian.

Thunder Bay Blues Festival

Rick was phenomenal to work with and probably one of the most down to earth Canadians ever. He engaged our audience with hilarious anecdotes and some scenes from The Rick Mercer Report and kept the room in stitches for a solid hour and a half.

Central 1 Credit Union

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Talking to CanadiansReal Stories from Canada’s Most Beloved Comic
Keen eye, sharp tongue: Rick Mercer is one of our funniest political satirists. But who is the inspiring man behind iconic shows like the Rick Mercer Report, and what can he tell us about how to live our best lives?
For the first time ever, Rick tells the story of his road to stardom, bringing his bestselling memoir Talking to Canadians to life on stage and sharing unforgettable stories from his youth, his days as an aspiring actor, and his years as a hilarious national treasure.
It’s heartfelt, funny—and in true Mercer fashion—totally unabashed.
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