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The 7 Best Books of the Year (and the Biggest Ideas for Next Year): Our Speakers’ Books on the TIME Top 10 and More


Naomi Klein

TIME 10 Best Nonfiction Books | New York Times (NYT) 100 Notable Books

Vulture #1 Book of the Year | Amazon Best Nonfiction Slate Best Books

Extreme conspiracy taken as fact. AI blurring the line between human and machine. In a world where the familiar feels slightly wrong, this internationally bestselling author shows us how to find our way back to stable ground. Her latest bestseller is “deft and intricate” (NYT) and “an essential read” (Cory Doctorow).


Teju Cole

TIME 10 Best Fiction Books | TIME 100 Must-Read Books

Washington Post Best Fiction | Publishers Weekly Best Fiction | Financial Times Best Fiction

“A masterful novel by one of America’s finest writers” (The Daily Telegraph), this brilliant book engages with literature, music, race, and history to explore the passage of time and the value of art for a world in chaos. Publishers Weekly calls it “a splendid feast for the senses.”

THE 272

Rachel L. Swarns

NYT 100 Notable Books | TIME 100 Must-Read Books

Kirkus Best Nonfiction | Washington Post Best Nonfiction

In her acclaimed addition to our understanding of America, this journalist and author reveals the untold story of the families who were enslaved and sold by Catholic priests. She’s prompted a national reckoning into how we can transform our knowledge of the past into concrete action in the present.


Clint Smith

TIME 100 Must-Read Books | NPR Books We Love

In this moving poetry collection which follows his #1 NYT bestseller How the Word Is Passed, this National Book Critics Circle Award-winning writer explores parenthood and the world that his children are growing up in. He “finds faith in the unknowable and hope in a world that is ever changing” (TIME).


Katy Hessel

Kirkus Best Nonfiction

“If you haven’t encountered Katy Hessel, the feminist dynamo who’s on a mission to grant female artists their rightful place in history, now’s your moment” (LA Times). This NYT bestselling author challenges us to build a more inclusive story—for art, and every other field.


Daron Acemoglu

Financial Times Best Technology Books

Innovation doesn’t necessarily mean social progress, argues the third most cited economist in the world. He proves that it’s up to us to choose a world where tech benefits us all. Nobel laureate Sir Angus Deaton calls this brilliant exploration “an important book that is long overdue.”


Isabel Allende

NPR Books We Love

The most widely read Spanish-language author in the world intertwines two stories—a boy fleeing Nazi-occupied Europe and a girl fleeing 21st century El Salvador—in this “ambitious, intricate historical saga that is deeply connected to our present day” (People).