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Cryptocurrency & Blockchain Speakers


Bitcoin, blockchain and crypto-currencies. We’re living in a fintech world, the pioneering future of finance. The following cryptocurrency and  blockchain speakers are developing, charting, and inventing these new modes as they happen, one digital link at a time.

Cryptocurrency & Blockchain
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Michael Casey

Chief Content Officer at CoinDesk | MIT Media Advisor | Author of The Truth Machine and The Age of Cryptocurrency | Web3 Expert

If the world is going to transition from a centralized, analog economic system to one of online peer-to-peer markets, it will need a guide. With over three decades in journalism, business, and academia, Michael Casey has a deep understanding of the technological, geopolitical, and economic trends shaping the future. As the Chief Content Officer of CoinDesk—a leader in digital currency news—and author of two definitive books on blockchain, Casey offers a comprehensive view of how decentralization and digital transformation are changing the world today.
Nicholas Thompson

CEO of The Atlantic | Former Editor-in-Chief of WIRED

Nicholas Thompson is CEO of The Atlantic and former editor-in-chief of WIRED. His bold, brilliant takes on the complex relationship between ethics, tech, business, politics, and society continuously shape the nation’s understanding of the world around them. In new talks, he blueprints what life will look like after COVID—how privacy, labor, business, and human connection will be irrevocably altered, and how individuals and organizations can poise themselves to thrive.
Amber Baldet

CEO of Clovyr | Former JP Morgan Blockchain Lead

Amber Baldet was a blockchain program lead at JP Morgan before she left to start her own company. Now the CEO of the blockchain start-up Clovyr, Baldet has been recognized as a member of Fortune’s 40 Under 40, and named one of the “People Leading the Blockchain Revolution” by The New York Times. Praised for her ability to bring together the corporate and hacker camps, Baldet explains—with charisma and clarity—how the Internet of value will disrupt businesses, the global economy, and everyday life.
Michael Katchen

Founder and CEO of Wealthsimple

Michael Katchen is one of the leading figures of technological innovation in the world today. As the founder and CEO of Wealthsimple, Katchen redefined investing for a young generation and disrupted the behemoth financial services industry. How did he do it? With an approach to innovation that’s rooted in process over product, Katchen is able to solve big problems, reinvent industries, and continually grow. And in talks, he shows organizations how to weave innovation into the very fabric of their company so that they can do the same.
Garrett M. Graff

9/11 Expert and Author of The Only Plane in the Sky

One of America’s most distinguished journalists, Garrett M. Graff is a voice of reason within the clamor of hysterical headlines. Graff’s unparalleled instinct for truth makes him the speaker for audiences looking to understand how politics impact business and commerce, from the changing domains of cybersecurity, to the social and economic events that shape our technology.