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Cybersecurity Speakers


Digital literacy is the first point of protection in cybersecurity. These cybersecurity speakers work and speak on defending our data from hacks, leaks, and manipulation. It takes more than rotating passwords — and Lavin’s experts will show your audiences how to take charge of their digital well-being.

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Michael Casey

Chief Content Officer at CoinDesk | MIT Media Advisor | Author of The Truth Machine

As Senior Advisor to MIT’s Digital Currency Initiative and co-author of both The Age of Cryptocurrency and The Truth Machine, Michael Casey demystifies the blockchain: the decentralized record-keeping system driving the bitcoin revolution.
Laura Galante

Leading Cybersecurity Analyst | Founder, Galante Strategies | Senior Fellow, Atlantic Council

To Laura Galante, cybersecurity—and cyber literacy—are indispensable tools for any government or corporation. Galante makes sense of a subject notorious for spin—and links the need for digital literacy to a defense of both corporate security and democracy itself. 
Tarah Wheeler

Cybersecurity Expert | Author of Women in Tech

Cybersecurity attacks are doubling every year. Phishing scams are at an all-time high. Enter Tarah Wheeler: one of America’s leading cybersecurity experts, as well as lead writer of Women in Tech—called “the essential handbook for women in technology” by Library Journal.
Adam Segal

Director of Cyberspace and Digital Policy at Council on Foreign Relations

Adam Segal is a cybersecurity expert who is at the forefront of this burgeoning field. In his talks and in his new book, The Hacked World Order, he provides meaningful answers to urgent questions about hacking, cyberwar, and surveillance. What’s happening with our data? And what are the real, imminent cyber threats that exist in our post-Snowden world?  
Garrett M. Graff

9/11 Expert and Author of The Only Plane in the Sky

One of America’s most distinguished journalists and historians, Garrett M. Graff is the preeminent voice on politics, technology, and national security. The director of the Aspen Institute’s cybersecurity and technology program, Graff is the expert best suited to give you in-depth insights into where America has been, and where we’re going.