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Lavin’s cutting-edge biology speakers are re-imagining what it means to be human. Whether they’re exploring the world of microbes or growing living bones for transplant, these bioengineers, evolutionary biologists, and biochemists translate the complex world of science with the eloquence of great storytellers.

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James Nestor

New York Times Bestselling Author of Breath

Even before the pandemic hit, rates of workplace stress were on the rise. Add to that anxiety about finances, job security, and health, and you’re left with millions of people feeling burned out. Reminders to “breathe” during a time of such uncertainty and isolation run the risk of sounding banal. But according to science journalist James Nestor, it’s actually the key to transforming our lives—more than diet, sleep, or exercise. In his instant New York Times bestseller Breath, Nestor turns everything we think we know about our most basic biological function on its head.
Dan Riskin

Biologist | TV Host | Science Journalist and Author of Mother Nature is Trying to Kill You

To evolutionary biologist, TV host, and bestselling author Dan Riskin, picking his scientific focus was easy. “I had a crush on bats,” he says. “I thought they were cute!” Maybe you don’t share the sentiment, but there’s a strong chance that you feel passionate about something, and that passion can motivate you to expertise: in the sciences, education, or the action items of your 9-to-5.
Britt Wray

Human and Planetary Health Fellow at Stanford | Author of Generation Dread

Science storyteller, broadcaster, author—in total, Britt Wray’s work is about life and what we make of it: past, present, and future. Author of the astonishing book Rise of the Necrofauna, Wray’s talks show audiences what’s happening at the forefront of biotechnology, and how it affects us.
Dr. Jennifer Gardy

Deputy Director of Surveillance, Data & Epidemiology for the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation | Guest Host of The Nature of Things

Dr. Jennifer Gardy is the charismatic champion of science that we need today. An entertaining and authoritative speaker, Gardy not only instills a love of science into audiences; she demystifies, as only she can, the scientific principles that touch our everyday lives, at home and at work.
Jessica Green

CEO of Phylagen, Inc. | TED Senior Fellow

How can we create sustainable cities and healthier buildings—including classrooms, hospitals, offices, and homes—by studying microbes? TED Senior Fellow and science speaker Jessica Green explains how in visually rich talks that chart the frontier of bio-inspired design.   
Nathan Wolfe

Expert on COVID-19 and the spread of global pandemics | Founder of Metabiota Risk Management

The Indiana Jones of virus hunting, Nathan Wolfe travels the world to track, study, and eradicate the next pandemic before it strikes. One of TIME’s 100 Most Influential People in the World, this Viral Storm author draws on his break-through discoveries to tell us where viruses come from, why they spread, and how to stop them. 
Gina Kolata

New York Times Reporter for Science and Medicine; Author of Mercies in Disguise, Rethinking Thin, Ultimate Fitness, and Flu

Gina Kolata demystifies the science of personal health. The author of six books, Kolata’s acclaimed writing and front page New York Times stories—on stem cell research, new cancer treatments, exercise, cloning, and more—have influenced public policy and upended conventional wisdom. In talks, she relates it all to the bigger picture: what it means for you and your future.
Nina Tandon

CEO and Co-Founder of EpiBone | TED Senior Fellow

Nina Tandon is at the cutting edge of science where sci-fi meets reality. She works on growing artificial hearts and bones that can be put into the body, and studies the new frontier of biotech: homes, textiles, and videogames made of cells. Named one of Fast Company’s Most Creative People in Business, Tandon speaks on the future of healthcare and technology.   
David Kong

Director of MIT Media Lab’s Community Biotechnology Initiative

At the MIT Media Lab, science speaker David Kong is a passionate, brilliant exponent of biotechnology: the next major scientific innovation to transform life as we know it. But to start the revolution—and for human creativity to flourish—we need STEM to be inclusive: fusing tech with art, granting all people access to advanced science, and re-visioning what labs, classrooms, and companies look like.