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Trust Your Team—Innovation Will Follow (3:20)

David Robertson’s Innovation Highlights: From the LEGO Company to The GoPro

Diversity Is the Oxygen for Innovation—and Curiosity Is the Rocket Fuel (4:31)

The Art and Science (and Everything Else!) of Creativity: Five Perspectives from Lavin Speakers to Help You Unlock Innovation

In an age of rapid automation and innovation, creativity is the only thing that sets successful organizations apart from the rest. These speakers illuminate the many different facets of creativity—they explain why you should never sit down and try to be creative, why your most creative ideas come after you get stuck, and much more.

Non-Bullshit Innovation in a World of Constant Change (49:18)

Mastering Innovation and Execution at Autodesk with Minette Norman

Enabling innovation with automated decision-making

Bridging the Innovation Gap

4 Lessons You Need to Learn Quickly to Unleash Innovation

Best of 2012: Visionaries, Organizations, and Innovations Changing the Way We Learn

Martin Ford on Who’s Enjoying the Fruits of Innovation

Tread the third path to innovation

How ‘Little Ideas’ Can Lead to Powerful Innovations

David Robertson Innovation

End the Innovation Obsession

Five Inspiring Steps to Innovation with Jeremy Gutsche

Gender Equality As an Innovation Challenge (3:25)

How and Why We’re Hardwired for Innovation

Women in Innovation: NASA’s Dr. Ellen Ochoa (4:48)

How to Make Innovation & Change Happen (30:00)

How Conversation Can Spur Innovation (1:52)

The Most Crucial Innovation Since Fire and Electricity? AI

Conflict is the Enemy of Innovation

How Violence Hurts Innovation

The Golden Age of Innovation

How Conversation Can Spur Innovation

Using Technology to Accelerate Innovation

Why Innovation Requires Psychological Safety (1:24)

How Did LEGO Rewrite the Rules of Innovation?

What Can LEGO Teach Us About Innovation?

Doug Stephens: Innovation & How to Truly Implement It

How to Make Innovation & Change Happen

HOW TO WIN THE FUTURE – Innovation Keynote Speaker Jeremy Gutsche’s Speech on Change & Culture

Business Strategy Keynote Speaker Joe Jackman: People Are at the Centre of All Innovation

BETTER & FASTER: Innovation Keynote Speaker Jeremy Gutsche’s Top Speech on Innovation

What Does Innovation Smell Like? David Robertson on Finding Different Forms of Disruption

Innovation Keynote Speaker Jeremy Gutsche: Innovation Starts with Corporate Culture

Insights from the Corner Office: How to Build a Culture of Innovation

Jonathon Brown | The Future of Innovation

How Does Fiction Foreshadow Innovation?

Women in Innovation: NASA’s Dr. Ellen Ochoa

The Most Crucial Innovation Since Fire and Electricity? AI | Nicholas Thompson

How—and Why—We’re Hardwired for Innovation

BETTER & FASTER (Book / Innovation Keynote Trailer) – Find Unstoppable Ideas with Jeremy Gutsche

Gender Equality As an Innovation Challenge

DISRUPT or be DISRUPTED – Innovation Keynote Speaker Jeremy Gutsche on Trends & Change

Innovation Keynote Speaker Jeremy Gutsche – 30 Minute Speech

Embracing Change to Kickstart Innovation: The Lavin Agency Welcomes Jason Feifer

This past year has taught us that sudden, unexpected change may always be just around the corner. And although this might sound scary, success is waiting for those who can let go of protecting yesterday’s status quo. Helping us find the courage to do just that is Jason Feifer—the editor-in-chief of Entrepreneur Magazine and Lavin’s […]

Create the Future: Jeremy Gutsche’s Latest Innovation Guidebook Profiled by Inc

In Create the Future, Trend Hunter CEO and New York Times bestselling author Jeremy Gutsche reveals the frameworks that have helped 700 of the world’s most powerful brands, billionaires, and CEOs, accelerate real change.   Through his consulting work with Trend Hunter—not to mention his experience hosting the world’s #1 innovation conference, Future Festival—Jeremy Gutsche […]

Lead From the Future: Award-winning Innovation Expert Mark Johnson Joins The Lavin Agency

As the co-founder of innovation consultancy Innosight, Mark Johnson helps leaders envision their future, create new growth, and manage transformation. His upcoming book Lead from the Future breaks down what truly sets a visionary leader apart—and how to instill their unique approach into your own organization.   There’s no special mix of attributes that create […]

Innovation Expert Jeremy Gutsche Interviews Celebrated Thought Leader Malcolm Gladwell on the Power of Ideas

Trend Hunter CEO Jeremy Gutsche invited New York Times alum Malcolm Gladwell to the Trend Hunter offices for a thoughtful discussion on how and why we should challenge our assumptions—and the value it brings.   As the founder and CEO of Trend Hunter —the world’s largest, most powerful trend platform — Jeremy Gutsche is at […]

Abandoning the Status Quo: Innovation Guru Jeremy Gutsche Shares How CIOs Can Help Companies Disrupt

As the CEO of Trend Hunter, the largest trend-spotting platform in the world, Jeremy Gutsche is well-versed in the art of bringing big ideas to life. Now, he explains how CIOs will become crucial to disruptive innovation in the coming years.   The average lifespan of a fortune 500 company has fallen from a healthy […]

Why Does Having a Minimum Viable Product Matter? Laura Huang Explains the Benefits for Innovation

How can you maximize innovation, reduce risk, and build an entrepreneurial organization? Harvard Business Professor Laura Huang explains the importance of the Minimum Viable Product in achieving all three goals.  Instead of creating the disparate parts of a product and then assembling them into its final form, creating a Minimum Viable Product or MVP means […]

How Do You Manage Change? By Booking the Best Innovation Speakers

The world is changing—fast. You want the best innovation speaker to help you navigate your future. The Lavin Agency represents the best innovation speakers—great minds on the front lines of their industry, working to make the world a smarter place.     Jeremy Gutsche is “an intellectual can of Red Bull” (Association Week), a New York Times bestselling author and one of our most booked […]

Top 10 Innovation Keynote Speakers

The world is changing—fast. Innovation and creativity are becoming the most valuable assets a company can hire for, encourage and cultivate. But how does innovation actually happen? What does it really look like in action? These innovation keynote speakers are professors, entrepreneurs, scientists; they’re working on the front lines of innovation, helping you to better […]

Future Fest 2018, Jeremy Gutsche’s 3-Day Epic Innovation Conference, Is Underway

Future Festival 2018 Toronto—a three-day conference where the world’s best innovators gather to prototype their future—is happening now. JEREMY GUTSCHE, veteran Lavin keynote speaker and the festival’s founder and host, is also the CEO of TrendHunter.com: the #1 most powerful, predictive, and popular trend platform in the world. “The reason why,” says Gutsche, “is that we use big data from […]

Future Fest 2017, Jeremy Gutsche’s 3-Day Epic Innovation Conference, Is Underway

Future Festival 2017 Toronto—a three-day conference where the world’s best innovators gather to prototype their future—is happening now. Jeremy Gutsche, veteran Lavin keynote speaker and the festival’s founder and host, is also the CEO of TrendHunter.com: the #1 most powerful, predictive, and popular trend platform in the world. “The reason why,” says Gutsche, “is that we use […]

“Creative courage is more than a strategy. It’s a way of life”: How Welby Altidor Made Innovation Happen at Cirque du Soleil

For 15 years, Welby Altidor helped lead one of the most innovative artistic organizations in the world—Cirque de Soleil. In Creative Courage, the former Executive Creative Director shares practical keys to creativity that will revitalize the way you collaborate, ideate, and make big things happen.

American Business Under Trump: Randall Lane, Editor of Forbes, on Innovation and Ingenuity under the New Presidency

How will business fare under Trump? How will this new government affect entrepreneurship, tech, and innovation across the nation, from Silicon Valley to Middle-America to Wall Street? Randall Lane—editor of Forbes, one of the world’s most respected magazines on business and innovation—explores what the change in power might mean for American ingenuity for the next […]

Over 5 Million Views for Innovation Speaker Jeremy Gutsche’s “Better & Faster” Keynote

Major congratulations are due to one of our top innovation speakers, Jeremy Gutsche! His “Better & Faster” keynote—available to watch here—has surpassed five million views! An incredible achievement, but certainly not surprising. Once you witness Gutsche’s charisma, creativity, and unique insights into entrepreneurship, disruption, adaptation, and business success, you’ll know exactly why.   This inspiring […]

“Everything’s Exciting”: Margaret Atwood on Storytelling, Technology, & Innovation

In the midst of receiving excellent reviews of her latest novel, The Heart Goes Last, Margaret Atwood narrates this charmingly animated video feature in anticipation of the Future of Storytelling Summit, held in New York City next week. In it she explains how innovative technologies impact the ways in which we consume, and understand, narrative—from […]

Better and Faster: Innovation Speaker Jeremy Gutsche at SXSW Interactive

Innovation speaker Jeremy Gutsche presents his new book and keynote, Better and Faster: The Proven Path to Unstoppable Ideas, at SXSW Interactive tomorrow. The CEO of TrendHunter.com, the world's #1 trend-spotting site, Gutsche shows audiences how to use innovation to generate ideas and kick-start creativity. At SXSW, he'll dive into how interactive opportunities are created […]

Learning through Failure: Cirque du Soleil’s Welby Altidor on Innovation

Welby Altidor, Executive Creative Director for Cirque du Soleil, recently sat down with the Globe and Mail to discuss learning, creativity, and innovation. In the video, which is embedded above, he spoke about the importance of failure as a necessary step in the learning process. “I think of my daughter and how she learned to […]

Trends, Hunted: Innovation Speaker Jeremy Gutsche Reveals 2014’s Top Trends

Innovation speaker Jeremy Gutsche has released his forecast for 2014's top trends. As the founder of Trendhunter.com, the largest trend hunting website in the world, Gutsche is plugged in to the latest in consumer behavior—and he channels that insight into his popular keynotes on marketing and innovation. Check out the video embedded above to preview […]

Forecasting Trends: Innovation Speaker Jeremy Gutsche On Wine & TIFF

Wolf Blass Wines are celebrating their 30th year in Canada—and they enlisted our highly requested innovation speaker Jeremy Gutsche to help make it a success! The founder of Trendhunter.com is often looked to for his ability to conduct cutting-edge market research and supercharge innovation. For his role with the company, Gutsche was instrumental in drumming […]

LEGO Breaks The Rules Of Innovation—And Wins: David Robertson In TIME

Effectively fostering a culture of innovation within your organization is an enviable achievement. David Robertson, who was the conference speaker at Wharton’s William and Phyllis Mack Center recently, uses LEGO as a case study for how to implement an effective innovation strategy. TIME magazine shared key takeaways from the Brick by Brick author's keynote. First, Robertson […]

Less Can Be More: David Robertson Speaks To LEGO’s Innovation Strategy

“Thinking out of the box almost put LEGO out of business,” innovation speaker David Robertson says in a new keynote speech. “[It was] going back in the box [that] created a tremendous success.” Robertson is a Wharton School Professor and author of Brick by Brick: How LEGO Rewrote the Rules of Innovation and Conquered the […]

Learning from LEGO: New Innovation Speaker David Robertson

Innovation doesn't always have to be disruptive to be effective. In fact, as our new speaker David Robertson tellsThe Lavin Agency, trying to push the limits too far, too fast, can be an outright disaster. Robertson, a Professor of Practice at the Wharton School, is the newest business expert to join our speakers bureau. He's […]

Innovation Speaker John Maeda Says Art Can Help The Economy [VIDEO]

“Why does STEAM policy matter?” asks innovation speaker John Maeda of his quest to turn the current curriculem of STEM courses (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) into STEAM courses (the A representing the addition of arts). The answer is simple. “It is how America will reign competitive and remain the leader in the 21st century.” In […]

Innovation Speaker Jeremy Gutsche Unveils The Biggest Trends For 2013

The people who win in their industries don't settle for knowing what's big now—they predict, and act on, what's going to be big tomorrow. That's exactly what innovation speaker Jeremy Gutsche does with Trendhunter.com and what he tells others to do in his standing-room only keynotes. His popular and authoritative crowd-sourced website compiles a collection […]

Curiosity Is Essential For Innovation: Science Speaker Janna Levin [VIDEO]

When you think of the study of cosmology, generally notions of high-tech telescopes and complex lab equipment come to mind. Science speaker Janna Levin, however, likes to do things a little bit differently. “I really like to work in pen and paper in math,” she explains in an interview with the BBC. What is she […]

At a Digital Innovation Conference, Eric Klinenberg Talks About Going Solo

Eric Klinenberg's Going Solo: The Extraordinary Rise and Surprising Appeal of Living Alone is a fascinating look at our changing way of life—and it's innovative thinking like this that has landed Klinenberg as a conference speaker at the L2 Think Tank for Digital Innovation. Klinenberg has worked extensively on the rise of solo living, and […]

Trend Setting: RW&Co. Features Innovation Speaker Jeremy Gutsche In Their Fall Campaign

When RW&Co. was looking for a face to represent their newest fall fashion trends, innovation speaker Jeremy Gutsche was an obvious choice. The entrepreneur has dedicated his career to seeking out the next big thing with his online trend-spotting magazine Trendhunter.com (which recently just surpassed one billion, yes, billion, views) and he has spoken to some of the world's biggest […]

Spark: Innovation Speakers — Tom Wujec’s Marshmallow Challenge [VIDEO]

Innovation speaker Tom Wujec encourages Fortune 100 companies to play with their food. Why? Because “The Marshmallow Challenge” (where teams compete to build the tallest free-standing structure out of 20 sticks of spaghetti, tape, string and a single marshmallow) teaches simple, yet powerful, lessons on collaboration, creativity and generating fresh ideas. While stringing together a […]

“A Fresh Burst of Life and Energy”: Innovation Speaker Jeremy Gutsche

At his site, TrendHunter.com, innovation speaker Jeremey Gutsche knows how to sift through the hubbub and find the next big thing. As one of the speakers at the 2012 Australian Chambers Business Congress, Gutsche brought his voracious stage presence and keen eye for innovative business cultures. In an email to Lavin, one of the event’s […]

Innovation Speaker Jeremy Gutsche Celebrates One Billion Views at Trendhunter

Great news! Trendhunter.com—the brainchild website of innovation speaker Jeremy Gutsche—just passed one billion views. Gutsche’s site is, by leaps and bounds, the largest and most updated collection of cutting edge ideas available anywhere—ideas on fashion, technology, design, architecture, consumer behavior, and mush else. As the site passed the billion-with-a-b milestone, Gutsche wrote, “Just three years […]

Tom Wujec’s “Marshmallow Challenge” Innovation Workshop

Tom Wujec is one of the world's leading innovation and visualization speakers, offering interactive innovation workshops to help companies streamline the way they do business and foster innovation. One of his most unorthodox, yet equally effective, workshops is the “Marshmallow Challenge”—a simple team exercise in amateur architecture that ends up teaching us the true value […]

John Maeda: Art + Science = Innovation

We stumbled upon some of John Maeda’s classic design work today, over at Fast Company. One of the world’s most famous designers, and ever prescient, John’s been preaching some form of “design thinking” for many years now. As a keynote speaker, and as President of the Rhode Island School of Design, he talks about a subject close to […]

The Top 12 Women’s History Month Speakers for 2024: True Gender Equality, Learning From the Past, and More

Every March, Women’s History Month and International Women’s Day give us the chance to be inspired by the women of the past, and to let their stories light the way towards our shared future. Lavin is proud to represent the world’s top WHM speakers: from literary icon Margaret Atwood to civil rights legend Minnijean Brown-Trickey, and many more.

Top 10 AI Speaker Alexandra Samuel: The New Hybrid Work Is Humans + AI

The author of Remote, Inc., Alexandra says that if we can equip our teams to make effective use of AI, it will become not just a tool for productivity, but the key for us to play a meaningful role in transforming our workplaces for the decades to come.

Top 10 AI Speaker Justin Reilly: Your Company Needs to Become “AI First”

Just as the internet brought business into the Digital First and then Mobile First eras, breakneck advances in Artificial Intelligence are quickly bringing us into an “AI First” era, says Wavelo CEO and top AI strategy speaker Justin Reilly.

Top 10 AI Speaker Jeremy Gutsche: Make the Chaos of AI Work for You

“This is the year AI changes you,” says top AI futurist speaker Jeremy Gutsche. As CEO of Trend Hunter, the world’s largest AI trend-spotting platform, he shows us how to lean into the chaos and emerge as more powerful, AI-enabled versions of ourselves.

Top 10 AI Speaker Sal Khan: AI Won’t Destroy Education. It’ll Save It

Artificial Intelligence is already revolutionizing how we teach and how we learn—and that’s not a bad thing. Amidst the rampant questions and worries about AI’s role in schools, AI education speaker Sal Khan offers a powerful (and hopeful) case for AI’s transformative potential.

Top 10 AI Speaker Radhika Dirks: AI Is Revolutionizing Possibility Itself

If you’re still thinking of ChatGPT as a simple tool for productivity, you’re thinking too small, says AI innovation speaker Radhika Dirks, one of Forbes’s 30 Women in AI to Watch. The power of generative AI has brought our wildest and most ambitious moonshots—projects that used to take decades and billions of dollars to accomplish—within reach.

Top 10 AI Speaker Ajay Agrawal: Why You Can’t Afford to Be 2nd in the AI Future

Artificial Intelligence is disrupting our entire economy, which means that smart companies have a once-in-a-generation opportunity to consolidate power today, says AI leadership speaker Ajay Agrawal. As the founder of the Creative Destruction Lab, the largest incubator of AI startups on the planet, Ajay shows leaders like you practical ways to get ahead—and stay ahead—in the AI future.

Why Empathy Is a Vital Ingredient for True DEI: Stanford Psychologist Jamil Zaki

Empathy is a vital ingredient for thriving workplaces and for successful Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion initiatives, says Jamil Zaki, director of Stanford’s Social Neuroscience Lab. Drawing on his original research on the science of empathy, Jamil shows how you can learn this “soft skill” just like you’d learn a hard skill like coding: through practice, experience, and collaboration.

ChatGPT is Disrupting Every Industry. The 10 Top AI Speakers on What’s Next

Generative AI is already changing the way we think about work, the economy, investments, education, and society at large. It promises to be more disruptive than the internet itself. Lavin has been exploring the potential of AI for years, and we are proud to share the insights of our leading thinkers.

Mary C. Murphy

A growth mindset isn’t just for individuals. You can develop it in your whole organization, and unlock radical collaboration and innovation.

“Inclusive Leadership Is a Practice”: Daily Steps for Transforming Your Company Culture, from Minette Norman’s New Book

Building diverse teams is the key to breakthrough innovation. But teams can’t benefit from their diversity until everyone feels safe to bring their best to work—and inclusive teams require inclusive leaders. The good news? Inclusive leadership is a practice that anyone can learn—and in The Boldly Inclusive Leader, Minette shows you how.

Turn Collaboration Into “Creative Chemistry”: Fmr. Nike Chief Marketing Officer Greg Hoffman

Want to build a environment of radical risk-taking and powerful collaboration? “Never play it safe, play to win,” says Greg Hoffman. As Nike’s former Chief Marketing Officer, Greg’s insight-packed keynotes on leadership and innovation have lit up stages everywhere from Instagram to Adobe to EA Sports.

Creativity Is a Skill You Can Learn: Lavin Welcomes Caitlan Maggs, Former Cirque du Soleil Artistic Director

At the Cirque du Soleil, one of the world’s most famously creative companies, Caitlan worked on almost every groundbreaking show for two fast-paced decades. Now she shows you how to learn the skill of creativity—and unlock radical innovation and teamwork.

Technologies Like AI Will Reshape Society. Let’s Make Sure Everyone Prospers. MIT Economist Daron Acemoglu’s New Book

Congratulations to Lavin speaker Daron Acemoglu, one of the 10 most cited economists in the world, on the release of his new book Power and Progress: a hopeful look at the future of technology and democracy.

How to Get Unstuck: Adam Alter’s New Book Is a Roadmap to Creativity and Success

Everyone feels stuck, whether you’re wrestling through a difficult project or trying to mend a friendship. “People believe that stuckness is inevitable,” says Adam Alter, whose new book Anatomy of a Breakthrough is out today. “And it is—but it turns out to be surmountable.”

The Surprising Secret to High Performance? Talking to Yourself. Ethan Kross, Psychologist and Bestselling Author

If you want to develop resilience, innovation, and powerful leadership, you need to start by leading yourself. Lavin’s Ethan Kross is an expert on turning your inner voice into your greatest tool, and his work has caught fire in the corporate world. He’ll show you what he’s already shown C-suites across America: how to unleash your inner Ted Lasso.

David Rowan

To stay relevant, you cannot ignore the new rules of technology, business, or innovation.

Quick and Nimble

Lessons from Leading CEOs on How to Create a Culture of Innovation

Creative Courage

Leveraging Imagination, Collaboration, and Innovation to Create Success Beyond your Wildest Dreams

Caitlan Maggs

Creativity is a skill, not a talent. You can learn it through practice—and unlock resilience, innovation, and collaboration.

Brick by Brick

How LEGO Rewrote the Rules of Innovation and Conquered the Global Toy Industry

The Power of Little Ideas

A Low-Risk, High-Reward Approach to Innovation

Exploiting Chaos

150 Ways to Spark Innovation During Times of Change

Women’s History Month 2023: Lavin’s Top Speakers on Gender Equality and Beyond

March is Women’s History Month, a time to celebrate the amazing progress in women’s rights over the years, as well as the work being done today. With so many facets of gender equality to explore, Lavin can help you book the right speaker for your event to inspire leadership, growth and resilience. We’re proud to […]

The Top Happiness & Wellness Speakers of 2022

Good health, both mental and physical, isn’t just nice to have in the workplace—it’s the key to increased productivity, motivation, and creativity for workers and leaders in every context. Our TOP HAPPINESS AND WELLNESS SPEAKERS offer innovative, practical strategies that you can use to help everyone in your organization perform at their highest level, all the time. […]

Innovate for Communities, Not Individuals: David Robertson on How Cherokee Values Help You Innovate Better

Nobody lives in a vacuum. Our behaviors, needs, and desires are highly influenced by the people around us. So why does so much of our innovation center solely around the individual? MIT innovation expert David Robertson knows that if we can tap into the communities we serve, we’ll be able to develop a framework of […]

Use Your Personal Story For Radical Creativity: Nike’s Former Chief Marketing Officer Greg Hoffman

During his decades-long career at Nike, Greg Hoffman defined the brand’s identity through innovative storytelling.  As Nike’s former Chief Marketing Officer, Greg pulled from his personal life to create strong emotional attachments between people and products. Named one of Business Insider’s most innovative CMOs, he refused to stay within his comfort zone—instead, embracing creativity and innovation. Now, […]

Michael Katchen

In order to grow, we need to weave innovation into the DNA of our organizations.

David Robertson

The third way of innovation is not radical disruption—it’s a low-risk, high-reward strategy.

Margot Lee Shetterly

A greater diversity of voices in science, in the STEM fields, is key to the future of American innovation.

Randall Lane

Endless disruption has led to faster innovations, better approaches, bigger opportunities.

Charles Fishman

Innovation on demand? Creative leadership? NASA’s moon landing got there first.

Adam Alter

Many of the barriers you’re facing are subjective. You can get unstuck—and unlock radical creativity, innovation, and teamwork.

Ellen Bennett

Overthinking kills innovation. You need to dream first, and worry about the details later.

Sarah Kaplan

Diversity, equity, and inclusion are our greatest innovation challenges—risky, transformative, and ultimately worthwhile.

The Lavin Agency Welcomes John List, Chief Economist at Lyft

The ideas that change the world are those that reach the largest number of people, says John List: a leading economist at The University of Chicago, and the Chief Economist at ride-share giant Lyft. But how can we make sure our best ideas reach our desired audiences? Thankfully, there are vital attributes that all “scalable” […]

Overcoming Barriers to Change: The Lavin Agency Welcomes Loran Nordgren

At the heart of creating change lies a deep and often destructive assumption that can thwart our best efforts at innovation: it’s the conventional belief that the best way to get people to embrace our idea, is to increase the appeal of the idea itself. However, this approach neglects the psychological “frictions” that hold us […]

Futurist Jonathan Brill Reveals How to Turn Chaos Into Profit in Rogue Waves

Radical changes are hitting businesses harder, faster, and more often than ever before. And though everyone will face them at some point or another, some companies will fare better than others. In Rogue Waves, Jonathan Brill, an expert in resilient growth and decision-making in times of uncertainty, reveals an actionable plan for “driving change, instead […]

The Power of Creative Leadership: The Lavin Agency Welcomes Former Nike CMO Greg Hoffman

There is perhaps no one more qualified to advise you on the ins-and-outs of creative leadership than new Lavin speaker Greg Hoffman. Throughout his 20+ years at Nike, Hoffman helped lead the sporting giant’s most innovative branding, marketing, and design efforts—from the Emmy Award-winning Colin Kaepernick campaign to the most remembered ad of the 2016 […]

Luke Burgis’ Wanting Reveals the Power of Mimetic Desire

The billion-dollar question of business, politics, even the foundation of society itself—why do we want the things that we want? It is both shocking and revealing that everything we desire, do, or create is powerfully influenced by those around us. In his new book,Wanting, serial entrepreneur LUKE BURGIS makes a startling case about the hidden […]

Decoding the Future of Events: A Message From Our Founder

What will become of in-person events, now that the business world is acclimating to the affordability and accessibility of virtual events? The Lavin Agency’s Founder and CEO David Lavin considers the future of the industry he’s so passionate about.  There’s an interesting parallel between what’s happening in the events industry today, and the digital disruption […]

No Rules Rules: Erin Meyer Shares the Behind-The-Scenes of Netflix’s Culture

In her latest book No Rules Rules, Erin Meyer teams up with Netflix co-founder Reed Hastings to reveal, for the first time ever, the unorthodox culture that made the streaming giant what it is today. We’re all familiar with the story. In the year 2000, Blockbuster turned down the chance to purchase a fledgling DVD […]

Reimagining Higher Education in Response to COVID-19

The COVID-19 pandemic has created the largest disruption of education systems in history. Not only that, but this crisis is exacerbating pre-existing education disparities for many of the most vulnerable students. How are higher education institutions carrying on with teaching during this socio-economic, cultural and health crisis, and what do we know about the future of […]

Silicon Valley, Reinvention, and the Future of Tech: Introducing Lavin Speaker Alex Kantrowitz

In Always Day One, tech reporter Alex Kantrowitz explores the industry’s unique culture of innovation. More than just a catchy slogan, the book’s title refers to the bedrock principle employed by one of the largest, most successful companies in the world: Amazon. The logic being that failure to invent like a start-up will eventually lead […]

How Can Entrepreneurs Get Through COVID-19? Business Journalist David Sax Reveals Two Essential Truths

If business owners can learn to embrace two certainties, they’ll be able to get through anything, says David Sax. In his new piece for Entrepreneur, he considers how the challenges presented by COVID-19 are showing us what we’re capable of. “The only way entrepreneurs will get through this is by embracing our two core truths […]

Lavin’s Top Women & Leadership Speakers Are Breaking Barriers—and Inspiring Others to Do the Same

In honor of International Women’s Day, we’re shining the spotlight on our Top Women & Leadership Speakers. These women are all powerhouses in their fields—from business and law to STEM and sports. They’re reshaping the worlds they work in, and as speakers, their stories and expertise empower other women to do the same.      […]

Navigating Our AI Future: Lavin’s Top 10 Artificial Intelligence Speakers

Once the stuff of dystopian nightmares, artificial intelligence has become an essential part of our daily lives. Today, AI recommends our products, routes our taxis, predicts our Internet searches. Tomorrow? It will be a tool as fundamental as electricity. Lavin’s Top 10 artificial intelligence speakers help us navigate the changes to come. Radhika Dirks: There […]

AI Pioneer Radhika Dirks Discusses Technology’s Disconnect from Humanity in New TEDx Talk

 Scientific study was born out of a desire to answer big, philosophical questions on the meaning of life. When scientists and technologists forget this nascent connection, says Radhika Dirks, they run the risk of creating without considering the ethical implications of their work. In her TEDx talk, Dirks reminds us why relating technology back to […]

Lavin’s Top 10 Corporate Culture Speakers Changing the Workplace of Tomorrow

More than just a modern-day business buzzword, corporate culture plays an integral role in a company’s success. Whether it’s innovation, collaboration, diversity, or a commitment to taking risks, Lavin’s Top Corporate Culture Speakers will help you elevate your organization by championing strong values and putting people first. Stephanie Mehta: Few people know what makes an […]

Connecting to Today’s Consumers: Lavin’s Top Ten Marketing Speakers

The last decade has seen a complete transformation in the way we do business. Lavin’s Top 10 Marketing Speakers expertly navigate us through the changing tides, and help leaders and organizations win the hearts of tomorrow’s consumer.   Sarah Kaplan Corporate social responsibility has morphed from a nice-to-have into an absolute must-have. In her talks, […]

Lavin’s Top CEO Speakers Reveal the Secrets of Inspiring Leadership

Being a CEO means more than having a fancy title and corner office. It means being able to lead under pressure, and in times of crisis; being able to inspire and mobilize a team; and lastly, being able to execute strategy with vision. Lavin’s Top CEO Speakers have walked the walk, and now they’re sharing […]

Create the Future: Jeremy Gutsche Offers New Tactics for Disruptive Thinking in His Upcoming Book

More than just a business buzzword, innovation has become a coveted ideal for nearly every organization on earth. The problem is, though everyone wants innovation, few know how to actually attain it. In his upcoming book Create the Future, Trend Hunter CEO and New York Times bestselling author Jeremy Gutsche offers a guide for mastering […]

Building a 360° Corporation: New Lavin Speaker Sarah Kaplan Navigates Stakeholder Trade-Offs

In today’s political climate, corporate social responsibility has transformed from a “nice-to-have” to a “must-have.” Sarah Kaplan, author of The 360° Corporation, shows us how the next generation of business will survive—and thrive—amidst conflicting stakeholder demands.  “Today, increasingly, corporations are being asked, pressured, forced, encouraged, regulated, and coaxed to consider a broader set of stakeholders […]

Building an Innovative Culture: Fast Company’s Stephanie Mehta joins The Lavin Agency

Fast Company is the magazine that innovative businesses trust when they want to understand up-and-coming technologies, changing leadership and workplace trends, and ideas with the power to change the world. At the helm is Editor-in-Chief Stephanie Mehta, helping to shape the future for the next generation of business. If you want to understand the most […]

Shoshana Zuboff Dubs the City of Toronto the “New Frontier” of Surveillance Capitalism

Information is capital in the twenty-first century, a fact which has led companies like Google and Facebook to hunt, capture, and hoard the personal data of its consumers. The value lies not in the capacity for service improvement, but in the rich predictive signals such data provides. In an essay for Toronto Life, Shoshana Zuboff […]

Rebel With a Cause: Social Scientist Francesca Gino Explores Non-Conformity for NPR

Francesca Gino stumbled across Massimo Bottura’s unusual Italian cookbook by chance. Flipping through its pages, she discovered that the traditional Italian recipes she knew and loved had been replaced with creative, remixed dishes. On this week’s episode of Hidden Brain by NPR, Gino explains what she learned from the rule-breaking Michelin chef in her quest […]

The Pain of Losing Local Business: David Sax Investigates Why Saying Goodbye Hurts for the New York Times

In his New York Times opinion piece, bestselling author David Sax explores the indelible mark that brick-and-mortar businesses continue to leave on consumers—even in the digital age—and why it hurts so much when they close their doors.  “Why do we shed tears over businesses that shut their doors, when we know that the nature of […]

Shoshana Zuboff and Safi Bahcall Longlisted for the Financial Times and McKinsey Business Book of the Year Award

Sixteen titles are competing for this year’s Financial Times and McKinsey Book of the Year Award. Among them are Lavin speakers Shohana Zuboff and Safi Bahcall, for their groundbreaking books The Age of Surveillance Capitalism and Loonshots, respectively.  In 2015, Lavin speaker Martin Ford’s book The Rise of the Robots became the first tech title […]

Lavin Speakers Reflect on the 50th Anniversary of the Lunar Landing

July 20th, 2019, marks 50 years since NASA put a man on the moon. These are the Lavin Speakers talking about mankind’s greatest achievement.   One Giant Leap author Charles Fishman continues his 50 Days to the Moon series for Fast Company. The award-winning journalist is also appearing at NASA’s 50th anniversary event—held in collaboration […]

What Did JFK’s Assassination Mean for the Moon Landing? Charles Fishman Investigates for Fast Company

The moon landing wouldn’t have happened without President John F. Kennedy, he who boldly promised the nation that we would reach the moon before the Soviets. But would we have gotten there by 1969—as promised—if he hadn’t been assassinated? In his latest article for Fast Company, Charles Fishman reveals surprising evidence that suggests JFK was […]

Lavin Speakers Nominated for Thinkers50: The World’s Most Prestigious Ranking of Management Thinkers

Thinkers50, the premier ranking of global business leaders, announced the nominees for their 2019 Distinguished Achievement Awards. Dubbed the “Oscars” of Management Thinking by the Financial Times, this year’s shortlist features no less than six Lavin Speakers, whose ideas are being recognized for their potential to change the world.   Ajay Agrawal—Digital Thinking Award In […]

Randall Lane’s Forbes Under 30 Summit Asia Kicks off in Hong Kong

Over 300 of the most influential entrepreneurs will gather for the fourth annual Forbes Under 30 Summit Asia. Creator Randall Lane discusses the significance of the event, and the Under 30 platform as a whole. Forbes 30 Under 30 is practically a cultural institution. Conceived in 2011 by the magazine’s Chief Content Officer Randall Lane, […]

Charles Fishman Explains How an Unlikely Pairing—Between NASA and Playtex—Led to the Apollo Spacesuits in Fast Company

In One Giant Leap, Charles Fishman writes the untold story of the moon landing—charting how the ambitious project was scaled through innovation, teamwork, and technological advancement. As part of Fast Company’s 50 Days to the Moon series—which features a story each day leading up to the 50th anniversary—Fishman explains how a bra company beat out […]

Lavin Speaker Daron Acemoglu Awarded MIT’s Highest Faculty Honor

Economist Daron Acemoglu has produced influential research in government, innovation, labor, and globalization. Thanks to his groundbreaking contributions to the field, this year Acemoglu has been named Institute Professor, the highest faculty honor awarded by MIT.   Daron Acemoglu has spent over 25 years at MIT grappling with large and complex economic questions. Over the […]

Will AI Facilitate a Universal Basic Income?: A Conversation with Martin Ford and Kai-Fu Lee

As the future draws nearer, experts are weighing in on the impact Artificial Intelligence will have on the workforce. What jobs will automation make redundant? Will it eliminate more positions than it generates? And is the answer to the problem a government-subsidized salary? Lavin Speaker Martin Ford makes the case for a Universal Basic Income […]

Lavin Speaker John Maeda Appointed Chief Experience Officer at Leading Digital Transformation Company

A leader in the world of design, technology, education, and computer science, John Maeda is one of Silicon Valley’s most revered names. Now, he’s spearheading design at Publicis Sapient—a digital consultancy firm—to guide legacy companies through the peaks and valleys of the digital revolution. As the Global Head of Computational Design at Automattic—the parent company […]

Top 10 Team-Building Speakers: Fostering Meaningful Connections in the Workplace

A company can’t succeed without its people, and people can’t succeed without each other. These Top 10 team-building speakers illuminate how to create long-lasting connections in the workplace—improving productivity, collaboration, and happiness in the process. Darby Allen is widely celebrated for safely evacuating the residents of Fort McMurray during Alberta’s 2016 forest fires. Today, the […]

The Moon Landing Was Virtually Impossible. In One Giant Leap—Out Tomorrow—Charles Fishman Charts How We Arrived.

In 1969 Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin went to the moon, and their skill, courage, and the moment itself has been well-documented in the 50 years since. But the astronauts weren’t the only ones who made the moon landing possible. In One Giant Leap—out tomorrow—Charles Fishman offers a behind-the-scenes account of the ordinary people who […]

Unforgettable Workshops & Interactive Keynotes from Our Leading Workshop Speakers

Does your event call for hands-on audience engagement? Expertly led workshops? An unforgettable interactive keynote experience? These speakers do it all—speak, teach, and get people out of their seats for entertaining and motivating interactive workshops and keynotes, tailored to your audience’s precise needs.   David Robertson – How Do You Lead Innovation? David Robertson, MIT professor […]

A Q&A With Emily Esfahani Smith, Lavin Speaker and Author of The Power of Meaning

Meaning, not happiness, is the key to a good life. That’s the vital message at the core of Emily Esfahani Smith’s book, The Power of Meaning, an essential guide to living a life that matters, as well as her popular TED talk—viewed over 7 million times—and her viral Atlantic article. In our recent chat with her, she explains how you can develop genuine cultures of […]

Plan the Conference of the Future with Lavin + WIRED: A New, Exclusive Partnership

From ethics to innovation, culture to business, WIRED offers grounded, deeply-reported coverage of how technology will impact our jobs, our economy, our politics, and our lives. They provide the most essential information to help people set the smartest course for their future—mirroring our own mandate to make the world a smarter place. That's why we're […]

Top 10 Business Keynote Speakers

Great companies start with great leaders. Leaders who recognize incredible talent, even when it’s hard to see; leaders who can spot, manage, and prevent risk; leaders who build successful teams, adapt to change and create cultures of innovation. These business keynote speakers blend personal, compelling leadership stories with years of immersive research, interviews and anecdotes […]

Black History Month: The Struggles of Our Past Teach Us About Our Present

February is Black History Month—a time in which we celebrate the important contributions and achievements of African Americans throughout history. Lavin speakers Titus Kaphar, Heather McGhee and Margot Lee Shetterly engage with this crucial history through a variety of lenses: art, policy, STEM. But most importantly they draw wisdom from it, in order to forge a better future.    […]

The Icons & Ideas Making the World WIRED: EIC Nicholas Thompson’s Summit Celebrates the Magazine’s Past, Present & Future

The four-day summit, named WIRED25, was a celebration of the ideas, innovations, and icons that made the world wired. In addition to work immersions, keynotes, and even a robot petting zoo, editor-in-chief Nicholas Thompson, conducted thoughtful, illuminating interviews with LinkedIn CEO Jeff Weiner, Stripe CEO Patrick Collison, and Stacy Brown-Philpot of TaskRabbit, about the future of […]

Fresh, Powerful Perspectives: Say Hello to Our Women in Leadership Speakers

Innovative ideas come from diverse leadership. That’s a fact. Minette Norman, VP of Engineering at software leader Autodesk was the only person who could demolish the silos restricting progress; Maureen Chiquet led Chanel and Banana Republic through a decade of retail disruption; and Margot Lee Shetterly is the author of the #1 bestseller Hidden Figures, about the black […]

Introducing New Speaker Markus Giesler: One of the World’s Most Influential Consumer Sociologists

“The winner with consumers will always be whoever has the best strategy for managing the cultural, ethical and political factors of their innovation,” says Markus Giesler—one of the 40 Best Business Professors Under 40 and an incredibly influential consumer sociologist and ethnographer. Markus Giesler teaches the world’s first MBA course on Customer Design Experience and […]

Nat Geo is Developing a TV Series based on Margot Lee Shetterly’s Hidden Figures

Hidden Figures—Margot Lee Shetterly’s runaway New York Times bestseller and the inspiration for the Academy Award nominated film—is being developed by the original producers into a series for Nat Geo, National Geographic’s cable channel. Shetterly’s book recounts the true story of the black women mathematicians at NASA who helped achieve some of America’s greatest achievements in space, […]

Blockchain Expert Michael Casey Breaks Down the Basics in May’s MIT Technology Review

Michael Casey is the Senior Advisor to MIT’s Digital Currency Initiative and author of both The Age of Cryptocurrency and The Truth Machine, two pre-eminent books on cryptocurrency. With ease and clarity, he demystifies the blockchain, breaking down what it actually means, for organizations, corporations and private citizens alike. His article for the May/June issue […]

Rebels Lead More Successful Lives. Francesca Gino’s New Book Rebel Talent (Out Now!) Will Help You Find the Rebel in You.

Francesca Gino has spent the last decade studying rebels and rule-breakers in organizations around the world, from high-end fashion boutiques in Italy to thriving fast food chains. The result is her new book Rebel Talent, a groundbreaking analysis of those who routinely defy the status quo, embrace the unfamiliar, and end up happier and more […]

Organizations Need to Cultivate Rebel Talent to Evolve, Innovate and Stay Relevant. Francesca Gino’s New Book Explains How.

Behavioral scientist and Harvard Business School professor Francesca Gino has written the book on breaking the rules, in business and in life. Out May 1, Rebel Talent is already collecting praise from the likes of Angela Duckworth (the NYT bestselling author of Grit) and Ed Catmull, (president of Pixar and Walt Disney Animation Studios.)  Gino […]

At the Intersection of Art and Science: 3 Speakers Show Us New Ways of Seeing the World

Art and science have long enjoyed a fruitful partnership (da Vinci, anyone?) and Lavin’s speakers are no exception to the rule. In light of the release of physicist and writer Alan Lightman’s latest novel, Searching for Stars on an Island in Maine, we rounded up three of our speakers whose work brings together science and the humanities […]

Does Your Event Need a Workshop? A Moderator? Audience Engagement? These Three Speakers Do It All

Does your event call for a workshop, a moderator, an MC, or some other form of hands-on audience engagement? Tom Wujec, Misha Glouberman, and Ritu Bhasin do it all—speak, teach, and get people out of their seats for entertaining and motivating sessions. Best of all, these presentations are tailored exactly to you and your audience’s needs. Disruption […]

Three Female Leaders Whose Talks Will Inspire the Next Generation

Women don’t run the world (yet). But these women in leadership speakers—Maureen Chiquet, Jessica Jackley and Margot Lee Shetterly—are some of the strongest in their field, offering dynamic insights into how they’ve leaned in and leveraged their unique skillsets to make it in predominantly male worlds.   As Global CEO of Chanel and President of Banana […]

The Lavin Weekly: Broken Glass, Brain Software, A La Carte Reality, and Contagious Violence

In this Lavin Weekly, Teju Cole explores the role of broken glass in photojournalism; David Eagleman asks about the brain’s basic cognitive software; Jelani Cobb talks about what it’s like to be a journalist in the Trump era; and Derek Thompson explains how mass shootings are infectious.  1. “The images that have stayed with me […]

Building a Creative Company Isn’t Luck—It’s a Science. David Eagleman, the World’s Coolest Neuroscientist, Explains

As machines advance, human imagination will become a company’s most valuable resource. This, says DAVID EAGLEMAN—neuroscientist, bestselling author and host of PBS’ The Brain—is the dawn of The Creativity Economy. In his new book, The Runaway Species, he explains why the brain is hardwired to innovate, and how an understanding of this can help organizations thrive. 

Radical Creativity Lives Here: Derek Thompson’s Atlantic Cover Story Offers A Rare Look Inside Google “X”

“X” is Google’s highly secretive moonshot factory, where designers, psychologists, scientists and technologists try to come up with radical solutions to the world’s biggest problems, detached (in theory) “from the vagaries of the free market.” Atlantic senior editor Derek Thompson received a rare invitation to visit the factory, and it became this month’s cover story.   “X is perhaps the only […]

Understand the Brain. Spark Creativity. The New Book from Westworld’s Scientific Advisor, David Eagleman

Neuroscientist David Eagleman “makes being a scientist look like fun” (The New York Times): he’s a bestselling author, the scientific advisor for HBO’s Westworld, host of PBS’s The Brain, a celebrated TED speaker, and right now, he’s actually helping deaf people hear. In his latest book The Runaway Species, he explains why humans are creative, how creativity works, and offers truly […]

The Lavin Weekly: Instagram’s Hate Filter, Cracks in the Administration, A First for Marvel, & a New Innovator in Residence

In this edition of The Lavin Weekly, Nicholas Thompson explores the ethics of Instagram’s hate speech filter; Matt Taibbi questions the president’s sanity (for real this time); the latest issue of Gabby Rivera’s America is out just in time for Hispanic Heritage Month; and Jer Thorp is the 2017 Library of Congress Innovator in Residence. 1. […]

Lavin Signs Kickstarter Co-Founder Yancey Strickler, An Entrepreneur in the Business of Doing Good

New speaker Yancey Strickler is the co-founder of Kickstarter, the world’s largest crowd-funding platform for creative projects, raising nearly $2.5 billion in its short history. It’s also a Public Benefit Corporation, meaning it’s legally obligated to consider its societal impact. “I think there are other entrepreneurs like us that want to do something more than just […]

Seek a Life of Meaning, Not Happiness, Says Emily Esfahani Smith in Her New TED Talk

Our “single-minded obsession with happiness” is leading us astray, says speaker Emily Esfahani Smith in her just-released hit TED2017 keynote. Smith lays out the four pillars of wisdom that are not about banishing unhappiness, but rather, finding meaning within an emotional spectrum. “I used to think the whole purpose of life was pursuing happiness,” says Emily Esfahani Smith in […]

Amazon’s Whole Foods Acquisition—What’s Next? Reactions from a Retail Futurist and a Cultural Theorist

Last week, Amazon announced their purchase of everyone’s favorite place to score samples: Whole Foods. Lavin’s Douglases, Rushkoff and Stephens, weighed in on the sale in Fast Company and WIRED, respectively, offering their distinctive takes on the Amazon empire and what it means for consumers.

Sneak Peak: David Robertson’s The Power of Little Ideas, from LEGO to Gatorade

The Power of Little Ideas: A Low-Risk, High Reward Approach to Innovation, Wharton professor David Robertson’s latest book after 2015’s Brick by Brick, goes even deeper into LEGO’s particular model of innovation. And this company wasn’t alone, according to the book’s new trailer. Brands like Gatorade, Disney, and Victoria’s Secret all used a similar tactic to refine their products.   […]

Daniel Lerner: Can Success and Happiness Coexist?

Sometimes the measure of success comes down to how much mustard is on your lapel. Motivational speaker Daniel Lerner knows all too well, and has the dry-cleaning bills to prove it. The trick is in finding harmony between your passions, and knowing what you can’t live without. For Brightworks’ 7th Annual Innovation Day, Lavin speaker Daniel Lerner […]

How Did Maureen Chiquet Lead Chanel Through a Decade of Disruption?

We don’t often think of empathy and collaboration as intrinsic to heading a thriving global business. But when Maureen Chiquet led Chanel through one of the most tumultuous eras in retail—and grew the company threefold, no less—it was this overlooked skillset that allowed them to evolve. Chiquet served nine years as Chanel’s first global CEO, […]

Margot Lee Shetterly’s Hidden Figures Is a #1 NYT Bestseller and the #1 Film in America

Huge congratulations to Margot Lee Shetterly—her book, Hidden Figures, is a #1 New York Times bestseller, and its movie adaptation was #1 at this weekend’s box office! It’s an epic Civil-Rights history, but also a story of innovation, technology, and women breaking through in STEM fields. Hidden Figures follows Katherine Johnson, Dorothy Vaughan, and Mary Jackson, […]

“We need new heroes”—Time Features Margot Lee Shetterly’s Hidden Figures, the Untold Story of NASA’s Black Female Mathematicians

Margot Lee Shetterly’s Hidden Figures, the incredible true story of the black women mathematicians who helped America win the space race, is the subject of a lengthy feature in the latest issue of Time. The book is an instant bestseller, the film a star-studded affair out this Christmas, and the story—one of science, innovation, race, […]

Trump Won. What’s Next? Lavin Speakers Help Us Understand the Election

Donald Trump has led the Republican Party to unexpected success—baffling pollsters across the world and driving people of all political persuasions to seek out expert opinion. What does a Trump victory mean for international relations and global health? How will it alter world and domestic economies? What will it mean for immigration, women’s health, or […]

Nonconformists—Those with “Rebel Talent”—Can Make Your Organization Thrive, Says Francesca Gino

In last Friday’s Lavin Weekly, we told you all about “Rebel Talent,” Francesca Gino’s groundbreaking new series for Harvard Business Review. Every day from October 24 to November 1, the magazine will release new content related to “constructive nonconformity”—in essence, how your employees’ weird, wacky, unique strengths can actually help your company thrive. The first […]

Funding Your Dreams: Meet Kickstarter Co-Founder Yancey Strickler

The Lavin Agency is pleased to welcome our newest exclusive keynote speaker, Kickstarter co-founder and CEO Yancey Strickler!  Strickler co-founded Kickstarter to help bring creative projects to life. In the process, he has started an important conversation about how companies can stick to their ideals, resist conformity, and contribute to the public good. “I think […]

Learn How to Spark a Revolution at the Trend Hunter Future Festival

Today is day three of Trend Hunter’s Future Festival—and attendees can expect a jam-packed morning of rapid innovation workshops, and another exciting afternoon of experiential trend safaris. But as the event continues, we thought we’d look back at a few highlights of yesterday’s incredible keynotes on the trends defining the future (which were capped with […]

This Week: Jeremy Gutsche Hosts Trend Hunter’s Future Festival, October 5–7

This week, Toronto is home to one of the most exciting innovation events in the world. That’s right—Trend Hunter’s Future Festival is once again upon us: three days of dynamic keynotes and innovation workshops, on-trend cultural safaris, exclusive access to consumer insights, invaluable networking opportunities, and (of course!) a whole lot of fun. Read on […]

Margot Lee Shetterly and NASA’s Black Women ‘Human Computers’ in NYT

Alan Shepard, John Glenn, and Neil Armstrong are the heroes of the Space Race, but soon a less-heralded, equally deserving set of names will join them: Katherine Johnson, Dorothy Vaughan, and Mary Jackson. Yes, all three are women. They’re also African-American—and the subjects of Margot Lee Shetterly’s upcoming book, Hidden Figures. And this week, both […]

Candy Chang’s Installations at Athens’ Onassis Cultural Centre

Candy Chang’s participatory art installations, including the wildly popular “Before I Die,” (called “one of the most creative community projects ever” by The Atlantic) are now on display at the Onassis Cultural Centre in Athens, Greece. Her works, which began their Athens run with “School of the Future” in February and March, will remain viewable […]

One Giant Leap: Introducing New Speaker Margot Lee Shetterly

Margot Lee Shetterly’s forthcoming book Hidden Figures goes behind the scenes of the Space Race to reveal some of its unheralded—but instrumental—contributors. It’s the true story of NASA’s female African-American mathematicians who helped achieve some of America’s proudest moments in space. And while the book is set to launch this fall, it’s also being adapted into a major […]

Maria Konnikova Links Procrastination to Creativity in Quartz

“You’re actually doing the smartest and most productive thing in the world if you waste time,” says author Maria Konnikova, as procrastinators everywhere breathe a collective sigh of relief. According to Konnikova, the best approach for a new creative assignment is to delay starting it for a while. In a recent Quartz article, the New Yorker psychology […]

New Videos: Randall Lane Navigates the Changing Terrain of Business

As the editor of Forbes Magazine, Randall Lane stands on the cusp of what’s new in business—especially businesses leveraging nascent technology to innovate and disrupt. And with Lane at the helm, the publication hit record-breaking readership numbers (6.7 million in the U.S. alone). In these new videos, Lane touches on several timely topics—hot new companies, […]

#AskASpeaker #11: Twitter Q&A with Janna Levin

On Thursday, March 31, we spoke with cosmologist, author, and TED Speaker Janna Levin as part of our ongoing #AskASpeaker series: live Q&As on Twitter with our social media-savvy speakers. Levin’s currently promoting her recently-published third book, Black Hole Blues and Other Songs from Outer Space (Knopf): “a fascinating, firsthand history of the scientific pursuit to […]

AskASpeaker #10: Twitter Q&A with Douglas Rushkoff

On Thursday, March 10, we were joined by media theorist, documentarian, and world-renowned public intellectual Douglas Rushkoff for our 10th #AskASpeaker Q&A on Twitter. Rushkoff’s the author of numerous groundbreaking books, including Present Shock, Program or Be Programmed, and Life Inc., but if you haven’t read him, you’ve probably quoted him: he’s coined such concepts as “viral media,” […]

Tom Wujec Talks on Disruption, Robo-Economics, & Information Technology

Tom Wujec—Chief Disruptor at Autodesk, and world-renowned innovator—dropped by The Lavin office in Toronto to speak about his current research, work, and keynote topics. In particular, he spoke about new disruptive technologies and creation processes: everything from the 3D printing of luxury goods to large-scale mapping software for city planners to innovations in dental surgery. New […]

Manjit Minhas & Joe Mimran Make Their Dragons’ Den Debut This Wednesday

Season 10 of Dragons’ Den begins this Wednesday at 8 p.m. EST on CBC television—and two of our exclusive keynote speakers are joining the series. Tune in to catch author, multi-business entrepreneur, and $155 million “beer baron” Manjit Minhas, as well as sartorial icon, brand master, and major investor Joe Mimran as they endorse the […]

The Expert Guide: Introducing New Speaker Randall Lane

If you’ve read Forbes Magazine recently, you’ve witnessed Randall Lane’s incredible editorial influence: by emphasizing the achievements of young innovators and disrupters, he’s helped the magazine reach millions of new readers. Lane is also the creator of the Forbes 400 Summit on Philanthropy and the Under 30 Summit: two landmark annual events that gather the world’s most […]

Understanding the PM: John Ibbitson’s Stephen Harper Reviewed & Profiled

Political authority John Ibbitson’s latest book, Stephen Harper: A Biography, has rocketed to the centre of the Canadian political conversation. A high-profile review in The Globe and Mail and an interview with CBC’s The Current shed some light on a book that captures our 22nd Prime Minister in ways no other biography has. Though one our […]

Will Technology Make Your Job Redundant? Derek Thompson’s Atlantic Cover Story

Will you soon lose your job to a machine? Could new technology and disruptive innovation ultimately displace the majority of human labor? If so, what would this mean for our industries, institutions, and families? What will it mean for both our economic and psychological wellbeing? In his Atlantic cover story “A World Without Work,” Derek […]

Sparking Change at TEDWomen: Jessica Jackley in the New York Times

The New York Times has weighed in on the controversy surrounding Jessica Jackley's departure from the TEDWomen conference in Monterey, California earlier this month. Jackley (a former TED speaker herself) was asked to leave the conference after bringing her infant son – but after she tweeted about her experience, TED's organizers promised to take another […]

The Straight Shooter: A Profile of Dragons’ Den‘s Manjit Minhas

This month, Canadian Business ran a feature profile of Lavin speaker Manjit Minhas—the newest member of the hit CBC show Dragons' Den. Observing Minhas and her “family of entrepreneurs” at a recent taping, Canadian Business puts her role in perspective. “Poised and regal, she plays the straight woman,” the magazine writes. “As tapings progress, a […]

Better and Faster by Jeremy Gutsche Has “Epic” Launch at SXSW

Innovation speaker Jeremy Gutsche launched his new book, Better and Faster: The Proven Path to Unstoppable Ideas, yesterday at SXSW Interactive. “The book launch was epic,” wrote Gutsche in an email to us yesterday afternoon. “1,000 people tweeting like mad, cheering extra loud. I gave about a hundred of them a high five before it […]

Big Data Vs. “Cool Gurus”: Jeremy Gutsche on Market Research for the Digital Age

As the founder of Trendhunter.com, speaker Jeremy Gutsche relentlessly tracks and finds The Next Big Thing—that valuable but elusive commodity—for a global audience that generates millions of views a month. But how can businesses jump on board? In a major article, Profit Magazine features Gutsche and his work with big data at Trendhunter. “Trend Hunter, […]

The Same Old Songs: Is Big Data Saving (or Destroying) the Music Biz? Derek Thompson

Why do new hit songs sound exactly like old hit songs? Is the music business allergic to artistic innovation—or just savvy about what its customers really want? And why does the top 1 percent of bands now account for nearly 80% of all revenue from recorded music? In a major Atlantic article, Lavin speaker Derek […]

Tom Wujec: The Way Companies Produce Physical Objects is About to Change

Whether it’s a car, a shoe, a house, a chaise lounge, or any product, the concept known as RIP, MOD, FAB is going to change how companies make things, and how we consume them. In an accessible new talk, innovation speaker Tom Wujec takes us into this world, and highlights the opportunities. A perfect storm […]

Better and Faster: Jeremy Gutsche’s New Book and Keynote Coming Soon

Late last week, innovation speaker Jeremy Gutsche dropped by our Toronto office to hand-deliver advance copies of his new book Better and Faster: The Proven Path to Unstoppable Ideas (March 2015, Crown Business)—plus some Better and Faster pumpkin beer. Have we mentioned Jeremy is the best? Our President David Lavin was at the New York […]

First Look: Work Smarter with Jeremy Gutsche’s New Book, Better and Faster

What do you do with data collected from a 100,000,000-person audience? If you're Jeremy Gutsche, innovation speaker and founder of Trendhunter.com, you leverage the power of all that data to study what actually causes opportunity. The result is a series of frameworks for finding better ideas faster: tested and perfected with several hundred brands and […]

Bonnie Brooks, Vice Chairman of The Bay, Joins Lavin as a New Exclusive Speaker

We are so thrilled to announce that Bonnie Brooks, Vice Chairman of Hudson's Bay Company, has joined Lavin as a new exclusive speaker! Bonnie Brooks has restored Canada’s great department store, Hudson's Bay Co., to its rightful place as a world-class retailer. As its first female CEO, Brooks led The Bay through sweeping, institutional changes—no […]

Shaping Discourse: Five Lavin Speakers Named to “100 Global Thought Leaders”

In a comprehensive new study, the Gottlieb Duttweiler Institute set out to answer these questions: Who are the thought leaders shaping today's discourse on the future of society and the economy? Whose ideas are defining and changing our lives? The 2013 Global Thought Leaders list emerged, featuring several influential Lavin speakers. The study used a […]

Book Preview: In Quick and Nimble, Adam Bryant Learns from Leading CEOs

In Adam Bryant's new book, Quick and Nimble: Lessons from Leading CEOs on How to Create a Culture of Innovation, more than two hundred CEOs reveal their candid insights on how to build and foster a corporate culture that encourages innovation and drives results. Bryant writes the weekly Corner Office column for The New York […]

The Future Of Being Human: David Eagleman, Jer Thorp in a new keynote

At Being Human 2013, a recent forward-thinking lecture series, Jer Thorp and David Eagleman delivered new keynotes speculating on the future of being human. The conference, which took place in San Francisco last month, focused on how our perception of the world will change in the future. And, how big data and other technological and […]

Next Big Thing: Why John Maeda Says Design Is More Important Than Tech

“Technology used to be the differentiating factor,” John Maeda says in a segment on Bloomberg TV's Next Big Thing. “Now we don't care anymore because design matters more than technology.” Maeda, popular design speaker and President of the Rhode Island School of Design, says that what we value in our devices has changed. It used […]

Natural Partners: John Maeda Advocates For Combining Arts & Science

“Artists and scientists tend to approach problems with a similar open-mindedness and inquisitiveness,” John Maeda tells Scientific American, “they both do not fear the unknown, preferring leaps to incremental steps. They make natural partners.” The RISD president and popular design speaker sees the collaboration between artists and scientists as crucial for our future. “There is […]

Innovative Design Comes From Embracing Multiple Perspectives: John Maeda

“Ultimately, good design will be born from consideration of multiple perspectives,” leadership speaker John Maeda writes in Wired. “It should be something we haven’t even dreamed of yet.” He adds: “What we need now is to move beyond the superficial conversation about styles and incremental adjustments to boldly invent the next frontier of interface design.” […]

Find Your Voice: Social Change Speaker Jessica Jackley On Entrepreneurship

Every day, social change speaker Jessica Jackley wakes up and asks herself, “now what?” As the co-founder of the nonprofit microloaning site Kiva, Jackley provided a platform for entrepreneurs all over the world to receive the financial assistance they needed to lift themselves out of poverty. It wasn't a seamless journey, however, and there were […]

Turn Traditional Leadership Upside Down: John Maeda On The Creative Economy

“How do creative people lead? How is that possible?” leadership speaker John Maeda asked the audience in his keynote at the Design Indaba Conference 2013. While he says that creative people are sometimes seen as “flaky,” their agile and adaptable nature makes them an asset to any organization. In a post-speech interview, Maeda says that many […]

5 Qualities Of Effective Leaders: Business Speaker Adam Bryant [VIDEO]

CEOs are often sought after for their insight on innovation and strategy, but business speaker Adam Bryant took a different approach when he interviewed over 200 leaders of the world's top companies. In his breakaway “Corner Office” column in The New York Times—and his book of the same name—Bryant analyzes what that the heads of […]

Innovative Products Aren’t Always ‘New’ Products: John Maeda On Design

“Study history,” innovation speaker John Maeda says in an interview after a recent keynote speech, “because there’s a lot of ‘new’ stuff in history to find again.” Maeda took part in Day 1 of the Design Indaba Conference, which focused on creativity and design strategies around the world, late last month. In his talk, and in the […]

The Boomer Revolution: Jeremy Gutsche Gets Into Their Heads In A New Doc

Innovation speaker Jeremy Gutsche wants you to understand the mindset of the baby boomer. Considering there were 8.2 million babies born during the baby boom, and these people now account for 2/3 of consumer spending—it's probably in your best interest to get inside their heads. In a new documentary from Dreamfilm Productions, Gutsche tells you […]

James Fallows: Why Silicon Valley Shouldn’t Worry About China

China is turning into a stiff competitor in the international market. However, The Atlantic's James Fallows says that Silicon Valley still stands to hold its edge as a world leader in innovation. As the keynote speaker at the 2013 State of the Valley Conference, Fallows applied his expertise on the Chinese market to discuss how […]

Creating A Cultural Connection: Jeremy Gutsche at Parallels Summit 2013

What are you trying to do with your company? It may sound like an easy question, but as innovation speaker Jeremy Gutsche told the audience at the Parallels Summit 2013, understanding your company's goals are key components to drafting an effective strategy. “Why should I choose you versus any of the other competitive vendors in the […]

Transparent Advertising & Open Concept Offices: Jeremy Gutsche On BNN

While you may not think too deeply about the layout of your office building, innovation speaker Jeremy Gutsche explains that the design of your office is actually “an element of branding” for your company. Constantly on the lookout for the next cutting-edge developments in every industry, Gutsche recently spoke about the rise of “imposed interaction” […]

Leading By Design: A Creative Talk On Management From John Maeda

As leadership speaker John Maeda tells the audience at the World Economic forum, taking a creative approach to leadership can prove to be highly effective. Or, more accurately, he showed them. In his talk, he illustrated—quite literally—his points using sketches and diagrams. His presentation was reviewed in a recent Scientifc American article, and they praised […]

Visualize The Future: Tom Wujec Live Illustrates The Bloomberg Conference

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, but imagine transforming thousands of words into meaningful pictures. That's what Tom Wujec, an innovation speaker and Fellow at Autodesk, did for the Bloomberg Businessweek Design Conference. As each speaker presented their ideas, Wujec furiously translated their thoughts into images. He completed each sketch in real-time […]

Building A Visible Brand: Jeremy Gutsche on Capturing Consumer Attention

Even though we're only a week into 2013, innovation speaker Jeremy Gutsche already has a firm handle on the upcoming trends for this year. As he explains in his interview with The Globe and Mail (check it out here), the next big thing in marketing for 2013 is creating a connection with your consumer. Whether […]

Forbes Profiles John Maeda’s Creative Approach To Leadership

In a new article in Forbes, John Maeda says that the future of innovation lies in the hands of the creatives—and that the most successful leaders will be those who embrace creative forms of team management. Business leaders can stand to learn a great deal from artists and designers, he explains, especially in terms of […]

Bill Strickland: The Kids Are Fine, It’s The Schools That Need To Change

Bill Strickland recently appeared on a local NPR affiliate station to discuss the opening of a new program that uses the arts to teach at-risk students, and why it is so important to incorporate arts education in these programs. Located in the Charlotte area, Studio 345 uses innovate new techniques to help decrease student drop-out […]

BNN Headline: Jeremy Gutsche Predicts The Top Marketing Trends For 2013

In a recent discussion on BNN Headline, innovation speaker Jeremy Gutsche gave a wrap-up of the most promising trends in marketing from 2012—and weighs in on what he thinks will be big in the year to come.  As the founder of Trendhunter.com, one of the world's largest trend spotting websites, Gutsche is constantly evaluating the […]

Designing A Better World: CNN Profiles John Maeda [VIDEO]

As part of its special “TED Talk Tuesdays” series, CNN recently profiled the innovative design principles practiced by  John Maeda, and provided a breakdown of the popular TED talk he gave this past summer. As he explains in the talk, design is a discipline which is just as worthy of recognition and esteem as math […]

Bill Strickland: “People Are Assets, Not Liabilities” [VIDEO]

“People matter,” says leadership speaker Bill Strickland in a recent keynote. “People are assets, not liabilities…[and] it is all in the way that you treat people that drives performance and drives behavior.” In the speech, Strickland explained that improving productivity begins with improving working environments. “Environment drives behavior,” he says, “beautiful environments create beautiful people, beautiful […]

John Maeda In Wired: Videogames Belong In The MoMA

Do the video games Pac-Man, Tetris, SimCity, and Myst belong in the Museum of Modern Art? Some critics say no.  John Maeda, President of Rhode Island School of Design however, says yes. While you can make the argument about whether or not these games are actually art or not, the MoMA acquired these games as “outstanding […]

TED Fellow Nina Tandon: One of Dove’s Women Who Should Be Famous [VIDEO]

“Not only does Nina Tandon grow living hearts, she makes it sound easy.” That's what Katie Couric and Dove, partners in the Women Who Should Be Famous Initiative, wrote about the TED Fellow and Tissue Engineer; and it is one of the reasons they nominated her to be featured in the campaign. It is also her […]

Atlantic Meets Pacific: Social Change Speakers Discuss Technology

Social change speakers Jessica Jackley and Ben Rattray were joined by a panel of top thinkers who spoke at The Atlantic Meets the Pacific event. It focused on globalization and the disruptive technologies that are making a huge impact on society—and how the next big technological advancements will change the world. This is the second event of its […]

Ten Reasons Why Nations Fail: Daron Acemoglu and James Robinson

Daron Acemoglu and James Robinson’s bestselling book, Why Nations Fail, takes a hard-hitting look at why some nations prosper and others fall apart. In Foreign Policy recently, these two Lavin speakers offer ten  reasons why certain countries crumble: usually, the collapse is the ultimate outcome of a deeply flawed political institution and an “extractive” economic […]

Creating a Better Conference Culture: Jeremy Gutsche

One of the great things about a keynote from Trendhunter’s Jeremy Gutsche is that he can adapt his message of methodical innovation to any audience. Recently, he spoke in front of an influential group of meeting planners about, well, how to plan better meetings and conferences. It’s a topic that, given his hundreds of talks […]

Jeremy Gutsche: Inside Trendhunter’s Innovative Work Culture

Though innovation speaker Jeremy Gutsche runs the #1 trendspotting site in the world—it’s called Trendhunter.com, and it boasts over a billion hits—his meteoric rise started from the same kernels that all entrepreneurs begin with: an idea and a dream. In a new behind-the-scenes video, we’re given a glimpse into Gutsche’s background, as well as the […]

2012 Guggenheim Fellow Janna Levin Listens to the Sounds of the Universe

This month, Janna Levin—the theoretical cosmologist who spoke at TED about the sounds of the universe—was named a 2012 Guggenheim Fellow. Levin teaches physics and astronomy at Barnard College, and is a Lavin Agency exclusive speaker. She recently talked to us about her research, her thoughts on innovation, and why it’s “incredibly exciting to hear […]

Thomas Friedman Finds Why Nations Fail Fascinating

Daron Acemoglu and James Robinson's sweeping new book, Why Nations Fail, has a fan in Pulitzer Prize-winning New York Times columnist Thomas Friedman. In a recent op-ed, Friedman says of the “fascinating” new book: “The more you read it, the more you appreciate what a fool’s errand we’re on in Afghanistan and how much we […]

Why Nations Fail Is One of the Most Highly-Praised Books of 2012

Harvard's James Robinson and MIT's Daron Acemoglu are set to release Why Nations Fail—a gargantuan book in the tradition of Jared Diamond's Guns, Germs, and Steel that explores why some nations are rich while others are poor. They boldly argue that strong institutions, and not geography, lead to thriving societies. The positive reviews are already […]

At the STEM to STEAM Forum, John Maeda Offers a New Educational Model

World-renowned artist, designer, computer scientist and educator John Maeda continues his push to include Art into an American education system seemingly focused only on Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math better—known as the STEM model; he would like to turn it into the STEAM model. At the recent STEM to STEAM Forum, spearheaded by Maeda and […]

Daron Acemoglu: One of the World’s Most Cited Economists Offers Solutions

One of the world’s most cited economists, Daron Acemoglu has made tremendous strides in answering the big economic questions that have obsessed us for generations. In a far-ranging interview with The Region, he provides a roadmap of fascinating recommendations for today's deeply troubled global economy. Why Nations Fail, Acemoglu’s forthcoming book, co-authored with James Robinson, […]

Jessica Jackley’s Latest Venture, ProFounder, is All About Capital

Gathering up venture capital for your brilliant idea just got a lot easier thanks to another brilliant idea from Jessica Jackley. The founder of Kiva, the foremost microlending website letting users lend as little as $25 to entrepreneurs in developing nations, is at it again with ProFounder. The service collects and organizes capital from entrepreneurs […]

Daron Acemoglu Named One of Five Economists Who Can Save Our Jobs

President Barack Obama faces an unprecedented financial crisis, with each new day bringing fresh challenges and, often, harrowing economic news. To make matters worse, his top economic adviser, Austan Goolsbee, has just left his post. Luckily, National Journal has compiled a list of five top economic minds that should replace him—and could, more broadly, inject […]

John Maeda’s New Book, Redesigning Leadership

World-renowned artist, graphic designer, and educator John Maeda has worked to integrate technology, education, and the arts into a 21st century synthesis of creativity and innovation. In 2008, Maeda became president of the Rhode Island School of Design. That same year, Esquire named him one of the 75 most influential people of the 21st century. […]

Sketching Big Ideas: Tom Wujec on Visual Note-Taking

Tom Wujec doesn't just write, consult, and speak on the power of visualization—he actually practices what he preaches. In this video from the TED Blog, Wujec talks about how he uses visual note-taking—using diagrams, sketches and drawings instead of straight text—to help absorb and make sense of the wealth of information presented at the annual […]

From Aspen Ideas Fest: John Maeda on Creative Cultures

Innovation speaker John Maeda recently spoke about building cultures of creativity at the 2011 Aspen Ideas Festival, as part of a panel moderated by Paolo Antonelli, MOMA's senior curator in the department of Architecture and Design. The renowned artist, designer, educator, and current president of the Rhode Island School of Design, suggested that there are […]

John Maeda Redesigns Leadership: Learn from Artists, Change the World

One of the world’s most respected innovation educators, John Maeda has learned many valuable lessons on leadership from his first few eventful years as president of The Rhode Island School of Design, one of the country’s most prestigious colleges of art and design. Those lessons—part of his process of designing “how to talk about/with/for the […]

May the Best Idea Win: Trendhunter’s Jeremy Gutsche Joins “The Pitch” on BNN

World renowned trend hunter and innovation speaker Jeremy Gutsche is now a judge on BNN’s new show, The Pitch, which gives two aspiring entrepreneurs the opportunity to pitch their business ideas to the panel, who in turn give the entrepreneurs the advice they need to become successful. (Jeremy’s many speaking commitments keeps him from being a […]

Social Entrepreneur Speaker Bill Strickland Joins White House Council for Community Solutions

For the past three decades, speaker Bill Strickland has been transforming the lives of thousands of adults and teenagers through his innovative jobs training and education centers. Last seen in the public education documentary Waiting for Superman, Bill has just been chosen as one of the 25 members of the White House Council for Community Solutions. […]