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Most leaders strategize for times of certainty. To get ahead of the competition, you need strategies for times of change.

Author of Converted | Chief Strategist at Google | Senior Fellow at Wharton

AI speaker Neil Hoyne | Author of Converted | Chief Strategist at Google | Senior Fellow at Wharton
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The Limits of Your Metrics: What Essential Data Are You Missing?

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How Can You Find Your High Value Customers?

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Don’t wait around for perfect data or the perfect strategy, says Neil Hoyne. In today’s rapidly changing landscape, leaders who know how to make the most of “good enough” will win outsized rewards. As the author of Converted and Google’s Chief Strategist, Neil has spent almost 9000 hours (that’s over a full year!) talking to CEOs, boards, and investors about how they make decisions and navigate change. Whether you’re looking to roll out a new marketing strategy or exploring what AI can do for your business, Neil knows what your competitors are doing—and how you can outpace them. In practical talks, he offers you the information he’s gained from hundreds of Fortune 500 companies, equipping you to work with what you have to take more risks, innovate, and move faster.

“I’ve been waiting twenty years for this book! Converted explores how to use data the right way to win customers’ hearts. This book is simply a must-read.”— Martin Lindstrom, New York Times bestselling author of Buyology

Over his 20-year career, Neil Hoyne has been at the forefront of worldwide strategies that have generated a staggering $6 billion in revenue for Google, and has helped the world’s biggest advertisers improve conversion rates by over 400%. With a unique perspective, he offers innovative guidance and teachings from other organizations so leaders can use the skills they already have—connecting people and processes—to contribute to data discussions in the boardroom.

In talks, Neil brings his decades of experience to life, captivating audiences with his stunning expertise on topics such as digital transformation, customer relationships, behavioral science, marketing attribution, product development, AI, and many more. He’s been a witness to, and participant in, both billion-dollar successes and instructive failures, using them as tools to build indestructible customer relationships. Bridging the gap between leaders and data, he helps you become more comfortable and contribute in boardroom discussions, understand what the data means and how it can benefit your company.

In his book Converted (and subsequent online course), Neil shows how we can build relationships that last a lifetime, generate more value over time, and strengthen our organizations from the inside out. His simple, research-backed playbook will help leaders, marketers, and organizations of every stripe ask the guiding questions that will anticipate their customers’ needs better than the competition. Peter Fader, a Wharton marketing professor, calls Converted “a wonderful guidebook on building profitable customer relationships. Whether you’re just getting started or consider yourself an experienced practitioner, this book is invaluable.” Jay Baer, New York Times bestselling author of Youtility, says that Converted is “the most useful field guide ever written on how to drive desirable customer behavior online.”

After earning degrees from Purdue University and UCLA, Neil returned to academia in 2018 as a Senior Fellow at the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania. He is a board member on the Purdue University Global Board of Trustees, and serves as an advisor to private equity and investment funds, including CapitalG: Alphabet’s independent growth fund, which has helped to scale companies like Airbnb, Stripe, Duolingo, and more.


Neil Hoyne is a visionary strategist, and an engaging, compelling speaker. Neil combines an honest, no BS account of his business wins and losses along with thought-provoking insights into his personal beliefs about priorities and work-life balance. The audience is left wiser and energized while also wishing they could hit reset and immediately begin another session with him. Neil's impact as a speaker is undeniable.

The University of Tennessee

Neil is the best keynote I’ve ever seen. He captivates an audience through his wisdom, storytelling, and humorous anecdotes. We have invited Neil twice to keynote large thought leadership events. He keeps the audience engaged, with no slides needed. He’s a storytelling master, five-star rated speaker, author and someone who we’ll wholeheartedly continue to invite back.

The Future of Marketing Conference

Neil delivered a riveting and thought-provoking keynote at Customer Contact Week that provided invaluable insights on harnessing data to enhance customer engagement and foster organizational growth. His ability to clearly explain how an enriched understanding of data can radically shift strategic thinking for customer contact executives was simply remarkable.

Customer Management Practice

Neil Hoyne delivered big time as a SubSummit Keynote. He had the audience thoroughly engaged, and delivered actionable and inspiring take-aways. He was a pleasure to work with and extremely polished, professional, and down to earth.

Subscription Trade Association

Speech Topics

How to Make Better Decisions4 Questions Great Leaders Use to Spark Action

In a competitive landscape that’s changing at breakneck speed, what sets winning organizations apart is how quickly they can take action, says Neil Hoyne. As the author of Converted and Google’s Chief Strategist, Neil has spent almost 9000 hours speaking to the world’s most successful leaders about how they make decisions, and he’s developed four simple questions that you can use to get ahead of the curve:

  1. What is the hypothesis?
  2. What data do you have to support it?
  3. How would you test it?
  4. Can you act on it?

In this practical, informative talk, Neil draws on his two decades of experience to walk you through these four questions and what they can do for your company. He explains how you can get everybody on the same page, whose ideas you should seek out, and why you probably don’t need as much data as you think. Leaders will leave this talk encouraged and empowered to take action today.

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Why You Need DataHow Leaders and Executives Can Use Data for Revenue Growth

Most organizations are not using their data effectively, and Neil Hoyne is here to fix that. As the author of the book Converted and Chief Strategist at Google, Neil knows exactly how to use data to its maximum potential. He’s been at the forefront of worldwide growth and go-to-market strategies, generating a staggering $6B in incremental revenue for companies, and he knows how you can use your data for long-term revenue growth.

With over a decade spent in board rooms, C-suites, and working with front-line analysts at thousands of companies around the world, Neil has gained unparalleled insight into what separates success from failure. Whether you’re planning an AI strategy or trying to make the most of your customer analytics, he can show you how to outpace the competition and get an edge in the race (and why it’s often not as daunting as you think). In this talk, he breaks down the strategies and innovative tools that utilize data to its maximum potential, and how you can set your organization up for continuous growth and success.

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ConvertedThe Data-Driven Way to Win Customers’ Hearts

The marketing approach of most businesses is short-sighted—focusing too heavily on the point-of-purchase, and trying too hard to understand what everyone likes, rather than identifying and serving their best customers. But success doesn’t come from trying to appeal to everyone; in fact, 80% of revenue comes from cultivating 20% of the customer base. When it comes to driving profitable growth in the long-term, customer lifetime value can no longer be ignored.

In his debut book Converted, Neil Hoyne asks: what if you establish your business around long-term relationships with customers, using data to understand who the best customers are and what they want to buy, and then building around them? This accompanying talk shows you how to do just that, starting by shifting away from a transactional mindset to a relationship-based one. With a new mindset, you can begin to gather, interpret, and use data to grow the bottom line in a different way, Neil says.

Clear, non-technical, and filled with sharp insights gleaned from Neil’s decades of work in the field, this presentation is for anyone looking for a growth strategy that will propel their business forward with unambiguous results.

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Behind the Scenes of Failure:How to Overcome Obstacles and Find Success

Many keynotes focus on the successes: the great product launch that changes the trajectory of the company, or a behind-the-scenes look at the brand campaign that won countless awards and accolades. But in this talk, Converted author Neil Hoyne flips the script and takes a deep dive into the world of failure—and what we can learn from it.

As Google’s Chief Strategist, Neil has worked with C-suites and analysts at thousands of companies around the world. He shares real-life case studies of companies that made catastrophic decisions—even decisions that were backed by data—and the lessons we can learn from their mistakes. He offers valuable takeaways and strategies that you can use to avoid falling into the same traps, and empowers you to overcome any challenges that may come your way on your path to success.

Neil will help you build empathy and resilience, proving that everyone encounters failure and showing you how to bounce back from it. The practical lessons you’ll take away are relevant to marketers, leaders, entrepreneurs, and everyone else.

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