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It’s about more than retail. It’s about total reinvention.

Founder & Executive Chair of Jackman Reinvents | Author of The Reinventionist Mindset

Joe Jackman | Founder and CEO of Jackman | Author of The Reinventionist Mindset
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Evolving Business Through Human Connection

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The Reinventionist Mindset™️

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Why Traditional Retail Reinvention Doesn’t Work

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Evolving Business Through Human Connection (1:22)

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The Reinventionist Mindset™️ (3:59)

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Why Traditional Retail Reinvention Doesn’t Work (22:24)

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As we collectively grapple with a world that is constantly changing, one thing is for certain: we must adapt. Yet despite knowing this―and seeing the impact on our businesses and livelihoods―our human instinct remains to resist, retreat, and play it safe. Joe Jackman—Founder and CEO of Jackman Reinvents, North America’s leading transformation company—has been embracing change long before the chaotic world we find ourselves in today. His bold belief that change is not only necessary, but good, is why iconic brands and leadership teams turn to him as their secret weapon in spearheading remarkable transformations.

Joe Jackman has this unique ability to uncover where to go and why, then get everyone on the same page and moving forward together.Glenn Murphy, Executive Chairman, Lululemon

Joe Jackman is a pioneer of dynamic business growth. A student of change, raised in a time of civil unrest, he guides companies to become the most powerful and relevant versions of themselves in record time. In fact, Jackman has led some of the most inspired brand transformations of the 21st century, from his early years as Executive VP of Marketing at Loblaws, to overseeing reinventions for Duane Reade, Walgreens, and Dave & Busters. Today, Jackman and his multidisciplinary team of over 100 people have successfully helped more than 50 Fortune 500 businesses realize untapped value, and engineered hundreds of billions of dollars in sales. For his groundbreaking work, Jackman was recently inducted into America Marketing Association’s ‘Marketing Hall of Legends.’

In his first book, The Reinventionist Mindset, Jackman unveils his unique, human-centric approach to corporate transformation. He effectively shows us how to thrive in the era of disruption, starting by repositioning change as a force to be embraced. Filled with real-world case studies ranging from Dave & Busters to Flow Water to Staples, The Reinventionist Mindset is an asset for anyone intent on leading their company to become its most powerful iteration. Building upon the lessons of the book, Jackman also hosts the podcast The Reinventionists, where he turns his attention to some of the boldest changemakers and disruptors in business today. The result is a series of engaging, unscripted, and evocative conversations about the pursuit of meaningful change, featuring high-profile guests from acclaimed fashion designer Rebecca Minkoff to Fast Company’s editor-in-chief Stephanie Mehta.

Jackman has shared his insights across the globe, speaking on stages for world-class events such as Cannes Lion (France), Elevate (Toronto), and World Retail Congress (Dubai). He is considered a valued expert by countless major media outlets, including Forbes, Bloomberg, The Globe and Mail, and the Financial Times. He is also a regular contributor to CEO World Magazine. Recently, Jackman launched Catapult Capital Partners, the world’s first brand-led venture capital consultancy, to work collaboratively with Founder-led, entrepreneurial companies. Within the Catapult investment portfolio, Jackman serves on the Board of Directors of Flow Water Inc., the fastest growing premium water brand, and is also on the Board of Wellness Natural, Inc., the holding company for the Simply Protein brand, the #1 plant-based snack in Canada.


The Jackman methodology is essential for any business looking to disrupt and innovate. This book will help you unlock the kind of customer love every entrepreneur dreams about.

Nicholas Reichenbach, Serial Entrepreneur; CEO, Flow Water

Joe Jackman has this unique ability to uncover where to go and why, then get everyone on the same page and moving forward together.

Glenn Murphy, Former Chairman and CEO of Gap Inc., Shoppers Drugs Mart

Joe Jackman stands alone amongst the giants of his craft. [The Reinventionist Mindset] is an indispensable resource for today’s leaders in our fast-paced, ever-changing world.

John Lederer, Executive Chairman, Staples; Senior Advisor, Sycamore Partners

Even while Joe is pushing management to think out of the box, he does it in a way that is soothing and comforting. He’s laid-back, not in your face. He’s just a cool dude.

Tyler Wolfram, Managing Partner, Oak Hill Capital

One of the things that I thought was especially strong about our relationship with Jackman was the ability to go back and forth, and them accept some ideas that were ours, us accept some ideas that were theirs, and meet in the middle on some things where we needed to. There were clearly some ideas that they brought to us that were bigger and more expansive than what we would have done on our own, and I think that was one of the real keys to our success.

Steve King, CEO, Dave & Buster’s

From internal communications to the logo, from customer communications to product line, Jackman goes back to the brand’s values and its legacy to see if they are still relevant, and then sets about making them so. A brand repositioning is challenging, but it takes on a whole new level of complexity when you call it reinvention.

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Speech Topics

The Future of Retail in a World Remade by COVIDEmbracing Change
After nearly two years of profound disruption, the world is finally rebuilding. Yet the shocks we’ve endured—from the pandemic to major economic upheaval to the global push for racial justice—will reshape the way we live and do business, forever. These forces of change are a litmus test for companies and even entire industries. Only the business leaders who learned and adapted will survive in this new operating environment.
In the world of retail, there is no more cogent guide to this new world than Joe Jackman, the founder and CEO of the world’s first reinvention company. Long before COVID forced us to, Jackman made a career out of embracing change, finding proactive—rather than reactive—solutions, and unlocking true value through human-to-human insights—he even wrote the book on it: 2020’s transformation manual, The Reinventionist Mindset.
In this scintillating presentation, Jackman explores rapidly shifting consumer behaviour, upcoming industry trends, and best-in-class examples of companies doing it right. This is a new model for across-category growth supported with actionable insights from his own experience revitalizing major brands. A must-listen presentation for those eager to understand the future of retail as we collectively embark on “the next normal.”
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