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Curiosity Is Contagious: The Key to Powerful Leadership (1:28)

“Inclusive Leadership Is a Practice”: Daily Steps for Transforming Your Company Culture, from Minette Norman’s New Book

Building diverse teams is the key to breakthrough innovation. But teams can’t benefit from their diversity until everyone feels safe to bring their best to work—and inclusive teams require inclusive leaders. The good news? Inclusive leadership is a practice that anyone can learn—and in The Boldly Inclusive Leader, Minette shows you how.

Leadership Lessons from Hollywood Super-Producer Lynda Obst: “Project Calm, so Nobody Makes the Fire Bigger”

With every industry—including Hollywood—in a massive state of flux, how do leaders get (and stay) ahead? As one of Hollywood’s most prolific female producers ever, Lynda knows the surefire way to establish authority, the trick to balancing huge creative and financial pressures, and why you should never look nervous in public.

Black women are missing from corporate leadership. The problem begins with the pipeline.

Lessons in NASA Leadership

Interview with Michael Katchen, CEO of Wealthsimple: Leadership and managing rapid growth. Part 1 of 2.

Where are the women in cybersecurity leadership roles?

Must-Read Career And Leadership Books For 2022

The Leadership Skills You Need to Build Large, Diverse Teams [1:44]

Making Strong Leadership Decisions [Columbia University] (4:03)

Asian-American Heritage Month: Our Top Speakers on Diversity, Storytelling, and Leadership

HUA HSU Hua Hsu is the author of the hit memoir Stay True, which follows his university friendship with another Asian-American student. The New York Times named it one of the ten best books of the year, and Vulture called it “an evolutionary step for Asian-American literature.” In talks, Hua shows how we can not only accept but embrace our messy, complex cultures and identities. […]

How Does Good Design Improve Leadership?

What Does Leadership Look Like?

The Key Principle for Effective Leadership

Defining True Leadership

What Happens When We Value Feminine Leadership Qualities?

Leadership Speaker Minette Norman: Using Radical Empathy to Get Past “Us vs. Them” Thinking

Leadership and Mentorship Do Not Need to Fail Us

Leadership In The Digital Age

Making Strong Leadership Decisions [Columbia University]

Beyond the Label: Women, Leadership & Success on Our Own Terms

The Power of Creative Leadership: The Lavin Agency Welcomes Former Nike CMO Greg Hoffman

There is perhaps no one more qualified to advise you on the ins-and-outs of creative leadership than new Lavin speaker Greg Hoffman. Throughout his 20+ years at Nike, Hoffman helped lead the sporting giant’s most innovative branding, marketing, and design efforts—from the Emmy Award-winning Colin Kaepernick campaign to the most remembered ad of the 2016 […]

Adam Bryant Shows You How to Master Critical Leadership Challenges in The CEO Test

The demands of the corner office are notoriously difficult: impossible decisions, sleepless nights, the expectation to perform consistently at a high-level. It’s no wonder that the average CEO today rarely lasts longer than five years. In his new book The CEO Test, leadership expert and New York Times bestselling author Adam Bryant covers the seven […]

Lavin’s Top Women & Leadership Speakers Are Breaking Barriers—and Inspiring Others to Do the Same

In honor of International Women’s Day, we’re shining the spotlight on our Top Women & Leadership Speakers. These women are all powerhouses in their fields—from business and law to STEM and sports. They’re reshaping the worlds they work in, and as speakers, their stories and expertise empower other women to do the same.      […]

Lavin’s Top CEO Speakers Reveal the Secrets of Inspiring Leadership

Being a CEO means more than having a fancy title and corner office. It means being able to lead under pressure, and in times of crisis; being able to inspire and mobilize a team; and lastly, being able to execute strategy with vision. Lavin’s Top CEO Speakers have walked the walk, and now they’re sharing […]

Leadership Expert Adam Bryant Reveals How One Word Can Undermine People’s Motivation

“Actually.” It’s a word so neutral, it must be harmless. Right? Wrong. As a news editor and leadership consultant, Adam Bryant has sat in thousands upon thousands of meetings throughout his career. Drawing upon this experience, Bryant shares why “actually” may be hurting team performance.  “Tom sent me the proposal, and it’s actually pretty good.” […]

How Performance Metrics Influence Culture: Adam Bryant Unveils a New Approach to Leadership

Corporate culture has become a hot-button topic frequently discussed by CEOs and leadership teams. But, according to a new paper by Adam Bryant and David Reimer, a company’s most powerful cultural signals are communicated less by talking, and more by who gets promoted and financially rewarded.  Compensation and bonus frameworks typically rely on financial results […]

Fresh, Powerful Perspectives: Say Hello to Our Women in Leadership Speakers

Innovative ideas come from diverse leadership. That’s a fact. Minette Norman, VP of Engineering at software leader Autodesk was the only person who could demolish the silos restricting progress; Maureen Chiquet led Chanel and Banana Republic through a decade of retail disruption; and Margot Lee Shetterly is the author of the #1 bestseller Hidden Figures, about the black […]

“Brands that do well have a purpose”: Maureen Chiquet on Promoting Active and Conscious Leadership

“A lot of what women have been presented as a model is about perfection,” says Maureen Chiquet in a recent New York Times profile. Now, the author of Beyond the Label and former CEO of  fashion atelier Chanel speaks about finding purpose rather than perfection. Shortly after leaving her position at Chanel, Maureen Chiquet packed her […]

Leadership Under Pressure: Lewis MacKenzie On Effective Management

As leadership speaker and retired Major General Lewis MacKenzie says, anyone can lead a team when times are easy. Unfortunately, as he tells the crowd at the Compliance Week 2013 annual conference, the business leaders of today are generally faced with extremely difficult situations every day. The only way for an organization to succeed in […]

Turn Traditional Leadership Upside Down: John Maeda On The Creative Economy

“How do creative people lead? How is that possible?” leadership speaker John Maeda asked the audience in his keynote at the Design Indaba Conference 2013. While he says that creative people are sometimes seen as “flaky,” their agile and adaptable nature makes them an asset to any organization. In a post-speech interview, Maeda says that many […]

Leadership Speaker Bill Strickland: “Don’t Give Up On The Poor Kids”

“People are a function of the environment where you teach them,” says leadership speaker Bill Strickland. In a new interview, the president and CEO of the Manchester Bidwell Corporation explains that it's easy for people to fall through the cracks if no one recognizes their potential. However, taking a chance on someone and providing them with […]

Leadership Conference: Jessica Jackley On Turning Your Passion Into A Job

Jessica Jackley recently gave a keynote at Texas Christian University's State of Leadership Conference—and attendees raved about her presentation. Dede Williams, director of the BNSF Next Generation Leadership program, said that “Jessica did an amazing job,” and TCU student Kyle Cochran said that Jackley's talk was “inspirational,” and made him think seriously about his own goals. […]

The Globe & Mail: Leadership Speaker Lewis MacKenzie On The Mali Conflict

Leadership speaker Lewis MacKenzie, a retired General-Major and one of the world's most respected peacekeepers, believes that there are more effective measures that the country can take to ease the conflict in Mali than “boots on the ground” combat. As he writes in a piece in The Globe & Mail: “Significant additional logistic support to […]

Breaking The Mold: Conference Speaker John Maeda On Creative Leadership

As John Maeda argues in Forbes, business leaders can stand to learn a great deal from artists and designers. That explains why architect Zaha Hadid was recently given the Aenne Burda award for creative leadership. Maeda, a conference speaker at this week's Digital-Life-Design event, asked attendees whether they considered themselves to be creatives, leaders, or […]

Forbes Profiles John Maeda’s Creative Approach To Leadership

In a new article in Forbes, John Maeda says that the future of innovation lies in the hands of the creatives—and that the most successful leaders will be those who embrace creative forms of team management. Business leaders can stand to learn a great deal from artists and designers, he explains, especially in terms of […]

Leadership in a Connected Culture: Conference Speaker John Maeda [VIDEO]

As part of the GigaOM RoadMap: Design in the Age of Connectedness event, conference speaker John Maeda gave a keynote about the “important vectors of design, leadership and connected culture.” Maeda is the President of the Rhode Island School of Design and works to humanize technology. Currently, Maeda is focusing on the intersection of design and […]

John Maeda’s New Book, Redesigning Leadership

World-renowned artist, graphic designer, and educator John Maeda has worked to integrate technology, education, and the arts into a 21st century synthesis of creativity and innovation. In 2008, Maeda became president of the Rhode Island School of Design. That same year, Esquire named him one of the 75 most influential people of the 21st century. […]

John Maeda Redesigns Leadership: Learn from Artists, Change the World

One of the world’s most respected innovation educators, John Maeda has learned many valuable lessons on leadership from his first few eventful years as president of The Rhode Island School of Design, one of the country’s most prestigious colleges of art and design. Those lessons—part of his process of designing “how to talk about/with/for the […]

Unlock the Power of “Deep Curiosity” for Greater Connections: Lavin Welcomes Scott Shigeoka, Author of Seek

Curiosity is a “muscle” that you can exercise to tap into greater fulfillment and wellbeing, healthier workplaces, and better teamwork. Lavin’s proud to welcome our new exclusive speaker Scott Shigeoka, author of the highly anticipated Seek, who offers tried-and-true strategies (like his pioneering DIVE model) for using the whole spectrum of curiosity—from shallow to deep—today.

Scott Shigeoka

Curiosity isn’t just a personality trait—it’s a skill. When you learn how to practice it, you unlock greater problem solving, stronger teams and powerful leadership.

Fighting Bias is Your Organization’s Superpower: Jessica Nordell, Author of The End of Bias

Bias has a real cost for your company in productivity and success—which is why fighting it is your organization’s superpower, Jessica says. She’s spent a decade studying bias, and her talks are packed with concrete methods to reduce it and unlock radical success.

Turn Collaboration Into “Creative Chemistry”: Fmr. Nike Chief Marketing Officer Greg Hoffman

Want to build a environment of radical risk-taking and powerful collaboration? “Never play it safe, play to win,” says Greg Hoffman. As Nike’s former Chief Marketing Officer, Greg’s insight-packed keynotes on leadership and innovation have lit up stages everywhere from Instagram to Adobe to EA Sports.

The Surprising Secret to High Performance? Talking to Yourself. Ethan Kross, Psychologist and Bestselling Author

If you want to develop resilience, innovation, and powerful leadership, you need to start by leading yourself. Lavin’s Ethan Kross is an expert on turning your inner voice into your greatest tool, and his work has caught fire in the corporate world. He’ll show you what he’s already shown C-suites across America: how to unleash your inner Ted Lasso.

The Secret to Breaking Rules and Finding Creativity? It’s All About Discipline. Lavin Welcomes Eddie Huang

Eddie is a director and producer, celebrity chef, and the New York Times bestselling author of the memoir Fresh Off the Boat, which was adapted into the longest-running Asian American sitcom ever. He shows us how to achieve success by cultivating discipline and staying true to ourselves.

Good People

The Only Leadership Decision That Really Matters

The Psychological Safety Playbook: Minette Norman’s How-To Guide for Building Successful Teams

Congratulations to Minette Norman, former VP of Engineering Practice at Autodesk, whose book The Psychological Safety Playbook is out now! It’s the ultimate how-to guide on developing psychological safety—feeling safe to ask questions and take risks—which is the key ingredient for successful teams.

Beyond the Label

Women, Leadership, and Success on Our Own Terms

Emotion By Design

Creative Leadership Lessons from a Life at Nike

Women’s History Month 2023: Lavin’s Top Speakers on Gender Equality and Beyond

March is Women’s History Month, a time to celebrate the amazing progress in women’s rights over the years, as well as the work being done today. With so many facets of gender equality to explore, Lavin can help you book the right speaker for your event to inspire leadership, growth and resilience. We’re proud to […]

The Top Happiness & Wellness Speakers of 2022

Good health, both mental and physical, isn’t just nice to have in the workplace—it’s the key to increased productivity, motivation, and creativity for workers and leaders in every context. Our TOP HAPPINESS AND WELLNESS SPEAKERS offer innovative, practical strategies that you can use to help everyone in your organization perform at their highest level, all the time. […]

Unrestricted Play Sparks Unrestricted Creativity: Lavin Welcomes Award-Winning Toy Designer Cas Holman

Play isn’t just for kids. Rather, Cas Holman says it’s the spark that ignites our creativity and imagination, throughout our lives. Featured in the Netflix series Abstract: The Art of Design, Cas creates open-ended toys that have no set function or objective, letting kids play and create without fear of failure. And she knows that […]

Building A More Equitable Society with Sunlight, Art, and Education: Bill Strickland on PBS NewsHour

Bill Strickland grew up in a rough neighborhood. He estimates that 30% of his friends “ended up dead or in the penitentiary by the time they were 30 years old.” But a chance encounter with an art teacher and a pottery wheel put him on a lifelong journey of learning—one that he’s now replicating with his […]

Lewis MacKenzie

The true mark of leadership is not how we handle the good times, but how we manage the bad.

Neil Hoyne

Great leadership means getting involved in data—and not just the numbers, but the big picture ideas that come out of it.

Charles Fishman

Innovation on demand? Creative leadership? NASA’s moon landing got there first.

Maureen Chiquet

Finding power in empathy will revolutionize leadership and the way we do business.

Luke Burgis’ Wanting Reveals the Power of Mimetic Desire

The billion-dollar question of business, politics, even the foundation of society itself—why do we want the things that we want? It is both shocking and revealing that everything we desire, do, or create is powerfully influenced by those around us. In his new book,Wanting, serial entrepreneur LUKE BURGIS makes a startling case about the hidden […]

Insights for Building a Positive Workplace Culture in 2021: Download Lavin’s Report

In 2020, our world changed overnight—and so did our workplaces. The Lavin Agency’s 2021 WORKPLACE CULTURE REPORT explores the lessons we’ve learned since the pandemic began, and how to apply them to our organizations in a proactive way. Informed by industry-leading experts and trailblazers, this report will provide you and your team with the right […]

Former Honeywell CEO David Cote Reveals How He’s Approaching the Coronavirus Crisis in Fortune

Few CEOs navigated the Great Recession as skillfully as David Cote. In a new interview with Fortune, the inspiring corporate leader offers guidance for businesses managing the coronavirus crisis today.  When David Cote inherited Honeywell in 2002, the company was teetering on the brink of failure thanks to a mishandled merger with GE. Yet Cote […]

MIT’s Susan Hockfield Joins Effort to Reduce Bias in Biotech Funding Reports The Washington Post

Though there has been a significant improvement for women in the sciences over the past few decades, men continue to dominate leadership positions, especially in the biotech sphere. Lavin Speaker and former President of MIT Susan Hockfield teamed up with entrepreneur Sangeeta Bhatia and biologist Nancy Hopkins to push for change.  Susan Hockfield, Sangeeta Bhatia, […]

Lavin’s Top 10 Corporate Culture Speakers Changing the Workplace of Tomorrow

More than just a modern-day business buzzword, corporate culture plays an integral role in a company’s success. Whether it’s innovation, collaboration, diversity, or a commitment to taking risks, Lavin’s Top Corporate Culture Speakers will help you elevate your organization by championing strong values and putting people first. Stephanie Mehta: Few people know what makes an […]

Lavin’s Top Happiness & Wellness Speakers Inspire Personal Growth and Positive Change

Everyone wants to be happy and healthy—but it doesn’t come easy. The pressure of performing well at work and having a fulfilling personal life can often be hard to manage—and that’s where Lavin’s Top Happiness & Wellness Speakers come in. Experts in how to actively enhance our inner lives and outer selves, they inspire audiences […]

“Start the New Year with a Simplification Month”: Adam Bryant Explores How Leaders Gain Clarity

New Year’s resolutions like changing your diet, fitness, and lifestyle can often be fleeting. So why not take a page from leadership expert Adam Bryant’s book and tackle something at work that’s well within your control? In his latest article for Strategy+Business, Bryant makes a compelling argument for turning January into a “Simplification Month.”  “A […]

Goldman Sachs and David Cote—Honeywell’s Former CEO— Ink Watershed Acquisition Deal, Forbes Reports

Brand name CEO David Cote partnered with investment bank Goldman Sachs to create GS Acquisition Holdings Corp., a publicly traded vehicle operating with Cote as its Executive Chairman. In a new and “defining” deal, the SPAC acquired Veritiv: the global leader in industrial cooling and IT infrastructure.  Vertiv sells condensers, chillers, IT racks and power […]

Lead From the Future: Award-winning Innovation Expert Mark Johnson Joins The Lavin Agency

As the co-founder of innovation consultancy Innosight, Mark Johnson helps leaders envision their future, create new growth, and manage transformation. His upcoming book Lead from the Future breaks down what truly sets a visionary leader apart—and how to instill their unique approach into your own organization.   There’s no special mix of attributes that create […]

Think Like a CEO: Adam Bryant Explores the Number 1 Quality of Successful Leaders

Over the last decade, Adam Bryant has interviewed more than 500 CEOs for his landmark column in The New York Times. From brains to ambition to humility, Bryant discovered the list of qualities that make up a successful leader is long. But what is the elusive trait at the top? In a new article for […]

Athlete and Activist Waneek Horn-Miller Inducted into Canada’s Sports Hall of Fame

Having been an inspiring athlete and Indigenous activist for decades, Waneek Horn-Miller has been breaking barriers and records her entire life. Her latest achievement is being inducted into the elite Canada’s Sports Hall of Fame—making her the first water polo player to be honoured.  The induction ceremony takes place in Toronto today, and Horn-Miller is […]

Building an Innovative Culture: Fast Company’s Stephanie Mehta joins The Lavin Agency

Fast Company is the magazine that innovative businesses trust when they want to understand up-and-coming technologies, changing leadership and workplace trends, and ideas with the power to change the world. At the helm is Editor-in-Chief Stephanie Mehta, helping to shape the future for the next generation of business. If you want to understand the most […]

Winning Now, Winning Later: Former Honeywell CEO David Cote Joins The Lavin Agency

As the former chairman and CEO of Honeywell, David Cote led one of the most historic turn-around’s the manufacturing industry had ever seen. In his upcoming book Winning Now, Winning Later, he distills those strategic leadership lessons for the next generation of business chieftains and managers.  Should an organization focus on its current numbers, or […]

David Wallace-Wells on Climate Crisis, Practical Policies, and Holding onto Hope, with The Guardian

In an in-depth interview with The Guardian’s Ian Tucker, author and journalist David Wallace-Wells follows up on his recent hit book, The Uninhabitable Earth: A Story of the Future. Where does he stand now on his predictions and analysis of our impending climate crises, and what do we really have to do now to save […]

How Did NASA Create a Culture of Learning from Failure? One Giant Leap Author Charles Fishman Explains.

Award-winning journalist and New York Times bestselling author Charles Fishman explores the story of Apollo 11 in his latest book. But more than a retelling of the moon landing, One Giant Leap reveals profound lessons on leadership, management, and culture.   “There were literally 10,000 problems that had to be solved to get to the […]

Shoshana Zuboff and Safi Bahcall Longlisted for the Financial Times and McKinsey Business Book of the Year Award

Sixteen titles are competing for this year’s Financial Times and McKinsey Book of the Year Award. Among them are Lavin speakers Shohana Zuboff and Safi Bahcall, for their groundbreaking books The Age of Surveillance Capitalism and Loonshots, respectively.  In 2015, Lavin speaker Martin Ford’s book The Rise of the Robots became the first tech title […]

Our Man”: George Packer Chronicles the Life and Career of American Diplomat Richard Holbrooke

In his latest book, award-winning journalist George Packer tells the story of controversial American diplomat Richard Holbrooke. Our Man paints a dazzling portrait of a policy giant who was brilliant, self-absorbed, and willing to do anything to fulfill his political ambition. Recently, Packer joined Mother Jones editor Clara Jeffery for an enlightening conversation about the […]

Retail Maverick Bonnie Brooks Formally Named CEO of Chico’s

As the first female President and CEO of the Hudson’s Bay Company, Bonnie Brooks restored the aging institution back to its former glory. More recently, she has been acting as interim CEO of Chico’s—the international women’s fashion retailer—following the abrupt departure of Shelley Broader. Today, the Financial Post announced that Brooks will take on the […]

What Did JFK’s Assassination Mean for the Moon Landing? Charles Fishman Investigates for Fast Company

The moon landing wouldn’t have happened without President John F. Kennedy, he who boldly promised the nation that we would reach the moon before the Soviets. But would we have gotten there by 1969—as promised—if he hadn’t been assassinated? In his latest article for Fast Company, Charles Fishman reveals surprising evidence that suggests JFK was […]

Lavin Speakers Nominated for Thinkers50: The World’s Most Prestigious Ranking of Management Thinkers

Thinkers50, the premier ranking of global business leaders, announced the nominees for their 2019 Distinguished Achievement Awards. Dubbed the “Oscars” of Management Thinking by the Financial Times, this year’s shortlist features no less than six Lavin Speakers, whose ideas are being recognized for their potential to change the world.   Ajay Agrawal—Digital Thinking Award In […]

Top 10 Team-Building Speakers: Fostering Meaningful Connections in the Workplace

A company can’t succeed without its people, and people can’t succeed without each other. These Top 10 team-building speakers illuminate how to create long-lasting connections in the workplace—improving productivity, collaboration, and happiness in the process. Darby Allen is widely celebrated for safely evacuating the residents of Fort McMurray during Alberta’s 2016 forest fires. Today, the […]

Unforgettable Workshops & Interactive Keynotes from Our Leading Workshop Speakers

Does your event call for hands-on audience engagement? Expertly led workshops? An unforgettable interactive keynote experience? These speakers do it all—speak, teach, and get people out of their seats for entertaining and motivating interactive workshops and keynotes, tailored to your audience’s precise needs.   David Robertson – How Do You Lead Innovation? David Robertson, MIT professor […]

Top 10 Business Keynote Speakers

Great companies start with great leaders. Leaders who recognize incredible talent, even when it’s hard to see; leaders who can spot, manage, and prevent risk; leaders who build successful teams, adapt to change and create cultures of innovation. These business keynote speakers blend personal, compelling leadership stories with years of immersive research, interviews and anecdotes […]

Reducing Prejudice Requires Meaningful Conversation—but the Results Speak for Themselves, Says Dave Fleischer

Prejudice divides us, and to Lavin speaker Dave Fleischer, Director of the Los Angeles LGBT Center’s Leadership LAB, dismantling it is nothing less than a science. “Deep canvassing”—a method refined by Fleischer and his team—means knocking on doors to engage people in fact-based, personal conversations about subjects like gay marriage and transgender rights. The effect is tangible: real, data-verified change […]

The Icons & Ideas Making the World WIRED: EIC Nicholas Thompson’s Summit Celebrates the Magazine’s Past, Present & Future

The four-day summit, named WIRED25, was a celebration of the ideas, innovations, and icons that made the world wired. In addition to work immersions, keynotes, and even a robot petting zoo, editor-in-chief Nicholas Thompson, conducted thoughtful, illuminating interviews with LinkedIn CEO Jeff Weiner, Stripe CEO Patrick Collison, and Stacy Brown-Philpot of TaskRabbit, about the future of […]

Get to Know Lavin’s MacArthur “Geniuses”!

This year Titus Kaphar and Vijay Gupta join a whopping SIX other Lavin Speakers in receiving MacArthur “Genius” Grants—a prestigious honor awarded to those who are forging truly significant progress towards “building a more just, verdant and peaceful world.” Get to know Lavin’s “geniuses”: Titus Kaphar’s sculptures, paintings, and installations create new and striking ways […]

Fashion, Beer, and Lab-Grown Bones: Three Women Doing Business on Their Own Terms

Looking to learn from some of the top women in business today? Beyond leaning in, these dynamic, innovative leaders offer brilliant business strategies on growing and sustaining organizations using their own unique skill sets—whether that’s in luxury fashion (Maureen Chiquet), beer production (Manjit Minhas), or the lab (Nina Tandon). Maureen Chiquet – Empathy is a Necessity, Not a Luxury   Courageous conversations are […]

Does Your Event Need a Workshop? A Moderator? Audience Engagement? These Three Speakers Do It All

Does your event call for a workshop, a moderator, an MC, or some other form of hands-on audience engagement? Tom Wujec, Misha Glouberman, and Ritu Bhasin do it all—speak, teach, and get people out of their seats for entertaining and motivating sessions. Best of all, these presentations are tailored exactly to you and your audience’s needs. Disruption […]

Cybersecurity is Everyone’s Problem. Tarah Wheeler Equips You With the Tools and Information You Need to Protect Yourself.

Cybersecurity attacks are doubling every year. Phishing scams are at an all-time high. These days, it isn’t an IT flunky answering for security breaches, it’s CEOs and business owners, non-tech professionals who need clear, actionable guides to understand how to secure themselves, and protect their customer’s data. Enter Tarah Wheeler. Tarah Wheeler is the former […]

Three Female Leaders Whose Talks Will Inspire the Next Generation

Women don’t run the world (yet). But these women in leadership speakers—Maureen Chiquet, Jessica Jackley and Margot Lee Shetterly—are some of the strongest in their field, offering dynamic insights into how they’ve leaned in and leveraged their unique skillsets to make it in predominantly male worlds.   As Global CEO of Chanel and President of Banana […]

These Three Speakers Explain Exactly What Diversity Means and Why You Should Care About It

Companies do better when they embrace and support diversity. But diversity isn’t just about ethnicity. It’s about gender, age, ability, perspective and it’s different for every industry. Lavin’s diversity and inclusion experts—Ritu Bhasin, Minette Norman, and Ashton Applewhite, to name a few—come from the worlds of corporate law, theater, and social justice. These differences demonstrate just […]

Adam Bryant Distills How the Most Effective CEOs Built Their Most Successful Teams

Adam Bryant has spent the last 10 years interviewing over 500 CEOs for his New York Times column, Corner Office. In an incredibly helpful (and viral) NYT piece this week he lays out exactly how the most effective leaders in business built their most successful teams.  1. Have a Plan. “You need a clear and measurable goal for what you want […]

For 10 Years, New York Times Columnist Adam Bryant Asked 500 Top CEOs How They Lead. Here’s What He Learned.

“It started with a simple idea: What if I sat down with chief executives, and never asked them about their companies?” From there, Adam Bryant distilled hundreds of interviews into six practical steps to leadership, which he shared in his landmark New York Times column, Corner Office. Now, a decade after creating it, Bryant is leaving the Corner […]

“Creative courage is more than a strategy. It’s a way of life”: How Welby Altidor Made Innovation Happen at Cirque du Soleil

For 15 years, Welby Altidor helped lead one of the most innovative artistic organizations in the world—Cirque de Soleil. In Creative Courage, the former Executive Creative Director shares practical keys to creativity that will revitalize the way you collaborate, ideate, and make big things happen.

How Does a Liberal Arts Major (and Woman!) Lead 3,500 Engineers (Most of Whom Are Men)? Minette Norman on Radical Empathy

The VP of Engineering Practice at Autodesk—a world leader in software tech—is neither an engineer nor a man. She’s Minette Norman, a liberal arts major and new Lavin speaker whose unique perspectives on leadership initiated the company’s transformative culture change.   She achieved this by creating an environment of meaningful connection and radical empathy: where vulnerability, compassion and emotion are […]

Watch These Videos on Getting—and Staying—Motivated from These 5 Uplifting Speakers

Momentum is easy to keep up when the coast is clear and the slope inclined in your favor. But what about when good fortune flags and fatigue sets in? As the summer holidays yield to first days of school and fiscal planning, we’ve put together a sampler of speakers who each approach the question of […]

New Videos: Adam Bryant on Enhancing the Relationships that Promote Office Culture

Having culled years of leadership wisdom for his weekly New York Times “Corner Office” column, Adam Bryant knows what it takes to be a great CEO. In the following six videos, Bryant outlines the simple but profound principles that help employers and employees align goals, hear each other out, and strengthen their shared corporate culture. 1.) Here, Bryant discusses the things, that […]

How Did Maureen Chiquet Lead Chanel Through a Decade of Disruption?

We don’t often think of empathy and collaboration as intrinsic to heading a thriving global business. But when Maureen Chiquet led Chanel through one of the most tumultuous eras in retail—and grew the company threefold, no less—it was this overlooked skillset that allowed them to evolve. Chiquet served nine years as Chanel’s first global CEO, […]

Funding Your Dreams: Meet Kickstarter Co-Founder Yancey Strickler

The Lavin Agency is pleased to welcome our newest exclusive keynote speaker, Kickstarter co-founder and CEO Yancey Strickler!  Strickler co-founded Kickstarter to help bring creative projects to life. In the process, he has started an important conversation about how companies can stick to their ideals, resist conformity, and contribute to the public good. “I think […]

Angelina Jolie in Talks to Star in Film Version of Maj. MJ Hegar’s Memoir

Major news! Angelina Jolie is in talks to star in the upcoming film Shoot Like a Girl: the big-screen adaptation of Lavin speaker Maj. MJ Hegar’s memoir of the same name.   Entertainment Weekly reports:   “The actress and filmmaker is in talks to star in Shoot Like a Girl, an adaptation of Air Force […]

Over 5 Million Views for Innovation Speaker Jeremy Gutsche’s “Better & Faster” Keynote

Major congratulations are due to one of our top innovation speakers, Jeremy Gutsche! His “Better & Faster” keynote—available to watch here—has surpassed five million views! An incredible achievement, but certainly not surprising. Once you witness Gutsche’s charisma, creativity, and unique insights into entrepreneurship, disruption, adaptation, and business success, you’ll know exactly why.   This inspiring […]

Design Evangelist John Maeda’s New Job: Promoting Inclusion and Open Source

Congratulations are in order for design speaker John Maeda, who’s moving on after three productive years as the Design Partner at Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers. Maeda will join Automattic, parent company of WordPress.com, WooCommerce, and Jetpack, as their Global Head of Computational Design and Inclusion, where he’ll oversee design efforts and ensure an inclusive […]

New Videos: Motivation from the Rink to the Boardroom with Karl Subban

Few parents have accomplished what Karl Subban has. All three of his sons—P.K., Malcolm, and Jordan—have been drafted to the NHL, having defied the odds and bested thousands of other hopefuls around the world. And Subban, a former school principal, was there 100 percent of the way to inspire and motivate them. Now, as a […]

Manjit Minhas & Joe Mimran Make Their Dragons’ Den Debut This Wednesday

Season 10 of Dragons’ Den begins this Wednesday at 8 p.m. EST on CBC television—and two of our exclusive keynote speakers are joining the series. Tune in to catch author, multi-business entrepreneur, and $155 million “beer baron” Manjit Minhas, as well as sartorial icon, brand master, and major investor Joe Mimran as they endorse the […]

The Expert Guide: Introducing New Speaker Randall Lane

If you’ve read Forbes Magazine recently, you’ve witnessed Randall Lane’s incredible editorial influence: by emphasizing the achievements of young innovators and disrupters, he’s helped the magazine reach millions of new readers. Lane is also the creator of the Forbes 400 Summit on Philanthropy and the Under 30 Summit: two landmark annual events that gather the world’s most […]

The Straight Shooter: A Profile of Dragons’ Den‘s Manjit Minhas

This month, Canadian Business ran a feature profile of Lavin speaker Manjit Minhas—the newest member of the hit CBC show Dragons' Den. Observing Minhas and her “family of entrepreneurs” at a recent taping, Canadian Business puts her role in perspective. “Poised and regal, she plays the straight woman,” the magazine writes. “As tapings progress, a […]

Bonnie Brooks, Vice Chairman of The Bay, Joins Lavin as a New Exclusive Speaker

We are so thrilled to announce that Bonnie Brooks, Vice Chairman of Hudson's Bay Company, has joined Lavin as a new exclusive speaker! Bonnie Brooks has restored Canada’s great department store, Hudson's Bay Co., to its rightful place as a world-class retailer. As its first female CEO, Brooks led The Bay through sweeping, institutional changes—no […]

Why Are Rich Kids More Likely to Graduate? Paul Tough’s NYT Magazine Cover Story

In this week's New York Times Magazine cover story, education speaker Paul Tough takes a look at the graduation gap between advantaged and disadvantaged students at American universities. Who Gets to Graduate? focuses on an experiment at the University of Texas at Austin that is trying to find an answer to the question: “How, precisely, […]

Next Big Thing: Why John Maeda Says Design Is More Important Than Tech

“Technology used to be the differentiating factor,” John Maeda says in a segment on Bloomberg TV's Next Big Thing. “Now we don't care anymore because design matters more than technology.” Maeda, popular design speaker and President of the Rhode Island School of Design, says that what we value in our devices has changed. It used […]

Social Change Speaker Jessica Jackley: We Need More Female Entrepreneurs

“We must increase the number of women entrepreneurs, of women CEOs, of women leaders in every field,” social change speaker Jessica Jackley tells The Wall Street Journal. In her Chelsea Clinton-approved article (the former First Daughter recommended it highly on her Facebook page this week), Jackley says that women in leadership roles are a huge […]

Natural Partners: John Maeda Advocates For Combining Arts & Science

“Artists and scientists tend to approach problems with a similar open-mindedness and inquisitiveness,” John Maeda tells Scientific American, “they both do not fear the unknown, preferring leaps to incremental steps. They make natural partners.” The RISD president and popular design speaker sees the collaboration between artists and scientists as crucial for our future. “There is […]

Innovative Design Comes From Embracing Multiple Perspectives: John Maeda

“Ultimately, good design will be born from consideration of multiple perspectives,” leadership speaker John Maeda writes in Wired. “It should be something we haven’t even dreamed of yet.” He adds: “What we need now is to move beyond the superficial conversation about styles and incremental adjustments to boldly invent the next frontier of interface design.” […]

John Maeda: Simple Design In A Technologically Complex World [VIDEO]

“Something was happening in the 80s and 90s that defied logic,” design speaker John Maeda explains, “this thing, a microchip, was able to do the following: It was able to get cheaper every year, and get faster every year at the same time.” As he told the audience at a recent New York Ideas panel discussion, […]

“Bill Strickland Is Changing The World”: Twitter Reactions to His Recent Keynote

What will the workforce look like in the next decade? How can employers attract the best talent and foster the most productive environments for their employees? Leadership speaker Bill Strickland addressed questions like these at the World Employment Conference in Toronto earlier this month (fellow Lavin speakers Jeremy Gutsche and David Foot also gave speeches […]

Design-Inspired Health Care: John Maeda at TEDMED 2013 [VIDEO]

“Becoming a leader isn't about going up the mountain—it's about jumping off the mountain and asking the question, will you survive?” says John Maeda in his keynote at this year's TEDMED conference. Actually, as he later clarifies, leadership is not only asking if you'll survive jumping off the mountain—but whether you'll thrive doing so. This […]

NPR’s TED Radio Hour: Can Beauty Change A Life? Bill Strickland Says Yes

While many people might not see the location surrounding the Manchester Bidwell Foundation as beautiful (it's located in a somewhat rough area in Pittsburgh), leadership speaker Bill Strickland says beauty was a core element in the center's design process. “The building is very hopeful and it's very bright—even on a gray day,” Strickland told NPR […]

John Maeda: “Artists & Designers Will Be The Innovators Of This Century”

“Amid the rain, and the fog, and the rain, and the rain, Seattle was home to the beginning of my journey traversing the fields of technology, art and design,” education speaker John Maeda writes in a new editorial in The Seattle Times. He jokes that he was a Seattle native before it became cool to […]

Environment Drives Behavior: Bill Strickland At Chicago Ideas Week [VIDEO]

“Environment drives behavior,” leadership speaker Bill Strickland told the audience at Chicago Ideas Week. “Beautiful environments create beautiful kids, prisons create prisoners.” That's why the MacArthur Genius designed his arts and training centers with aesthetics in mind, and argues that everyone deserves to live, work, and learn in beautiful surroundings. In the keynote, Strickland chronicled […]

5 Qualities Of Effective Leaders: Business Speaker Adam Bryant [VIDEO]

CEOs are often sought after for their insight on innovation and strategy, but business speaker Adam Bryant took a different approach when he interviewed over 200 leaders of the world's top companies. In his breakaway “Corner Office” column in The New York Times—and his book of the same name—Bryant analyzes what that the heads of […]

Science Speaker Adam Alter: Thinking About Thinking

In a new talk with Edge.org, science speaker and NYU Professor Adam Alter discussed the role that metacognition plays in our lives. He isn't studying what people are thinking, so much as what is it like to think. As he explains there are two layers to our thought process: the basic level where we process […]

Bell ‘Let’s Talk’ Day 2013: Lavin’s Mental Health Speakers Speak Out

There's often a negative stigma attached to discussing mental illness. Open conversation is key to reversing that stigma and changing the conversation about mental health. This year's Bell 'Let's Talk' Day encourages businesses and community members to educate themselves on the facts about mental illness and to spread the word to others. Participants are asked […]

Leading By Design: A Creative Talk On Management From John Maeda

As leadership speaker John Maeda tells the audience at the World Economic forum, taking a creative approach to leadership can prove to be highly effective. Or, more accurately, he showed them. In his talk, he illustrated—quite literally—his points using sketches and diagrams. His presentation was reviewed in a recent Scientifc American article, and they praised […]

No One Brags About Things That Are Easy: Lewis MacKenzie

Major-General (ret'd) Lewis MacKenzie, a highly sought-after leadership speaker, recently stopped by our Toronto office to catch us up on current events, his theories on leadership, and his unique presentation style. Joined by several of us here at the agency (including Mackenzie Gruer, pictured above!) Lewis MacKenzie shared a snippet of his whirlwind schedule; providing […]

John Ibbitson: Three Fearless Political Predictions For 2013

In a recent video, John Ibbitson—The Globe and Mail's Ottawa Bureau Chief—lays out three fearless predictions for the political year to come: 1. The Canadian Government will buy the F-35 Joint Strike Fighter.Despite a great deal of controversy surrounding the cost, Ibbitson predicts that, eventually, the government will        decide that the American jet is the […]

Bill Strickland: “People Are Assets, Not Liabilities” [VIDEO]

“People matter,” says leadership speaker Bill Strickland in a recent keynote. “People are assets, not liabilities…[and] it is all in the way that you treat people that drives performance and drives behavior.” In the speech, Strickland explained that improving productivity begins with improving working environments. “Environment drives behavior,” he says, “beautiful environments create beautiful people, beautiful […]

The Power of Character: Education Speaker Paul Tough on This American Life

Children are our future—and thanks to the work of education speaker Paul Tough, and his unique perspective on how to help more children succeed, that future is beginning to look a little brighter. Tough recently appeared on NPR's This American Life to discuss the theories presented in his bestselling book How Children Succeed. Test results […]

When People Dont “Get” Art, It Means It’s Working: Design Speaker John Maeda [VIDEO]

People often strive to seek out the “meaning” behind art. In a talk at TEDGlobal 2012, however, design speaker John Maeda argued that the questions art stimulates are more important than “understanding” it. “When people say, ‘I don’t get art. I don’t get it all,’ that means art is working,” he said in the talk. “Art […]

Flipping the Classroom: Time Profiles Education Speaker Salman Khan

A recent Time magazine article on education speaker Salman Khan reveals his plan to “flip” the traditional classroom model, and to empower teachers to give personalized attention to individual students. Khan, who founded the popular Khan Academy, is relying on the support of the Internet, as well as the cooperation of educators everywhere. “In the […]

From Aspen Ideas Fest: John Maeda on Creative Cultures

Innovation speaker John Maeda recently spoke about building cultures of creativity at the 2011 Aspen Ideas Festival, as part of a panel moderated by Paolo Antonelli, MOMA's senior curator in the department of Architecture and Design. The renowned artist, designer, educator, and current president of the Rhode Island School of Design, suggested that there are […]

Jeremy Gutsche on MBAs: It’s Not What You Learn, It’s Who You Learn With

Jeremy Gutsche, Lavin speaker and founder of Trendhunter.com, didn’t achieve success all on his own. It was his well rounded background, including an MBA from Queen’s University, that gave him the foundation he needed to become one of the world’s foremost expert on consumer trends. That — and a little help from his friends. In […]

Kwame Anthony Appiah: “Why I Nominated Liu Xiaobo”

In Oslo today, the 2010 Nobel Peace Prize was awarded to writer Liu Xiaobo, who was unable to attend the ceremonies due to his ongoing imprisonment by the Chinese government. An empty chair sat on stage, pointedly, representing his absence. Below is an excerpt from a much-circulated letter that Kwame Anthony Appiah — acting as President of PEN American Center — sent […]