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Former Goldman Sachs Managing Director | Author of Bully Market | Life Coach

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In Conversation about Bully Market

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TODAY: Meet The Woman Shining A Light On The Dark Side Of Wall Street

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It has never been more essential to build a healthy workplace culture, ensuring that everyone in our organizations can thrive and contribute to their full potential. Over 18 years at Goldman Sachs, JAMIE FIORE HIGGINS climbed the ranks to become a Managing Director, one of the most elusive roles on Wall Street. It gave her firsthand experience in what it looks like to be ensnared in a toxic system—and what it takes to change the culture and break out of the status quo. As the author of the acclaimed memoir Bully Market, Jamie shows us how to spot the signs of an unhealthy workplace, promote inclusion and diversity, and create workplaces that we want to be a part of.

“Higgins is unafraid to, as they say, “go there.” It’s gross, but propulsive, and also brave and poignant.”— The New York Times

Jamie Fiore Higgins spent 18 years at Goldman Sachs, one of the most cutthroat organizations in the world. She rose through the ranks to achieve the position of Managing Director, a title that only 8% of employees earn, and became the highest-ranking woman in her department. But Goldman’s toxic work environment did serious damage to her morale, her health, and even her marriage, until she eventually broke free from that unhealthy system. Drawing on her almost two decades on Wall Street, Jamie offers us the chance to learn from her experience so that we can change our companies for the better. She gives us practical steps that we can take at any level to improve our workplace cultures and promote an environment where everybody can not only belong, but flourish.

Jamie’s memoir, Bully Market, is a “brave and vivid portrait” (Booklist) of her time at Goldman Sachs. From her first day as a trainee to her last day as a Managing Director, she recounts in jaw-dropping detail the toxic workplace practices that permeate the culture. Bully Market offers a look at the damage that unhealthy workplaces can do—and reimagines what a better future for our workplaces could look like. Emily Chang, bestselling author of Brotopia, called it “a breath of fresh air—not for the stories of abuse and discrimination, which are maddening—but for the overdue chance to finally bring the truth to light.”

Jamie’s work and memoir have been covered on Today and PBS, as well as in The New YorkerThe EconomistBloomberg, and more. During her time at Goldman, she was an active member of the Women’s Network Committee. She ran the trainee and internship programs, recruited, and managed top equity clients and $96 billion in stock. Today, she is a trained life coach who works with employees navigating the workplace and mid-career professionals looking to reinvent themselves.


“Jamie was great! Incredibly well received at my HR networking meeting with about 30 participants. I have referred her to several people. Thank you, Jamie.”

Association of Legal Human Resource Managers

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Corporate Culture
Reality Checking Your Company CultureSpotting Toxic Workplaces and Creating Healthy Ones
What does it really look like to recognize—and improve—an unhealthy workplace? Jamie Fiore Higgins, author of Bully Market, shows you how to spot the telltale signs of a destructive corporate culture. Jamie draws from her experience working as a Managing Director at Goldman Sachs for close to two decades, and how—in order to succeed—she not only tolerated but perpetuated a toxic environment.
She challenges you to look deeper into your day-to-day and understand how the impact of seemingly innocuous things can have damaging effects on your workplace. Jamie gives specific actions that every person in your organization can take, at all levels, to improve your workplace environment. Jamie’s stories and the lessons she learned will allow you to honestly analyze your workplace, and feel empowered to do your part in recreating your company culture for the better.
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