technology | August 07, 2019

Real, or AR?: Augmented Reality Expert Helen Papagiannis Introduces a New Social Media Game

In a new weekly segment hosted on her Instagram, Helen Papagiannis asks viewers to guess which image is real and which is the product of augmented reality. Wildly offbase, the answers to the game reveal how adept the technology is getting at mimicking the real world. 

"Real or AR was inspired by just how good Augmented Reality is getting and the double takes I found myself making,” explains Helen Papagiannis, noting that the influence of AR and digital technology on the physical world also inspired her to invent the game.


A world-leading expert in the field, and author of Augmented Human, Papagiannis has long understood the potential of the technology to enhance our world.  "The game became a way to share my research and love for AR — as well as art — with a larger audience in a fun game,” she says. “It’s been awesome to watch the game grow and to play it with people around the globe both on Instagram and on stage in my keynotes.”


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