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The Top 3 Innovation Keynote Videos of 2023: On AI, Creativity, Change Management, and More

Diversity Is the Oxygen for Innovation and Curiosity Is the Rocket Fuel

Greg Hoffman

How do you tap into radical innovation? “See what others see, and find what others don’t,” says this former Nike Chief Marketing Officer. Drawing on almost 30 years at one of the world’s most creative rands, he shows you how diversity and curiosity widen your team’s vision and open new opportunity.

Why Your New Ideas Aren’t Getting Accepted (and How to Change That)

Jason Feifer

“People don’t like new things,” says the editor-in-chief of Entrepreneur magazine. “They like better versions of old things.” If your clients or your team aren’t accepting your new ideas, he suggests using the “bridge of familiarity”: showing them how this change already fits into their lives.

Ready or Not, AI Is an Inflection Point

Jeremy Gutsche

Like fire or electricity, AI is an inflection point, says the CEO of Trend Hunter. He’s been at the forefront of AI innovation for a decade, and he argues that this is a moment of great risk and great opportunity. “I choose to be ready,” he says—now is the time to get ahead in the chaos.

The Top 3 Psychology Keynote Videos of 2023: Getting the Best Out of Yourself and Your Teams

Why You Should Stop Using the Word “Talent” at Work

Danny Southwick

Do you want the people you lead to become more resilient, more persistent, and better at taking risks? Then stop using the word “talent,” says this NFL-player-turned-psychologist. He explains how the simple step of replacing “talent” with “grit” can empower your teams to develop a growth mindset.


Anxiety Is Not a Danger Signal—It’s a Sign of Hope

Tracy Dennis-Tiwary

We’ve been looking at anxiety all wrong, says the author of Future Tense: Why Anxiety Is Good for You (Even Though It Feels Bad). It doesn’t mean you’re falling apart—rather, it indicates that you’re still “in it to win it.” She shows you how to use anxiety to navigate uncertainty and fight for the future you want.


Why Venting About Your Emotions Doesn’t Always Help

Ethan Kross

What do you do when the voice instead your head is being negative? You can vent to a friend about it—but that doesn’t always help, says the author of Chatter. This University of Michigan professor explains why, and offers a better way to navigate and even harness your negative feelings.

The Top 3 DEI Keynote Videos of 2023: On Equality, Finding Your Edge, and More

The Most Valuable Tool in Our Search for Equality? Our Own Optimism

Jelani Cobb

When progress seems so hard to achieve, why bother trying at all? Because optimism is a weapon in our fight for justice, says the Dean of Columbia Journalism School. In this clip, he explains why we must truly believe in the possibility of equality if we want to make it a reality.


What Desegregating a Public School Taught the Little Rock Nine

Minnijean Brown-Trickey

At only 15, this civil rights legend faced down armed guards to integrate Central high school in Little Rock and alter the course of education in America. After a lifetime of advocacy and community work, she reflects on what she learned that day: “They threw away their dignity, and it landed on us.”


People May See Your Positive Traits as Negatives. Here’s How to Fix That

Laura Huang

Hard work alone won’t earn you success—other people’s perceptions of you may hold you back, especially for people from marginalized groups. But this Distinguished Professor at Northeastern shows you how to use everything about you (even the traits people think are negative) to gain an edge.

The Top 5 AI Keynote Videos of 2023: On Education, Employee Engagement, and More

How AI Could Save (Not Destroy) Education

Sal Khan

AI has brought us to the cusp of the biggest positive transformation that education has ever seen. In a TED Talk watched over 2.7 million times—the 6th most popular of the year—the founder of Khan Academy shows how AI will enhance HI: “human intelligence, human potential, and human purpose.”


Your Right to Mental Privacy in the Age of Brain-Sensing Tech

Nita Farahany

AI that can read your thoughts isn’t science fiction—it’s already here. In her clear-eyed and hopeful TED Talk, this leading ethicist and author of The Battle for Your Brain says neurotechnology can vastly increase human potential. But first, we need to ensure that our brains still belong to us alone.


AI Is Making Us Ask: Who Are We?

Radhika Dirks

Now that AI can write like us, draw like us, and even speak like us—what sets us apart from the machines? In this thoughtful keynote video, the founder of the world’s first “AI moonshot factory” challenges us to identify and lean into the things that make us uniquely human.


Why You Need to Be a Leader in AI—Not a “Fast Follower”

Ajay Agrawal

In this clip, the founder of the world’s largest AI startup incubator explains why the “fast follower” strategy doesn’t work with AI—and why competitive advantage will increase over time. He draws on his experience accelerating over 1000 startups and advising the US and Japanese governments on AI.


Are Your Employees Engaged? AI Can Help You Find Out

Justin Reilly

CEOs need to know how their employees are doing—but it’s often hard to get a feedback loop going. In this talk, the CEO of Wavelo explains how he’s used generative AI to get a closer look at the daily workings of his business—and how it’s cut his HR processes down to a fraction of the time.