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Trend Hunter Team | The World’s #1 Trend Firm and Innovation Engine

Trend Hunter is the largest, most popular trend platform in the world. Led by founder and award-winning innovator Jeremy Gutsche, Trend Hunter has an expert team of renowned advisors who provide customizable consumer insights to top-tier brands and CEOs. Whether they’re advising the innovative leaders at Disney and Coca-Cola, or helping NASA finesse new opportunities, The Trend Hunter Team is immersed in the trends shaping the world today. And individually or together, the team will show you how to capitalize on trends in tech, business, retail, and more before they explode.

“No service out there captures consumer behavior as well as Trend Hunter.”

— Creative Development Manager, Ideation at Disney

More than just keynote speakers, the Trend Hunter Team members are authorities on associative thinking and enacting change. At Future Festival, the world’s biggest innovation conference, Trend Hunter shows hundreds of companies—like Starbucks, Netflix, and Google—the future coming down the pike. Why do the most innovative people at 500 of the world’s top brands trust them to kickstart innovation? Three secret weapons:


Data-Driven Content: You’re not just getting some guru’s random thoughts about your business, you’re getting the cutting-edge insights from 200,000 idea hunters and Trend Hunter’s 160,000,000-person research group. Actionable Takeaways: Inspiration is great, but you can substantially improve your team’s effectiveness and understanding of trends with Trend Hunter’s innovation frameworks and workshops. Finally, Contagious Enthusiasm: A lot of Trend Hunter’s brand partners express trouble socializing trends and innovation, and making it a part of their culture. The Trend Hunter speakers brings the research to life in an unforgettable way.

Jeremy Gutsche


Jeremy Gutsche is a New York Times bestselling author, an award-winning innovation expert, and “one of the most sought-after keynote speakers on the planet” (The Sun). 
Armida Ascano

Chief Insights Officer

Armida Ascano is the brain behind the Trend Hunter trend sessions and workshops. She uses this knowledge to help brands innovate—including the Chicago Tribune, Hasbro, and Walmart. 
Jonathon Brown

Chief Growth Officer

Jonathon Brown has interviewed over 500 business leaders to uncover innovation best practices across a wide variety of industries, and speaks at conferences such as MRIA, the Market Research Event, and OmniShopper. 
Ady Floyd

Research Manager

Ady Floyd works with over 40 of Trend Hunter’s brand partners. She has provided invaluable insight into product development and marketing strategy for companies like IBM, MTV, LEGO, and Dunkin’ Brands. 
Gil Haddi

VP of Client Success

Gil Haddi is experienced in leveraging Trend Hunter’s Big Data platform to spot data-driven opportunities with actionable implications for clients. 
Jaime Neely

Chief Culture Officer

A mainstage Future Festival presenter, Jaime Neely has helped brands such as Staples, McCormick, Mastercard, Snyder’s-Lance and Universal learn how to innovate through custom in-office trend sessions and workshops. 

Courtney Scharf

SVP of Research Services

Courtney Scharf specializes in the topics of retail, entertainment and Gen Z, and has been a dedicated advisor to dozens of big brands including Walmart, Samsung, Hasbro, Unilever, Nestle and Disney. 
Shelby Walsh


Awarded “Top 30 Under 30” and named one of WXN’s “Top 100 Most Powerful Women in Canada,” Shelby Walsh has been featured on BNN, TIMEThe New York Times, and the Financial Post

Speech Topics

Future of Generations
Today’s companies are trying to respond nimbly to demographics—Boomers, Millennials, Gen Z—but these groupings are less homogenous than they’re often treated. In this dynamic and illuminating talk, Trend Hunter will show you how to break down and better target micro-generations. What’s the difference between Pro Millennials and Nouveau Millennials? Or Leading Boomers and Late Boomers? These distinct micro-generations are consuming, purchasing, and experiencing products in more complex ways than we can imagine, and it relates to when, where, and how they live. This customizable talk takes you into the future of generations, and how it relates specifically to you and your organization as you unveil a more sophisticated approach to modern consumer behavior. 
Future of Play
Candy-branded escape rooms. 3D-printed sushi. Gamified bill payments. Entertainment and fun has evolved, and uniquely impacts a variety of industries. In this talk, these speakers will address the way pleasure intersects with business—your business—and how you can leverage fun in creative and enticing ways. 
Future of Life
We live in a global village—only enhanced by social media, and the incredible access we have to international food, travel, movies, and culture. In this illuminating talk, you’ll learn how modern consumer behavior is affecting wellness, travel and technology in the era of the personal brand.
Future of Retail
Brick-and-mortar retail isn’t going away anytime soon—but more and more, the retail experience offers a hybridized series of digital and analog technologies, as well as burgeoning online opportunities. In this talk, you’ll learn why it’s in your favor to embrace the omnichannel—seamlessly interchangeable platforms across all entities—as the foundation for successful retail.
Future of Marketing
Immersive marketing, mobile marketing, millennial targeting, influencer culture, and interactive engagement. Marketing is more exciting and tech-optimized than ever before. This talk will show you how to leverage new tech advancements, authenticity, and brand love to create meaningful marketing strategies.
Team Building
Future of Work
Innovation begins with where you work, how you work, and who you do it with. In this keynote, the Trend Hunter speakers investigate the shifting dynamics of today’s workforce and discover what’s holding you back from building your best team yet.