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Jonathan Brill

You can forecast for chaos—and when it hits, you’ll be ready to profit from a world of opportunity.

Futurist | Author of Rogue Waves: Future-Proof Your Business to Survive and Profit from Radical Change

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Jonathan Brill | Futurist | Author of Rogue Waves: Future-Proof Your Business to Survive and Profit from Radical Change
Lavin Exclusive Speaker

If business is an ocean, companies need to avoid the waves that could sink them. But what if waves go rogue, leading to unexpected threats like pandemics? Jonathan Brill says these events may be unexpected, but we can plan for them. That’s what he did when he was Global Futurist at Hewlett-Packard, boldly steering the legendary tech giant through a decade of sudden changes. Jonathan, author of the business survival guide Rogue Waves, practices his craft for the world’s biggest companies, like Microsoft and Samsung; he forecasts the future with practical techniques you can learn. He’ll teach you about the trends that will reshape the future, how to scale the skills that will help your organization adapt, and how to see risks as opportunities. Great companies don’t just roll with waves: they come out stronger on the other side.

“Jonathan Brill isn’t Nostradamus, but for the world’s top business and government leaders, he’s the next best thing.”

— - Bronwyn Syiek, Board Director at International Personal Finance Llc

Jonathan Brill’s deep experience at the helm of HP’s vision for the future taught him that every company needs to prepare for the unexpected—because every company can profit from the unexpected if they capitalize on it with the right approach. He made sure that HP was resilient and primed for the future, taking an intentional, proactive approach to change. Jonathan notes that an average of four big business shocks hit U.S. companies every year, and so we can forecast for them and figure out the patterns to watch for. It doesn’t require a crystal ball: we just need to pay attention at the right time. That’s how Jonathan outmaneuvered Xerox when the company tried to force a hostile takeover of HP in 2020; this twist might have been sudden or surprising to some, but he was ready for a scenario that looked exactly like this. 

Jonathan has since developed the vital ABCs of thriving in the face of uncertainty and change. A is for Awareness: if a company doesn’t see what’s on the horizon, it can’t be ready. B is for Behavior: everyone in an organization should be empowered to exploit sudden developments in the market or world events. Finally, C is for Culture: stable and dependable teams, psychological safety, and clear communication are vital for taking advantage of disruption. With these ABCs in place, big shifts and rogue waves aren’t events to fear; they are part of your company’s plan for growth and success. 


Rogue Waves: Future-Proof Your Business to Survive and Profit from Radical Change, Jonathan’s must-read handbook for riding out the fiercest of storms, is a step-by-step plan for taking advantage of uncertainty. The book is filled with the tools that Jonathan honed at HP and throughout his futurist career, giving you strategies for taking advantage of seemingly random chance; turning chaos into profit; and controlling your future. Your company will grow in the face of the new―while your competitors watch from the sidelines and try to catch up. New York Times bestselling author Adam Grant says that Rogue Waves delivers an “actionable framework for driving change instead of being blindsided by it.”


Jonathan has developed product innovation teams and growth pipelines for the U.S. government, the MIT Media Lab research institute, and world-class brands. He founded the Special Projects Agency—a diverse group of designers, creators, engineers, and scientists—to create unique experiences ranging from World’s Fair pavilions to artificial intelligence software. He holds patents for his inventions in display technology and augmented reality, contributor to TED, Singularity University, Forbes, and Harvard Business Review. Jonathan graduated from Pratt Institute, a leader in higher education for creative professionals, and has completed extensive executive training at Stanford.


Speech Topics

Future of Work
The Future A Roadmap For The World of Tomorrow

We have the power to do more than simply talk about the future—we can visualize it, engage with it, and create it, each and every day. Jonathan Brill says that over the next few decades, five factors will shape every country in the world: digital trust, smart machines, resources, the new social contract, and a fast-changing geopolitical landscape. With insight, verve, and unparalleled forward vision, he breaks down what these factors mean for the future of our companies, country, and the world, and creates a roadmap for us that reveals both the risks and opportunities of tomorrow. A Global Futurist at the helm of HP and Hewlett-Packard, boldly steering both legendary tech giants through years of sudden changes, Jonathan’s also used his expertise to guide Microsoft, Samsung, and some of the biggest food industry giants in the world. 

In this eye-opening and practical talk, Jonathan answers our most pressing questions about the future: how will data be used in the years to come? What can we expect from a new social contract between world powers? As a company leader, how can I use what I know about my corporation in the present to pre-emptively build the kind of versatility that doesn’t just survive the unexpected, but thrives in it? Armed with years of experience leading the world’s biggest companies to new levels of success, Jonathan gives us the tangible tools that your team needs to stabilize in the present, prepare for anything, and become the kind of global innovation leader that helps shape a future of possibility. 


Change Management
Rogue Waves Future-Proof Your Business to Survive and Profit from Radical Change
According to Harvard Business Review, Hewlett-Packard had a great year in 2020, despite economic fall-out from the pandemic. Meanwhile, their competitor Xerox declined over 60 percent that year. Why? Like eight of the ten largest publicly held companies, Xerox didn’t even consider the possibility of a pandemic, according to its SEC Risk Factors filing.

But Jonathan Brill did. The former resident futurist at HP, Brill is more than a speaker. He’s a practitioner of change who knows that today’s businesses are sailing in stormy waters. In this industry-changing talk, based on his new book Rogue Waves, Brill shows how we can ride out even the fiercest of storms to come out stronger on the other side. Drawing from years of experience as a Fortune 500 executive, advisor, and entrepreneur, Brill gives business leaders a practical action plan to Capitalize on the economic, technological, and social trends most likely to collide and reshape the business world, implement techniques that all managers at any level can use to turn sudden risks into outsized opportunities, create a culture of entrepreneurship and experimentation, and scale the leadership skills and processes that will help transform their companies into resilient and adaptable organizations. 
Change Management
Life After COVID-19 Thriving in a Radically Transformed World
Globalization has undoubtedly improved the quality of life for billions of people around the world. Yet, for all its speed and efficiency, globalization also increases the impact of synchronous economic shocks, says futurist Jonathan Brill.
The novel coronavirus, more specifically titled COVID-19, is showing us not only how interconnected our technological and economic systems are, but how woefully underprepared they are to withstand a global crisis. Critical systems, from healthcare and transportation, to supply chains, corporations, and governments, will be pushed to their limits, and perhaps beyond.
However challenging this time is, it does provide us with an opportunity to build better systemsones that are more resilient and provide us with early warnings. In this talk, Brill walks us through how these systems will affect our data rights, social safety net, and wealth distribution. He'll also speak at length about how consumer-facing companies can innovate during such intense stress, and successfully dig themselves out of a potential recession, without compromising on their values. This talk is essential, not only in mitigating the current catastrophe, but in offering vision and guidance for how to thrive in a world that will soon be radically transformed.
The Unexpected Effects of Exponential Innovation How to Create Sustainable Value
Around the world, innovation is accelerating by nearly every metric: Patents, data production, education level. At the same time, the per capita revenue growth from innovation is slowing. Why? Because the time-value of innovation is decreasing, says leading futurist Jonathan Brill. Free, software-driven products are emerging quicker than companies can monetize their inventory, leading to higher rates of devaluation. Technology is changing everything about how companies organize, operate, and capture value.

Perhaps not coincidentally, the average lifespan of a company is getting shorter each year. Brill shows us that in addition to innovating product, we must also innovate process. In this hybridized innovation talk, Brill shares the characteristics of companies that have successfully reinvented themselves—allowing investors to take the leap into long-term growth plans—as well the sustainable value-capture techniques he’s learned as a Chief Executive of companies that have invented over 325 products.
Workshops & Interactive
The Future Lab Making Sense of Where Your Industry Is Headed
A conference can provide many valuable insights—yet more often than not, attendees return to work without synthesizing or applying what they’ve learned. In the Future Lab workshop, HP’s former futurist Jonathan Brill offers an experiential, hands-on learning experience that audiences won’t soon forget. From real-time product innovation, to visuals, videos, interviews, and other media content, Brill provides the tangible tools that your team needs to actualize high-level concepts, build a shared vision, make meaningful connections about where your industry is headed, and finally, stay engaged all year long. Brill believes we must do more than just talk about the future—we must visualize it, engage with it, and create it, each and every day. This workshop provides an opportunity to do just that.