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Generative AI is changing the tech infrastructure of the world. Your biggest dreams—your most ambitious moonshots—are closer than ever before.

Global AI Advisor | CEO & Co-Founder of XLabs and Ribo | One of Forbes’ 30 Women in AI to Watch | Artificial Intelligence Pioneer

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We Are in the First Big Wave of Generative AI (4:07)

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AI Is Making Us Ask: Who Are We? (3:13)

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How Do You Build a Moonshot? (1:30)

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The Power of the Exponential (3:05)

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What Does AI Tell Us About Humanity? (3:09)

Lavin Exclusive Speaker

Generative AI like ChatGPT is revolutionizing everything we know about technology, entrepreneurship, and the nature of possibility itself. “This era of generative AI is an era for moonshots: very ambitious projects that are powered by next-gen tech,” says Radhika Dirks, former CEO of the first-ever “AI moonshot factory” and one of Forbes’ 30 Women in AI to Watch. A brilliant and magnetic leader and speaker, she explains the human implications of generative AI: how it will affect every industry, what leaders need to know about how it works, and how to make it work for you. “Moonshots have always been seen as projects that take decades and billions of dollars to accomplish. But with the power of this automated, open-source creativity in your hand, the cost of access becomes very low,” she says. “Most people are still looking at what productivity tools they can use. But generative AI is so much bigger than that.”

No one is better equipped than Radhika Dirks to answer both the big questions and the practical considerations about generative AI. She’s been a crucial voice in the AI conversation for years, was named to Deloitte’s top women in the AI world, and has been featured everywhere from Fast Company to the BBC (and many more). She founded and led the only other moonshot factory that exists outside of Google.

In uniquely human, powerfully hopeful talks, she places generative AI in the context of what’s already happened in the AI space and what’s on the horizon, then breaks it down into the strategy and tactics that every leader needs to gain an edge in the AI future. She shows you how the rapid advance of this technology has brought moonshots—our biggest, most ambitious ideas—within reach for everybody. It has never been easier or faster to make your dreams a reality, and Radhika can show you how.

With powerful leadership, Radhika’s Artificial Intelligence includes co-founding Seldn, an AI start-up that accurately predicted the rise of ISIS two weeks before The New York Times coined the term, and her work as CEO and co-founder of XLabs, a moonshot factory for Artificial Intelligence innovations that is already solving huge problems—like getting closer to the cure for cancer. At Ribo AI, her technology found potential cures for 11 cancers within its first 1.5 years. Today, she advises several Fortune 500 companies and International organizations on how to best use generative AI and AI in their organizations.

Radhika was also a founding member of Shell’s $1.5B venture capital group and was COO of Rotary Gallop, a game theory-based fintech firm. Her work on quantum computing and Artificial Intelligence has been cited hundreds of times. She is the author of the forthcoming book, The AI Laments, where she marries the allure of AI-generated art with the depths of human-generated poetry. She holds a Ph.D. in Quantum Computing and an M.S. in Nanotechnology from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.


Dr. Radhika Dirks's keynote was brilliant. It's rare to find a world-renowned expert in their field who can also find the balance of storytelling, emotion, humor and humility. Radhika was a home run for us and I would recommend her to speak for any event. We look forward to having her back soon.


Radhika Dirks is a rockstar! Not only is she a brilliant mind and speaker on AI and technology—she will inspire anyone she meets with the way she sees the world. She’s an innovator, scientist, artist, and humanitarian and will move people with her ideas and incite action for the greater good. It’s a privilege to know her!


Speech Topics

ChatGPT and Generative AI
The Human Implications of Generative AIAnd What it Means For Our Future

As generative Artificial Intelligence continues to develop at a breakneck pace, one question dominates the conversation: what does this mean for the future of humanity? Radhika Dirks, as one of Forbes’ 30 Women in AI, she gives us the answers we need today to prepare for an AI future.

In this talk, Radhika explores what she calls the “three waves of generative AI”: the explosion of creativity, the world of illusions, and the race to intimacy. We all saw the first wave as an abundance of AI-generated content flooded our social media feeds. It can illustrate your dreams, create the music you’d like to hear, and prototype 60 businesses in 40 minutes. But as we’ve seen in the second wave, it can also hallucinate and spread fake information. So, amidst this chaos, what should you be doing? “You want to transform,” Radhika says. “You want to ask yourself: how can you be an ethical leader? How can you tap into your gut? And how can you really triple down on your real human connections and human intelligence?” In a world where AI is the norm, emotional intelligence will shine. “Tuning into your emotions. Being able to tap into the emotions of others, understanding what they need,” Radhika says. “That is what is going to emerge as the panacea for this new wave.”

Radhika boldly tackles the emerging concerns and benefits of generative AI, offering practical methods and safeguards for using this technology. Her fascinating talk leaves you at the edge of your seat, bursting with innovative ideas and a new spark for AI.

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The 5 Steps to Using ChatGPT at WorkLanding Moonshots with the Power of AI

Generative AI can transform your company into a more efficient, creative, and innovative version of itself. It can help you land “moonshots”: wildly ambitious projects fueled by the technology of the future. But the AI is advancing at a relentless, head-turning pace. Blink and you’ll miss another breakthrough. Where to start? How to keep up? What to do next? Radhika Dirks, a visionary AI expert who talks with bracing clarity, has the answers. She’s the CEO of the world’s first AI moonshot factory, and her unparalleled insights are in high demand during this once-in-a-generation moment.

Radhika has developed a Five Step Method to introduce generative AI—like ChatGPT and GPT-4—into any organization. (The trick? You have to do all five steps!) First up: “start playing with it right away.” By creating sandboxes of deeply intentional AI play, creativity will flourish as your teams get comfortable with its limits, its quirks, its boundless potential. The surprising, counterintuitive second step? “Don’t trust it.” Dig in and ask endless questions, take it to task. In her talk, you’ll learn so much more, such as the new world of “prompt engineering,” how to tackle ethical challenges, and the best way to think about it for your specific organizational needs.

Radhika’s thrilling talk will give you a peek into the frontier of this rapidly-developing world. With the right inside knowledge, you can make your most ambitious dreams a reality, and build an organization that thrives not just today, but well into the future.

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Artificial Intelligence
The Age of AIWhat AI Means for Your Industry (and for You!)

Every industry is already being transformed by Artificial Intelligence and generative AI—including yours. What do leaders need to know in this environment of rapid change? How do you get ahead of the competition instead of being left behind? And how do you use technology for the good of humanity (and not the other way around)? As AI changes the tech infrastructure of the world, Radhika Dirks’s clear-eyed perspective is helping leaders across all industries answer these questions, strategize, and gain an edge for the future.

In customizable keynotes, Radhika draws on her wealth of experience in AI (from fintech to healthcare to data management) to show you and your organization how to navigate this new environment. She’s worked in tiny startups and massive corporations, which makes her uniquely positioned to offer tailored solutions for any organization. Incorporating AI isn’t one-size-fits-all, Radhika says. But with her experience, she can help your organization develop a plan and take advantage of the opportunities of today (and tomorrow).

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Climate Crisis
Hey Siri, Solve Climate ChangeHow AI Can Help Us Save Our Planet

AI has the potential to solve many of our problems. Can it also tackle climate change? Radhika Dirks, a visionary AI expert, has been a part of the conversation around AI since 2014. Passionate and nuanced, Radhika offers the crucial guidance we need to leverage AI for a better world.

In this talk, Radhika explores how AI can help us discover new technologies that marry innovation with environmental stewardship, boost biodiversity, reshape energy ecosystems, and help us live more environmentally conscious lifestyles. She issues a powerful call to action all while breaking down the nuanced reality that AI’s own environmental impacts. “AI is a dirty technology,” Radhika says. “The climate, planetary, and economic costs of operating these massive systems are immense and unsustainable.” But this, too, is something AI can help us solve.

This keynote is an invitation to witness how AI can revolutionize our approach to the planet’s health, prioritizing long-term solutions over short-term gain, and catalyzing a shift toward a more accountable and vibrant future.

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